World Government – Part 2

World Government - Part 2

World Government - Part 2

I am sickened to
the core with the anaemic and insipid
attitude that prevails in today’s modern so-called
Christian culture, which tolerates the misguided and foolish
reasoning that western society is inherently good. This deception
exists because people believe that our government and Prime
Minister are Christian, and even though they are a little tardy
towards truth at times, they are actually here protecting our
rights and standing for justice. What ever happened to good old
biblical terms relating to misdeeds of conduct? They say and vow
certain things will never happen while they are in power, only to
go right back on the promise after they come to power. We are
told this process of political posturing and policy making is for
the good of the country. NO IT IS NOT! IT IS SIMPLY WHAT THE

I am not a Liberal or a National nor a Labourite - I am a
searcher of truth, and I want to be real and not a hypocrite
(meaning one who acts a part). John Howard, like most of
today’s politicians, is a teller of lies. Here are some of
his deceptive ravings –

"I will not see an ID card introduced as long as I am in
power." (Plans are being drawn up now), "There will not be a
GST", and "We will not be sending any more troops to
Iraq."(twice). He is not alone. Every day in the papers and on
TV, we are hearing of the moral turpitude of government leaders
and civil leaders alike, not to mention the religious leaders of
this nation and others who are constantly paraded before us like
a festering weeping sore. So much has it become palatable to our
daily diet of information that it no longer shocks or perturbs us
in any way.

Tragically, we laugh and joke about it as though it did not
matter and because of this ungodly attitude, the sin becomes an
acceptable norm in our God-forsaken society. No wonder Jesus used
such castigating words to the leaders of his day "Hypocrites",
"Blind leaders of the blind", "Generation of vipers", "Children
of Belial", etc. The leaders in opposition also do the same and
there is no distinction between any of them. Men enter politics
and we vote for them thinking they will bring change for good,
but alas all is to no avail - they soon betray our confidence in
them. One major issue is obvious. Politics is so full of
self-seekers wanting to live on easy street they grease one
another’s palms and sell their soul to protect their pork
barrel. Their colleagues close ranks and isolate dissenters. Pigs
at the trough is exactly where democracy has come to rest.

Someone aptly said, "To fall from grace is simply to trade the
power of love for the love of power", and it amazes me that those
who are in politics are mostly those least worthy or qualified to
receive the trust bestowed on them. Political tyrants and bullies
lead the little piglets to the swill like a pied piper beguiling
children. The respective party machines demand a united voice on
policy in order to protect their interests and those same
respective party machines in turn, isolate any controversial and
confronting individual who does not toe the party line. So our
representatives betray the people that elect them so that the
party stays in power. Who cares what the electors want or

The following are called Christian by those who compromise
truth - Tony Blair, George W Bush, Peter Beattie, and Prince
Charles to name a few. As far as I am concerned they are
charlatans and ravenous wolves in sheep’s clothing which is
the very symbol of the Fabian Socialist Society’s elitist
New World Order thugs who follow their founder, Cecil Rhodes. The
institution he set up breeds, clones and harvests a world gene
pool of intellectual deviates so conceited with their own pompous
egos that they believe they have a mandate to control everyone
and everything on earth. Talk about Animal Farm and George
Orwells 1984! These were certainly not novels as some would
think. Orwell was mentored by Aldous Huxley, another of the
Fabian Socialist "Judas Iscariots", and Orwell became one too.
These novels were manuals and blueprints of social engineering
for our future New World (socialist communist) Order. Most of our
top politicians are connected to Rhodes scholarships in some way
or another.

I was astounded recently to read that even the Queen has given
her sanction to Prince William to let his girlfriend move in to
the Palace with him. Try before you buy - what a disgrace! She is
supposed to be someone we can honour as the head of the Anglican
Communion and carrier of the title "Defender of the Faith". No
wonder the common folk are so confused, and now the church, with
Pentecostals and conservatives following suit, is allowing purity
and virginity to fast become the casualties of the "everything is
acceptable" mentality.

