New Age – Old Lie!

New Age - Old Lie!

New Age - Old Lie!

by Allan Rasmussen

We begin
Part 2 in this issue of our expose of more New Age
healing therapies, holistic medicines and wellness programmes,
which have their operating power based in the occult and the
spirit realm.

As noted in Part 1, none of these alternative practitioners
can give a rational, scientific, clear and concise report of the
physics, chemistry, and dynamics of the healing process that
supposedly operates in these therapies, except for some
mumbo-jumbo about energy fields or suchlike. In Part 1, we dealt
with Yoga, Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Reiki. In this issue we
will comment on six more.

Once again, I record the sad fact that large numbers of
Christians, who in seeking relief from medical and physical
problems, sometimes as a last resort, have turned to alternative
health therapies and practices without checking them out as to
the dangers inherent in them, and have been unseeking as to what
God Himself thinks. My intention is to inform and expose the
danger, then, at the end of the article, encourage you to try
God’s solution. Here are the final six.


This is the means of placing someone in an altered state of
consciousness, in sleep, or in a trance, induced by hypnotic
suggestion, sometimes aided by pendulums, relaxation music,
relaxation exercises, or rhythmic breathing.

While hypnotism is used primarily as a stage and vaudeville
act today, there are many who practice Hypnotherapy from a
medical standpoint, claiming to be able to successfully deal with
issues like depression, stress, phobias, habits and addictions.
Dentistry and certain medical procedures are two areas where
hypnotism is used as a replacement for anesthetics.

Having practiced Hypnosis many years ago, I speak with
authority in saying that the practice is demonic for the simple
reason that it strikes at the very heart of God-given free will.
All Hypnotherapists and Hypnotists will tell you that you know
exactly what you are doing under a trance, and that you will
never under hypnosis, transgress moral and ethical standards you
hold to. In my book "Spellbound", I list documented prosecutions
that were successfully tried in Court, of hypnotists who coerced
their subjects to steal, submit to rape, and even perform murder
on behalf of the hypnotist. The proposition that a hypnotic
subject retains their power of veto is a lie from the pit of

There are many recorded cases of people going mad, with
deranged minds as a result of hypnosis, especially if mind
regression is used. Just as shocking is the fact that people can
easily become demonized when undergoing hypnosis. I know, because
I personally had to receive deliverance from hypnotic demons, and
since have had the privilege of delivering others from this
occult bondage. Stay away from this – it’s bad news!
If you have been hypnotized in the past, and have problems as a
result, then seek deliverance counseling from a competent
Christian Counselor and get set free. By "competent" I mean
someone who is familiar with deliverance and knows how to
minister with spiritual authority.


I can see the eyebrows raised as you read this heading. Let me
quickly qualify why chiropractic appears on our list. Many people
have undergone Spinal Manipulative Therapy, which is used
extensively by Physiotherapists, Masseurs, and a large number of
Chiropractors. This treatment is based on therapeutic treatment
and manipulation of the spine to treat problems like pinched
nerves, back pain, headaches and other related problems. No
problem here.

However, we receive a major warning when we look at the
origins of Chiropractic medicine. The technique was founded by D
D Palmer who was a spiritualist and dispensed magnetic healing by
way of hypnosis. Palmer believed that partial dislocation or
"subluxations" of the vertebrae were the starting points of
disease. This has still yet to be proved. His explanation was
that the flow of "innate intelligence" or energy was being
blocked with a resulting effect on the organs of the body. Palmer
himself describes "innate" as that Intelligence which fills the
universe. Yes – he is speaking of God, but not the God that
Christians serve.

This is pure "New Age" thinking. The answer was to "lay hands"
to alter the electromagnetic "Life Field" by removing harmful
energy and replacing it with good energy. This is Eastern and
occult mystic teaching. Mainline medicine has always had a
problem with Chiropractic – perhaps this is the reason

Applied Kinesiology or muscle testing is used in tandem with
Chiropractic. If this, or any other New Age therapy is being
offered at a Chiropractic clinic, then stay away, for this is a
sure sign of something more going on than just basic spinal
adjustment, which certainly can be beneficial. If people require
deliverance counseling after receiving Chiropractic help, and
many have, then we know for sure that all is not well in this
field. Check your practitioner out thoroughly before submitting
to any course of Chiropractic.


This is the 2nd method we mention of a large group of Health
Therapies whereby a small body part is used to diagnose sickness
in the whole – in this case, the eye. Ignatz von Peczely
(1822-1911) developed Iridology from occult sources. By looking
at the iris, the Practitioner attempts to see diseases in body

In 1979 Bernard Jensen and two other Practitioners failed a
scientific test in which they examined photographs of the eyes of
143 persons in an attempt to determine which ones had kidney
impairments. (Forty-eight had previously been conventionally
diagnosed with kidney problems, the rest were normal) All three
Iridologists failed miserably. One, for example, decided that 88%
of the normal patients had kidney disease, while another judged
that 74% of patients sick enough to need artificial kidney
treatment were in fact, normal.

In 1980, an experienced Australian Iridologist underwent two
tests and failed. In the late 1980s, five leading Dutch
iridologists failed a similar test in which they were shown
stereo color slides of the right iris of 78 people, half of whom
had gallbladder disease. None of the five could distinguish
between the patients with gallbladder disease and the people who
were healthy.

These negative results, of course, are not surprising, because
there is no known mechanism by which body organs can be
represented or transmit their health status to specific locations
in the iris or any other body part. Keep away from this rotten
garbage heap of medical quackery.


