The Money Crash

The Money Crash

The Money Crash

Willard Cantelon wrote a seminal book in the 1980’s
called "The Day the Dollar Dies." He spoke of the coming
‘money crash’ which would bring America down, and in
doing so, affect the finances and economics of the whole world,
forcing a ‘new order’ by bringing in a new system as
a result of the terminal wounding of the financial dominance of
the USA. If such an event occurred, then the introduction of the
Mark of the Beast would be a foregone conclusion.

Revelation 13.16-17 prophesies how the collapse of the money
supply and the current economic system will play into the hands
of the NWO and a "One World" government system by ushering in
this end times scenario. It says –

"He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and
slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their
foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the
mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is
wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the
beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666."

Was Cantelon right? The signs are certainly pointing that way!
Having experienced the rug being pulled from underneath me by
creditors when my debtors stopped paying me, I can assure our
readers that this can be a quick, painful process, totally legal
and with absolutely no mercy. The scary part is the immediacy.
The lender can call the debt in at any time and if payment cannot
be made then immediate recourse can be sought through the
collateral attached to the agreement.

The overriding reason why debt is so pervasive in our modern
society is through individuals and governments using assets,
including the sovereignty of land as collateral to borrow.
Collateral is a term which describes one giving as a surety,
goods or possessions owned, as a guarantee of good faith in
returning the borrowed money or capital to its lender. Such
assets are able to be legally seized by the lender in lieu if
there is an inability to meet repayment.

Unfortunately for you and I, as citizens of individual nations
around the world, our Governments have placed us in debt and have
used our sovereignty, and our national assets as the collateral
for their borrowings. The Bible clearly teaches, "The borrower is
the servant of the lender." As soon as we mortgage our assets, we
are at the mercy of the lender.

Currently there are a cartel of major banking families in the
world who are becoming increasingly more powerful. This situation
has come into being through various events in history, where
shady deals, sedition, treachery and theft by deception have
birthed the financial devil that oppresses the whole world

In the aftermath of the Great Depression in the 1930’s,
steps were taken to insulate our economies from the economic
mistakes made which caused this disaster. Unfortunately, I
believe that this was a Band-Aid, because the financial system
cannot be sustained as it is –without a doubt, it is an
imminent train wreck. A crash will happen! One requirement was
that a bank must have a certain amount of funds to cover its
lending, but very few know that this rule has been relaxed in
recent years, and the required amount is so small that it will
not take much of a trigger to have the whole deck of cards
collapse for good. The partial funds requirement is known as


This is the system whereby a bank lends money against metals
such as Gold held in reserve, WHEN IT DOES NOT HAVE SUCH
RESERVES. Alice in Wonderland, you say? Absolutely! Banks all
over the world operate this way. They issue promises to pay, yet
the bank cannot redeem all of its liabilities on demand. This is
the very situation that triggered the Great Depression of
1929-1933, because the whole system is based on trust and
confidence, not the Gold Standard.


The injustice of usury is shown by the example of Mary’s
cent. If at Jesus birth, Mary had invested 1 cent in a fund for
her Son, compounding at 6% annually, the worth of that investment
is shown here –

After 10 years - $.018 (or 1.8 cents)

After 100 years - $3.39

After 600 years - $15,258,757,071,928 (more than the US GNP)

After 1000 years - $202,239,165,600,000,000,000,000

After 2000 years (approx value today) - Assuming the price of gold is US$278oz
(it’s far more than that currently)
this figure is equal to a mass of gold 209 trillion times the

If the interest was not compounded, the value of Mary’s
investment today would be $1.21! From the above, it is very easy
to see that the banks, especially the major banking families who
already are the de facto rulers of nations, by fractional reserve
banking, are rapidly approaching a position where they will
control so much of the wealth that they could conceivably
foreclose on every nation. We need to understand the New World
Order are all about totalitarian rule. What we tend to forget is
that this will be achieved by totalitarian finance and money

This brings new light in understanding the genesis and the
trigger that will usher in the system that Revelation 13 teaches
concerning the soon-coming time where all, small and great, rich
and poor, will be caused to receive the Mark of the Beast in
their right hand or in their forehead, so that "no man might buy
or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or
the number of his name."

Do you know that when a bank lends you $160,000 for a
mortgage, they do not have the majority of the money? Someone
simply sits at a computer and types $160,000 by your name. As of
June 1999, banks hold only $27.93 of cash reserves for every
$10,000 of assets. Therefore in this mortgage of $160,000 the
bank has just created $159,553 of that interest earning money OUT
OF THIN AIR. In other words that amount was created as debt. It
wasn’t there when you walked into the Bank and after 25
years of hard work to pay off your mortgage, the $153,553
vanishes back into thin air. Not so the interest however –
it vanishes into the BANKER’S POCKETS.

Many banks are operating on about 95% created money supply.
Are you starting to get angry by reading this? Do your own
research and check it out. It’s true! If you are in
business you are restricted as to how you can make a profit. You
can only get a return on your labour and/or on the margin you get
on the goods you purchase from your asset base. If you borrow to
gain more sales, the cost of the borrowing is reflected in your
gross profit, as the interest must be paid back before profits
are taken. Yet the banks are raping the economy and gaining
unfair advantage over every other trader.

