Christian Expectations in a New World Order Culture

Christian Expectations in a New World Order Culture

Christian Expectations in a New World Order Culture

There will come
a time when believers in Christ in the Western
World will understand the depth of the cry
‘Maranatha’. Sure, we may experience moments of
desperation where we say ‘Come Lord Jesus’, but the
prophesies which illuminate for us glimpses of life in the end
times show an intensity and commitment to the cause of Christ
many of us are yet to experience. At that time, we may well
recall Jacob’s words "Surely the presence of the Lord was
in this place – and I lost sight of Him for a time."i

I must say I love life: the simple pleasures and challenges of
living amongst family and friends. I enjoy work and play and most
inbetween activities. I’ll take as much of the above as I
can get. There does exist however a bit of a dilemma for those of
us who reside in the affluent Western world. We enjoy (knowingly
or otherwise) the spoils of globalisation and its ensuing
convenience and prosperity…but don’t like to think
too much about the fact that our pampered lifestyles have cost
somebody somewhere.

You don’t have to look too far to find evidence of the
deceit of the New World Orders globalist plans. On the outside,
the West looks to be doing all it can to assist the non
democratic nations of this world find ‘the dream life
styles we have come to enjoy’. Ah yes – democracy,
the spirit of free enterprise and….wait a minute! Some of
the pieces to the façade do not fit tidily. Scratch the
surface and the reality is quite ugly. In 1997, the value of US
arms exports to non-democratic countries was US$8.3 billion. The
prosperity we have learnt to worship has come at a terrible
price. And then to see our Western ‘Leader’ Nations
masquerading as freedom fighters is diabolical hypocrisy. An
estimated 5 billion people live on less than US$2.00 a day, while
we feel ripped-off at higher than usual petrol prices, and
continue to dump our superfluous food – food which could
have saved lives.

Our capitalistic system concentrates economic power in the
hands of the few, to the exclusion of the many. ‘So far so
good’ for us in the West, Capitalism/Globalism has been
kind to us, the consumer generation. But don’t be fooled
– this game has never been about ‘win-win’.
When the stage is fully set, and the real New World Order agenda
of control and manipulation is evident for all to see, our faith
in Christ will take on new dimensions.

But what expectations for the future should believers in Jesus
develop? I listen to messages proclaimed from some pulpits and
wonder. I sense a general desire from many people to believe the
messages – that if we try hard, or pray harder, or fast
more often, we can change the course of this world. Apparently,
we are to try to reform the worlds systems and thinking, thus
creating a better world. Yet the Scriptures would indicate
otherwise. Please don’t read into this that I am promoting
passivity – never! Jesus’ words were to
‘Occupy’, and this article is about encouraging
fellow believers to set a genuinely scriptural expectation and
focus. We are instructed to work while it is day because the
night is coming when there will be no work. We are reminded that
as pilgrims we are on a journey – passing through. We are
taught to set our affections above not here. We are instructed by
Jesus to go out with our talents, and present back to Him a
return. We are salt!

And, God knows something about the human condition in periods
of peace and prosperity. He occasionally assists us to refocus on
‘things above’ by tampering with ‘things
below’. The Prophetic Word indicates that we believers
should be gearing up for persecution, not popularity. And where
will the persecution come from?

It is dangerous to be right when the government is
(Voltaire). We are made right by association and
commitment to God’s truth – therefore we will be
outlawed in a day to come, in our own lands, by our own
Governments and the antichrist cultures which grow around us

Future persecution will come in numerous ways: In New Zealand
we watch with interest as our paper MMP Government continues to
wrestle with immigration policy whilst trying to balance the
rights of existing NZ citizens (this group includes
yesterday’s immigrants). Simple rights such as freedom to
worship, freedom of speech and equality of race are highlighted.
In the blur we witness a huge influx of people from countries
where Allah is proclaimed as God. As a result, Allah’s holy
word the Koran is now proclaimed daily from Mosques and Muslim
schools in New Zealand. This is of course a situation not unique
to our country. In the House of Lords debate continues over the
so-called Racial and Religious Hatred Bill which, if (or is it
when?) passed will create the setting for several scriptural end
times scenario’s to be played out. These scenarios are not
scenes of Christian inclusion and brotherly kindness or
prosperity. God’s victory is in fact concealed behind a
vivid picture of persecution. In a letter to Britain’s
Prime Minister Tony Blair, Peter Kerridge of The Christian
Lawyers’ Fellowship writes, "We have further concerns that
due to the broad and confusing wording used in the Bill, it could
potentially be misused. If applied with the wrong motives, the
Racial and Religious Hatred Bill could undermine civil liberties
in a democratic society; it could also stop Christians
legitimately proclaiming their faith and expressing accepted
Christian teachings."ii The tip of a much bigger ice berg.