Samuel Hahnemann, deeply involved in the Occult, Eastern
religion and Freemasonry, founded Homeopathy as a result of a
self test of taking quinine while healthy, which produced
symptoms of malaria in him, which others have not since been able
to duplicate. This is the basis of this New Age Therapy, which
has directly come from the conclusion of this deluded man, that
the reaction he had to quinine was proof that a substance that
caused an illness could also have the power to cure it.

There are three principles upon which homeopathy is

1 Like cures like. (Law of Similars): Any substance that can
produce the symptoms of an illness in a healthy human being can
cure those same symptoms in a sick human being. (So cancer can
cure cancer??)

2 The more diluted the remedy, the greater its potency (Law of
the Infinitesimal Dose): Homeopathic remedies are usually
prepared through a process of diluting with pure water or alcohol
and succussing (vigorous shaking) such that the more diluted a
substance gets, the more potent it becomes. (They have to be
kidding - that doesn’t work with weedkiller, cordials, or
any other thing.)

3 An illness is specific to the individual (a holistic medical
model): Homeopaths consult compendiums called repertories to
determine the remedy that most closely matches the
patient’s complaints and symptoms.

Any sane person would see through this charade immediately,
and medical research has debunked the whole thing. As always with
New Age therapists, there is the smokescreen which validates
their existence. In this case, they claim and teach the hand
shaking releases a Cosmic Vital Force Energy, which is another
way of saying that they are "laying hands on the remedy," and
this promotes the healing. Demon power is the energy here –
run for your life!


A person who was suffering from serious health problems
including migraines and depression confessed to their Christian
counselor they had been seeing an Acupunturist. When asked
whether they had seen him pray over the needles before use, the
answer was ‘yes.’ Right there, spirits were
transferred into the body, which aggravated the problem to a new
level. A deliverance set this person free.

Acupuncture is based on the belief that Psychic energy flows
though our body. Illness is seen as a blockage of this energy. By
inserting needles on meridians of vital energy called Ch’i,
blockages are removed. This is pure Taoist teaching. It is
interesting to note that medical testing has proved that no
organic disease like cancer or viral infection has ever been
cured by acupuncture.

A good friend has observed in a book he wrote on the subject,
that if a needle piercing the skin can bring about a miraculous
healing, then there should be documented cases of healings
occurring by piercing the ears or standing on a tack! On the
lower end of the scale there is some evidence of Acupuncture
alleviating pain. This could be as a result of a placebo effect,
or the stimulation of inserted needles bringing about a release
of endorphins into the blood stream. Even if there is a small,
real benefit in pain relief, why not take a Panadol rather than
risk infected needles, nerve damage and channeled demons.
It’s also much cheaper!


Using the 7 colours of the spectrum, Colour Therapy aims to
enhance energy and stimulate the healing process, by using colour
to re-balance the 'chakras' or energy centres. Pure Hinduism - no

As a young boy, I saw this used by my father for some health
problems he had. Needless to say, it didn't help. The apparatus
he used was a wooden tube wound with copper wire and mounted on a
base plate. On this plate coloured thread or wool was placed, and
you pointed the coil at yourself to receive the colour therapy.
Things have progressed since then. Today you are linked with an
electrical machine which sends the same colour wavelength as the
'bug' that is causing your illness, thereby destroying it!

Diagnosis is achieved by divination, using divining rod,
pendulum or checking 'auras'. This whole field of Colour Therapy
has exploded to the point where there are many various ways being
offered to receive benefits from colour. All are false. All are
demonic. All have no basis of science, physics, logic or plain
common sense. Like most of the other alternatives practices, they
prey upon the gullible and those who have tried everything


One of life’s great puzzles is why Christians find
themselves so often in a situation where they prefer to believe
in something they can see, even if it is mystical and occult
based, rather than the invisible realm of faith in God. The Bible
tells us that the enemy of faith is doubt and unbelief. They are
both like leaven. A pinch of doubt or a teaspoon of unbelief will
kill a mountain of faith. In fact when Jesus went to raise up a
little girl from death he shut the others out. Why? Because Jesus
discerned the miracle would have been railroaded by the unbelief
of those who were there.

God has provided a rock-solid promise to the faith-filled
believer that he is Jehovah Rapha – the God that heals.
Jesus took stripes, 39 of them, for the specific reason that we
might be healed. The Bible teaches there is healing in the
Atonement. James asks – "Is any among you sick? Let him
call for the Elders of the Church, and let them pray over him,
anointing him with oil in the Name of the Lord. And the prayer of
faith will save the sick, and the Lord will raise him up." Mark
16 says that this sign shall follow those who believe –
"They shall lay hands on the sick and they will recover."

Doctors are necessary, and thank God for them. However, far
too many Christians have succumbed in desperation by seeking
healing and relief in occult and New Age-based healing therapies.
How do you think God feels when His own people look for answers
on the dark side. The Bible says – "Without faith it is
impossible to please Him." Can I recommend that we take God at
His word, and if we are suffering in our health, let’s
press into Him in faith, and apply Bible answers to our need.

It’s here I should share with you my favourite Scripture
in 3 John 2 – "Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all
things and be in health, just as your soul prospers." If
that’s God desire, then He will back it up. Why don’t
you make this your favourite Scripture also. Years ago, I
averaged 2 weeks off work sick every year. That’s changed!
In believing God’s Word to be true and by confessing my
faith in this Scripture, I have only had 2 days on my back in 25

The book "Spellbound", exposing the real power
behind Hypnotism, and mentioned in the above
article, is currently in print and will be
made available to readers in the
December 2005 Omega Times