The Honey Bee – Darwin’s Worst Nightmare

The Honey Bee - Darwin's Worst Nightmare

The Honey Bee

The humble honey
bee is the stumbling block for the most
ardent Evolutionist for in this little creature lies many points
to ponder with regard to its design and equipment. Ask any bee
keeper what happens if a hive is moved even a few centimetres
from its original position after the bees have left to forage for
nectar and pollen. On their return they will bang into the wall
of the hive where the entrance was originally located or become
disoriented and miss the hive completely. In either case the bees
will perish. Why ? Because the bee has the most efficient
on-board radar homing device yet found in the insect kingdom. It
is so accurate that it is virtually inch-perfect in bringing the
bee back to the very same spot he left from!

How much, I wonder, does our Medical Profession owe to the
design of the sting in the Bee. Here we have the perfect
Hypodermic syringe which is incredibly sharp yet has a hollow
centre to allow the poison to be injected. On the outside of the
sting are 3 barbs set in the side which serve to anchor the barb
once it has been inserted. When the sting is injected, the barb
separates from the body of the Bee and immediately a pumping gear
comes into operation which pumps all the poison from the holding
sac down the sting and into the flesh. Because we know that barbs
on a fish hook are to make extraction more difficult it is
reasonable to assume that the barbs on the Bees’ sting are
for the same purpose. As this ingenious device costs the Bee his
life in exchange for one injection, it is illogical, unreasonable
and downright fantasy to suppose that this is evolutionary
adaption or the Bees own evolvement.

The wings of the Bee are also a marvel of design. They are a
concave shape, especially designed to stand the strain of flight
without collapsing. And yet a Bee carrying a load of nectar and
pollen would require a wing too large to allow it to enter many
of the flowers it collects from, and so we find the Bee equipped
with a double wing on each side which opens when in flight but
folds neatly into one wing when collecting nectar. Who worked all
this out ? H. Gracey has a powerfully emphatic word to say on
this subject. He said...

"In this little insect we have a trap to catch and baffle the
ablest men that ever tried to support the Evolutionary

In the Honey Bee we have a highly endowed little creature with
instincts that seem to exhibit reasoning powers more advanced
than any other creature and yet there is no door left open for
the entrance, or the transmission of these wonderful
peculiarities by the normal reproductive process. In fact the
Queen Bee herself is created by her own colony. Through the
agency of feeding a larval bee copious amounts of Royal jelly, a
Queen Bee is created within the hive.

Here we have the most amazing example in Nature of the complete
absence of Genes and Chromosomes performing their
normal job of creating a parental look-alike. The Honey Bee
continues however to be reproduced in its own image from
parental paradoxes.

The parents of the Bee - the Queen and a Drone - have none of
these instincts to transmit.

The Honey Bee itself, which has no offspring - can transmit
nothing. Someone once said..."Darwin’s theory is closed
both ends. This is the Hand of God."

We can see by the diagram below that the Honey Bee breaks all
the rules of hereditary lineage and sits in a place which by all
the rules of genetics seems impossible.

On the basis of these facts we urgently request all atheists,
agnostics, evolutionists, Darwinites and other fellow travelers

Article taken from the book
"The Ultimate Question"
by Allan Rasmussen,
available for purchase at
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