The supply of money therefore depends on people going into
debt! Worse – the level of debt in a modern economy is no
more than the measure of the amount of money the banks have
created. This whole process is called "Fractional Reserve
Banking." It is the modern form of usury because money is created
as debt for no other reason than to enrich the banking class.

Historically, usury was defined as any interest produced from
an unproductive loan. It has been universally condemned as a
social evil for more than 2000 years by Plato, Aristotle, Cicero,
the Bible (see Deuteronomy 23.19), the Koran (2;275-278), the
Catholic Church, many Codes of Law, and most writers on morality.
The Bible laid out a financial system for Israel that allowed no
one to be ripped off in the long term. Every Israelite was a land
owner, and the land could be leased, or used to pay debt if
misfortune struck, but every 50 years, at Jubilee, the land by
law, was returned debt-free to its original owner - a far cry
from the dog-eat-dog system today!


Paper money is a relatively new idea. Originally, the accepted
token of wealth was precious metal minted into coins by Church
and Crown. There used to be strong regulation against usury, as
money was seen as a measure, not as goods or assets, so making
money by lending money was seen as making money from nothing,
which constituted theft.

Goldsmiths and Money-lenders, who kept deposited valuables in
strongboxes realized that without much chance of being caught
out, they could charge people for looking after their deposits,
and then use those deposits, which they didn’t own, to make
loans to other people at interest. Once paper money came into
existence, the same Goldsmiths and money lenders realized they
could invent money by issuing credit notes with nothing to back
them up, and put them into circulation as interest-bearing debts.
They calculated that they could safely issue notes for up to 10
TIMES more than the amount of gold deposits they held, because
the depositors would never ask for their money back at the same
time. This system was officially sanctioned in England in 1694,
when William of Orange, backed by powerful Jewish financiers in
Amsterdam, overthrew the legitimate King James 2nd. In return, he
gave away the sovereignty of England by means of a Charter to a
group of financiers, allowing them to be called the Bank of


Socialists have never attacked the essential mechanism of
capitalism. Although injustices have been attacked, they have
never hinted at the system of usury. Why? Perhaps its because so
many Communist leaders are Jewish. Most of the ‘Russian
revolutionists’ of 1917 were actually Jews from the lower
east side of New York City. There were 275 of them, conveyed to
Russia on the SS Christiana, led by Trotsky, and financed by
Kuhns, Loebs, Schiffs and Warburgs. This cosy circle of Jews and
Freemasons financed BOTH sides of the Great War.

Marx and Engels, two more Jews, wrote the Communist Manifesto
on behalf of a Secret society calling itself ‘The League of
Just Men,’ which was none other than an arm of the
Illuminati. We know of course, that one of the founding members
of the Illuminati was the House of Rothschild, the Jewish banking
house which has made huge profits out of ideological


The next and final development for international finance is
the abolition of cash. When this happens, the accountability of
bankers will disappear along with the cash. Electronic
technology, either by Credit Cards, Iris scans, or Chip implants
will force the entire world into this system.

They will have complete control of every man, women and child
in the entire world. Without their system, you cannot buy or
sell. Every single person will be at their mercy. Don’t
expect your elected Member, or any Politician for that matter, to
stand up and be counted. Two, possibly three American Presidents
tried, and were assassinated for attempting to do so. It’s
far easier for the pigs at the trough to enjoy a rich life by
submitting to the system than expose the tyrants and risk being

This figure is the total amount of outstanding public debt as of 25 October 2005, 1:36PM GMT. The estimated population of the United States is 297,526,753 so each citizen's share of this debt is $26,920.32. The National Debt has continued to increase an average of $1.62 billion per day since September 30, 2004!
Go to to see the debt clock rise rapidly before your eyes.


Illustrated on this page is the USA National debt clock. This
is the outstanding public debt as of October 25th, 2005. Each
man, women and child’s share of this debt is US$26,920.32
which has been increasing an average of US$1.62 billion per day!
It was December, 2003 when the clock flew past 6 trillion
dollars. It has taken less than 2 years to click over the 7
trillion mark as of October 18th.

Would you like to get a handle (it’s still mind-blowing)
on how big this amount is? If we converted this debt into US$50
notes, and stacked them flat (one on top of the other), the pile
would rise to a height of 8000 kilometers (4960 miles)!!! As if
that’s not enough, the stack is growing at a rate of 3.2
kilometres (just on 2 miles) a day!! Or put another way. If we
lay the stack on its side, remembering they are US$50 bills, they
would stretch from San Francisco on the west coast, to New York
on the East coast, and return to nearly reach San Francisco
again, almost twice across the continental USA!

This is the USA’s mortgage! How did it come about? By
profligate spending and a corrupt banking sector, and it’s
driving America into a place from which it will never recover.
The time of accounting, which no politician will have the
faintest hope of stopping, is on the doorstep.