When will the church wake up from its self-indulgence and
stupidity and realise the only good that comes to a society is
from the people who stand for uncompromised truth no matter what
price they have to pay for it, and that conviction only comes
through God-fearing, moral people.

Jeremiah 17:9 states "The heart of man is desperately wicked
and deceitful above all things; who can know it?"

I am writing this article as I watch the moral breakdown take
place in New Orleans because goodness is not inherent in the
heart of man. On the contrary, man’s heart is inherently
wicked and all it takes is a crisis to reveal it. Most of the
bleeding hearts, the feminists, psychologists and the political
social engineers will be up in arms at what I say but it is the
truth, certainly to those who still understand and recognise
truth. I mentioned that John Howard was supposed to be Christian.
Then what was he doing on TV recently, standing before a Hindu
shrine with the chakra point marked on his forehead to open his
third eye of mystical revelation, while at the same time waving a
bowl of fire before a heathen Goddess and altar. CHRISTIAN YOU
SAY? NONSENSE! It is nothing other than idol worship to any true
Christian Bible believer.

John Howard, along with the so-called US Christian president
George W. Bush and Tony Blair and other Christian deceivers like
Robert Schuller, keep constantly trumpeting out the empty
rhetoric that Islam is a peaceful religion and that the Christian
God and Allah are the same. THEY ARE NOT! The ungodly folly of
the pro-Bush Evangelist Pat Robertson cannot be excused either,
when he advocated the assassination of Venezuelan President, Hugo

Our judicial system, with its High Court judges and self
serving lawyers, who use the law to their own ends, possess the
power to define and pass judgements based upon their vague and
fuzzy understanding of the Bible, and the dissimilarities between
the Bible and the Koran. I read the transcript of the trial of
the two pastors of Catch The Fire Ministries in Melbourne,
Australia and the mind boggling legal precedent that resulted
from the State of Victoria’s vilification act. I also had
some personal contact in relation to their troubles. These
transcripts recorded the ignorant ramblings of a judge who has
very little knowledge at all of comparative religions and even
less knowledge of biblical exposition regarding truth and
doctrine. How can a legal mind define a doctrinal moral biblical
truth? This is what Jesus referred to when he castigated the
lawyers of his day by saying, "Blind guides, who strain out a
gnat and swallow a camel!"

United Nations Logo

Isaiah 29:21 states that type of reasoning makes a man an
offender by a word, or more to the point, ties him up in
legalistic red tape and finds fault with every word he speaks,
giving his judge the right to define the interpretation of every
word meaning, from the judges point of view. The rest of the
verse tells us what then happens - it lays a snare to trap the
righteous and silences justice by making an issue of totally

No doubt some of you are thinking this man is going to get
himself in trouble saying what he is saying, and yes, I agree. I
actually told Pastor Danny Scott from Catch the Fire Ministries,
that I had a word from the Lord for them both, concerning their
present lawsuit and they would probably not want to hear it. I
said by revelation from God - I believe they, and many more
Christians like them, will end up in trouble with the law and in
prison, being the only way God will be able to bring the reality
and seriousness of the crisis of our times to the attention of
the Laodicean church of today. I also felt when, and if the
churches are awakened, it will be too late to spare us further
heartache. We must be prepared to stand for truth no matter what,
and many will end up in prison, and if that is so, then so be

Most folk do not realise the facts, and I personally have been
accused of being a false prophet because what I have said has not
yet come to pass. All I can say is they are ignorant beyond
belief and have no desire for the truth. If they would search for
themselves, the validity of what I say would be substantiated,
and you can do your own search too!

