Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


What is your take on the ‘slain in the Spirit’
phenomenon that is sweeping through charismatic churches. I can
find no biblical evidence of this and the need for
‘catchers’ and am concerned that the church I belong
to is falling into error. I have done much research on this and
would value your opinion, thanks.

Maurice Smith

Firstly, this phenomenon is not new, and there is Biblical
evidence. God has used it to demonstrate Divine authority (John
18.5-6 when Jesus invoked the name "I AM" at His arrest), Divine
blessing (2 Chronicles 2.5 when the glory fell), Divine call
(Acts 9.4-5 where Saul on Damascus road was instantly ‘born
again, proven by Saul saying ‘Lord what will you have me
do"), and Divine appearing (Revelation 1.17 & the Apostle
John.) In the 19th century Charles Finney’s huge
evangelical meetings were marked by the majority ‘falling
down’ under the power. In the 1948 Latter Rain revival the
hundred or so ministers who attended spent most of the first day
prostrate under the Spirit’s power as God dealt with each
minister personally. Out of that some of the most dynamic
ministries the world has seen emerged, such as Oral Roberts,
A.A.Allen, Tommy Hicks, T.L.Osborn and Kathryn Kuhlmann.
Confusion has come through many speaking against this experience,
even blaming it on demon power. All this can be swept away and
dealt with by one statement, and here it is – THERE CAN
there can never be a lie unless truth exists first! With regard
to catchers, I am personally very unhappy with that, but in
today’s litigious society it is an absolute necessity,
because sooner or later, we will find someone suing a Church
because of physical injury, and that could even be a planned
set-up by ungodly people. Wisdom must be exercised. Ed


Warm Christian greetings in the precious and worthy Name of
our sooncoming Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Titus 2:13. Could
you please state clearly what your position is as regards the
timing of the rapture of the Church? There are 5 different views
held by pre-millenialists. i.e. the pretribulation rapture view,
the partial rapture view, the mid-tribulation rapture view, the
pre-wrath rapture view, and the post-tribulation rapture

Am I correct that Barry Smith used to hold the mid-tribulation
rapture view, until shortly before his death, when he changed to
the pre-tribulation rapture position?

I myself, hold to the pre-tribulation rapture view. (1 Thess
1.10; 5:9; Revelation 3:10.) Thank you. May God richly bless you
all. Maranatha! Perhaps today. Yours in the Lord Jesus

David Hosie

To answer your second question, Barry taught
pre-Tribulation rapture for a long number of years. As to what we
believe would take half the magazine David, being incredibly
complex, especially when we consider that 37 specific prophecies
were fulfilled in the 72 hours of Jesus arrest, trial,
crucifixion and resurrection, and no one – disciples,
religious leaders, family, or His many followers had
understanding until after the event, yet they had it all in front
of their eyes in the Old Testament. Perhaps we are just as much
in the dark as they were. However, I am not fobbing you off, but
giving us all time to do the right thing – a comprehensive,
even-handed look at this very important question, with full
scriptural backing. We will feature the Rapture Question in the
April and June 2006 editions of The Omega Times – unless of
course the Lord appears! Ed


Is it possible to find more information on the microchip, as I
see this as a major indicator to the times in which we live, and
the direction in which we are going. Yours in Christ Jesus.

Theo Hiersch
Address Withheld

Check out "VeriChip" in this issue. Ed


I have just received and am reading my first issue. Thank you!
I especially appreciate "American Gulag." I’ve been trying
to warn people for a long time the camps exist, & thousands
of foreign mercenary troops ‘imported’ no doubt for
‘round-ups’, guarding etc., which makes Omega Times a
Second Witness! The site, whatdoesitmean. com (8/22/05) also
posted a 3 page article, "United States positions tens of
thousands of foreign troops throughout America, cancels all leave
and ousts another top General" … (2/15/05) "Long expected
roundup of dissident citizens began today in America. Thanks
again and blessings.

Marjorie Lloyd


I remember Barry Smith some time ago talking about nuclear
weapons. He said that at one stage he was doing a meeting at Los
Alamos I think (in front of various scientists) wherein he stated
that a nuclear explosion could be foretold as to when and where
it was going to occur. To prove the point he wrote the
mathematics on a blackboard. The maths he got from sources such
as Bruce Cathie. Other factors involved were the position of the
sun, time of the day and time of the year.

Do you know if this still stands and if so then the expected
bomb(s) that is/are supposedly going to explode sometime this
year as a lot of people are saying (eg. Prophecies from various
sources and some in the media such as WorldNetDaily) in the US is
already known by the US government. Regards and God bless.

Brian Geilman

If the science is right the principle cannot alter. By the
time this is printed we all will be able to judge whether the
prophetic voices are correct or whether they have added another
chapter in the large book of scaremongering and misinformation.