The Secret World of the Illuminati

The Secret World of the Illuminati

The Secret World of the Illuminati

In response to
many requests we delve once again into the
highly secret world of the Illuminati and bring to the light a
Cosmic Conspiracy of truly global proportions. Although this
subject has been covered on many previous occasions, we
acknowledge the need to inform our readers once again as a means
of laying a fresh foundation for future articles on the New World
Order, and to provide essential background information and
insight to our new readers.

The Book of Revelation is God’s seal on the events of
the end of the age. In the Old Testament, the Prophet Isaiah
records in 54.17 that God declares "no weapon formed against us
will prosper" for in God’s perfect timing, there will be a
consummation of all things, with a victorious blood-washed church
of born-again believers resurrected into eternal life to rule and
reign with Jesus, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords!

Satan, the mortal enemy of God has a demonic agenda to usurp
God’s rule, to derail the will of God upon the earth, and
defile the hearts of men. The purpose behind this is to allow
satan himself to be the one who is worshipped on a global scale.
This satanic strategy requires a One World Government and a One
World Religion to achieve that goal. Once this agenda is in place
and operational, satan will indwell these corrupt world leaders
by demonic possession, that through them, he will rule over, and
be worshipped by a world in bondage. Demonic indwelling of
course, is simply a perversion of the experience of being born
again, and being led by the Spirit of God.

The plans for this global conspiracy were laid 230 years ago
and we will now travel back in time to record how these satanic
foundations were laid.

The 1st of May is a significant date in antichrist and
witchcraft culture. The Communists and Socialists revere and
honour it as "May Day." That says something to us without further
comment. In witchcraft it is one of the six ‘high
sabat’s’ that occur each year, each of them being
significant dates in wicca. This particular date of May 1st is
known as the witches’ high cross quarter sabat of

It was on this date, May 1st, 1776, that Dr Adam Weishaupt,
birthed the secret organisation we know as the Illuminati. It is
interesting to note that Weishaupt was Jewish by birth but
converted to Roman Catholicism, the consequence of which saw him
teaching canon law at Ingolstadt University in Bavaria.

Prior to this date Weishaupt was ‘headhunted’ by
the Rothschild banking family to oversee and plan the most
audacious and power-hungry agenda the world has ever seen –
the setting up of a New World Order. This plan was not
time-driven, but was to be pursued regardless of how long it took
to become established.

The objective was simple. Bring forth a One World Government,
so that the entire system of government and finance could be
infiltrated and controlled secretly from the inside. This
totalitarian dictatorship would be Luciferian in nature and in

Weishaupt was not unaware of the spiritual and demonic nature
of the task, for he, and four other initiates, on May 1st 1776,
held a Luciferian ritual in a cave near Ingolstadt, using
witchcraft incantations from the "Greater and Lesser Keys of
Solomon." They invoked the force of the "controlling unknown" and
received direction accordingly, naming this fledgling
organisation, the Illuminati, which means "holders of the

As the years have rolled by, the Illuminati have been drawing
ever closer to their one objective – absolute global power
and control. While they are a secret organisation, they have left
their visible mark in a variety of ways. The most significant is
the seemingly innocuous reverse side of the US one dollar bill,
which in fact, is a minefield of Illuminati, witchcraft and
Masonic symbolism.

There is a 13 step pyramid which is capped not by stone, but
by the all-seing eye of Horus. The inscription underneath is
brazen, considering the secretive nature of the Illuminists. It
says in Latin – "Novus Ordo Seclorum" which by
interpretation says – "New World Order."

Today, the United Nations, the World Council of Churches, the
Federal Reserve and the World Bank are rich soil for the aims and
objectives of the Illuminati. The world is being drawn into the
NWO web, and there is a time that is not too far away where a
final event of a continuing number of staged events that have
already happened, and are about to happen, will finally set the
stage for the entry of a man of peace who will appear to have all
the answers to a world in crisis.

Globalisation, the Patriot Act and Terrorism are just three of
dozens of key factors which are shrinking the world, denying
privacy, shackling freedom, and bringing the world many steps
closer to the consummation of the Illuminati agenda birthed all
those years ago.