A good place to get this information for yourself is via
Mikhail Gorbachev’s Foundation, "Order of the Green Cross",
or the U.N.! The Earth Charter was written by Gorbachev from his
residence in the US American military Presidio in California, at
the expense of the US taxpayer and at the invitation of Congress
and Bush Snr. He lived there from 1991 to 2001 writing the
legislation for the NEW WORLD ORDER. Please find the Earth
Charter and read it. The Gorbachev foundation formed the World
Forum and hosts a meeting each year as a "brains trust" for
global change.

Let me take the liberty to quote Gorbachev in his own words -
In Oct 1987, he said "We parted with the Old World, rejecting it
once and for all. We are moving toward a new world, a world of
communism. We shall never turn off that road." - [Excerpts from a
Nov. 2, 1987 speech by Mikhail Gorbachev at the Kremlin in
Moscow] "I am now, just as I’ve always been, a convinced
Communist", said Gorbachev - quote The New American magazine
Vol.11 No 22 Oct 30 1995 Issue, p 26

These chilling words were spoken by the same man who was
hailed as "Man of the Year" by Time magazine. Mikhail Gorbachev,
in a speech given at Westminster, tells how he, the former
President of USSR is using The Gorbachev Foundation to sell his
global ideas to American leaders - through a series of World

Associated with Gorbachev in the Presidio, which was gifted to
his foundation along with its historical archives, is the
bent on bringing about a cesspool of universal religious
persuasions to be embraced and policed by all nations. Episcopal
Bishop, William A. Swing, of the California Diocese, and San
Francisco’s Grace Cathedral, heads this ultra-liberal
outfit. Grace Cathedral is a breeding ground for Ecumenical
activism, and has hosted numerous think-tank events featuring the
most exotic brands of religious thought. Among Swing’s most
ardent supporters for United Religions is the Dalai Llama,
(supposed fourteenth "incarnation" of Buddha), Archbishop Desmond
Tutu of South Africa, and the Islamic head of the Supreme Court
of Pakistan.

The purge must soon begin. In the name of religious unity and
social order, it is forbidden to take the liberties true
Christians are compelled to take. Any person who dares to take
God’s delineation of right from wrong, black from white, is
branded a troublemaker in the NWO. Non-cooperative types will be
purged and put away.

Worse, part of a presentation to members entitled "A World
Body for the World Religions – A Historical Perspective",
was given by Rev. Marcus Braybrooke in March 1996. He said, "If a
United Religions Organization can purge the religions of what
distorts and corrupts their witness, it can unblock the channels
through which the healing wisdom of the great spiritual
traditions will flow into our world." In street language, he is
saying that we have to get rid of all religious voices that do
not agree with ecumenical religion. Braybrooke, this reprobate
pawn of religion, is pastor of Grace Community Church, San

Bible Believers will be enemies of the State. A controversial
quote in circulation reports then Attorney General Janet Reno, in
an interview on 60 Minutes, June 26, 1994, saying, "A cultist is
one who has a strong belief in the Bible and the Second Coming of
Christ; who frequently attends Bible studies; who has a high
level of financial giving to a Christian cause; who home schools
for their children; who has accumulated survival foods and has a
strong belief in the Second Amendment; and who distrusts big
Government. Any of these may qualify [a person as a cultist] but
certainly more than one [of these] would cause us to look at this
person as a threat, and his family as being in a risk situation
that qualified for Government interference." And don’t
think this only applies to the USA. The same legislation is being
endorsed and implemented in all nations right now under U.N.
Conventions of Children’s Rights.

We now are under the auspices of a super,
internationally-convened legal body called the International
Criminal Law Court. It has just convened for the first time to
try the English soldiers who were involved in crimes against
humanity for torturing the Iraqis at Abu Ghraib. This is the
direct result of Gorbachev’s "Earth Charter of Universal
Socialist International Order. Interestingly the court itself is
governed by a UN charter known as the "Treaty of Rome" or "Rome
Statute of the International Criminal Court", which is a legal
treaty ratified for a seven year period. For further information
you can find the details relating to it on the UN website, under
the "International Treaty of Rome" and the "International
Criminal Law Court."

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