The Perfect Storm

The Perfect Storm

The Perfect Storm

With the greatest
of sensitivity for the sanctity of human
life, we record the following. The Bible teaches that we will
reap what we sow, and that those who bless Israel will be blessed
and those who curse Israel will be cursed. Keeping that in mind
we find that yet again, the US Government have pushed hard to
implement the new "roadmap" for Israel with the result that we
have just witnessed the people of Gaza being driven from their
homes on and near the sea, as the bulldozers came in and rendered
them homeless. This land was part of the land given in perpetuity
by God to Israel, the same land that Joel 3 says will be divided
in the End Times, resulting in speedy retaliation by God.

Almost immediately following Israeli’s being made
homeless in Gaza, we see Hurricane Katrina in the "perfect storm"
causing millions in New Orleans, by and near the sea, to also be
made homeless, with resettlement a real question. Is this the
retribution of God? Before you make your mind up think on these
past events, which because of space, are an incomplete list.

October 1991 – President Bush opens the Madrid
Conference to consider "land for peace" in Israel. The "perfect
storm" develops in the North Atlantic, with 35 foot waves
pounding the New England coast and crashing into the
Kennebunkport home of President Bush.

August 1992 – Madrid Conference moves to Washington DC
and peace talks resume on Israel giving up land. Hurricane Andrew
hits, leaving $30 billion in damage and 180,000 homeless in

January 1994 – President Clinton meets with
Syria’s President in Geneva to talk about a peace agreement
that requires Israel giving up the Golan Heights. Within 24
hours, a 6.9 magnitude earthquake hits California, becoming the
USA’s 2nd most destructive natural disaster.

January 1998 – Prime Minister Netanyahu meets President
Clinton at the White House and is given the cold shoulder.
Clinton and Madeline Albright refuse to have lunch with him. On
that very day, the Monica Lewinsky scandal breaks open, crippling
Clinton’s presidency.

September 1998 – As Secretary of State Albright plans
with Yasser Arafat for Israel to cede 13% of Judah & Samaria,
Hurricane George hits causing $1 billion in damage. At the exact
time Arafat departs, the storm stops.

November 1998 – Arafat meets Clinton to raise money for
a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital. He got $3
billion. The same day, the Dow Jones dropped 216 points. Hundreds
of billions were wiped off market capitalization.

May 1999 – As Arafat prepares to declare Jerusalem as
the capital of the Palestinian state the most powerful tornado to
ever hit the US smashes Oklahoma & Kansas. Declaration
postponed on Clinton’s request.

Now finally, some facts no major international news media has
covered. The very week New Orleans was destroyed was planned as
"Southern Decadence Day" with 100,000 homosexuals gathering to
commit unspeakable acts in public. Photographs taken of this
event staged on previous occasions were sent in protest to the
Mayor and Police Officials, but nothing was done. They had a lust
of their own – the $100,000,000 the event brings in. Shades
of Sodom and Gomorrah!

Could it be that God sent a "double-whammy" on New Orleans to
try and get the attention of people who are transgressing
God’s Holy law. You be the judge!

Koenig’s International News,
Olive Tree Ministries and
Amy Methvin