A recent report states that at least 53 million Muslims live
in Europe (approximately 14 million live in the European Union).
Before we proceed, it is important to highlight that I am not
anti Muslim people (ie. the people who believe in the teaching of
Islam). I am definitely anti Muslim religion and teaching –
as any believer in the one true God should be. It’s hard to
believe how many Christian leaders embrace the Muslim faith as
‘one with the Christians’ and further believe that
Islam is a religion of peace. Yes, like any faith there exists
the passive, the moderate and the extreme members of the group
– but in a day to come, nation will rise against nation and
kingdom against kingdom, ethnicity against ethnicity; there will
be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes in diverse places
amongst other man-made stressors. Under pressure, and ignited to
action by the satanic influences of the Global New World Order,
we will see who remains passive.

Here’s an overview of Muslims living in Europe:

"Among the 25 EU states France has the highest number of
Muslims – 5.5 million – followed by Germany (3.2
million), the United Kingdom (1.5 million) and Italy (1 million).
Taking into account the whole continent, Russia has 25 million
Muslims and the European part of Turkey 5.9 million. The Muslim
population in Germany is mostly made up of Turkish migrants. But
the number of Muslims holding a German passport has risen to
almost one million. Muslim worship in Germany is on the rise.
Approximately 200,000 take part in daily prayers and 493,000 in
Friday prayers at mosques and prayer houses – an increase
of more than ten percent over last year’s figures. Islam in
Germany is a "young religion", according to the institute.
850,000 Muslims are minors. One in five Muslim adolescents
worships on a regular basis. The number of converts to Islam has
reached a new high in Germany. According to the institute more
than 1100 persons changed their religion to Islam between 2004
and 2005. Approximately 60 percent of the converts were women.
Most of them converted because they married a Muslim. But the
reverse is also true: More and more Muslims in Germany become
Christians. Most of them are Iranians in exile, who left their
country after the Islamic revolution of 1979. Iranian converts
estimate that each year approximately 60 Muslims are baptized in
Germany. The Islam- Institute believes that altogether more than
100,000 Iranian Shiites have converted to the Christian faith
since the Islamic revolution. Most of them live in the United

In the light of the latest Bali bombings, we are mindful of
militant activity against ‘soft’ Western targets.
With cells becoming established throughout Western nations,
terror not only becomes possible, it becomes inevitable (Jihad is
Muslim doctrine). To rephrase Voltaire’s statement: It is
dangerous to be a Christian when the NWO and its associates want
to annihilate you.

And in the non democratic countries where tyrants rule or
conflicts and wars continue, we must ask ‘where do the arms
and munitions originate’? Is this a distorted jigsaw puzzle
or what?

I am of course stating the obvious in this article. With the
assistance of the New World Order, Islam will continue to spread
into the West – and with it, the militant element will find
opportunities to inflict terror. Furthermore, sinister plans for
dealing with ‘The Christians’ feature in the World
Government plans – any one who refuses to worship the beast
will be set apart for persecution.

And what a time to be living, the end of the age, a time of
shaking and a time of preparation for the return of Jesus Christ.
The tremendously good news of course is that because of what
Christ Jesus has already done on the cross, we have an eternal
future secured.

We know that suffering and persecution comes in different
ways… Many of us will never face martyrdom – dying
for our faith. In many respects it is equally difficult to live
for our faith. God’s promise to us is sure: When trouble
comes the voice of God will come to us and say "Cast not away
your confidence, which hath great recompense of reward. For you
have need of patience, that, after you have done the will of God,
you might receive the promise."iv

i: Genesis 28:16
ii: Grace Benson, Premier Media Group, London
iii: Wolfgang Polzer Special to ASSIST News Service October 21,
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