Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor


I have read all of Barry’s books and have found them to
be the most userfriendly explanation of end time prophecy I have
ever read. However, in reading these books I was wondering how
the mainstream churches in America received this information,
especially the controversial stuff relating to their dead,
patriot Presidents.

Also I just want to praise and thank God that at the end of
the 3 videos I viewed, Barry always finished with an invitation
to give your life to the Lord Jesus. It really is all about Him
and what He did for us. God bless and thank you for preaching the

Marlene Atkinson

Mainstream Churches in the US (or anywhere) do not teach
and probably don’t read End Time material, as most
don’t believe the prophetic elements of the Bible. We
don’t think they have an opinion because they haven’t
received this information that Barry wrote about.


Just wondering why it is that everyone is going on about the
Roman Empire? It doesn’t say anything in the Bible about a
revived Roman Empire. Rev 17:10-11 "And there are seven
kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet to
come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space. And the
beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the
seven, and goeth into perdition."

While we’ve been busy watching the EU and Rome, Islam
has been building it’s empire. He who denies the Son is
antichrist. Rome doesn’t deny the Son - they may have their
faults, but they don’t deny the Son.

I’m not saying that I know all the answers but I do know
that the Bible doesn’t mention a revived Roman empire and
if I’m right then the Church is in big error. I pray that
you will look into this because this is really serious.

I don’t deny that the EU and Rome aren’t playing
it’s part but I think we’ve been distracted.

Sam Scott

Just because the Bible doesn’t specifically name
something in our terms doesn’t preclude its existence.
Think of the words "Trinity" or "rapture" for instance. Neither
appear in the Bible yet chapter and verse show beyond doubt they
exist. So it is with the revived Roman Empire. The image in
Daniel 2 is our source. Daniel 2:40 speaks of the historical Roman
Empire. Verses 42- 43 show it in revived form but with inherent
weakness, as the iron is mixed with clay. This is the last world
kingdom before God’s Kingdom (v44) is installed, which
unlike the kingdoms of men, will last forever. Later this year we
will print an article on Nebuchadnezzar’s dream.


The attached article appeared in the Yahoo.com.au news today.
(Editors note – Article is not printed here. It speaks of a
possible global bird flu pandemic.) I am concerned about this
article and similar ones that they are starting to spread fear. I
studied Biochemistry at Uni although I didn’t complete the
degree, and I worked at a private laboratory for a year testing
poultry blood samples for avian flu and assisting to develop
vaccines. The root of the problem is that they feed poultry
antibiotics and eventually more resistant viral strains appear. A
couple of days ago there was another article about governments
allocating funds to purchase vaccines. Roche Switzerland produces
a vaccine called Tamiflu which is effective against H5N1 flu
virus. Roche’s shares hit a 52 week high on 23 September
2005. Also I think it was last month’s Foreign Affairs
Journal had a cover about an impending pandemic. I was wondering
if there is an ulterior motive in these articles to cause panic
buying of vaccines and so make a lot of people wealthy.

Keith Brookes

Don’t wonder any longer Keith! Read "Political Pigs
with Snouts in the Trough" in this issue. The motives are
sinister as well. Read the "1st Commandment" in the Georgia
Guidestones story.


Greetings in the name, Jesus of Nazareth! Barry Smith’s
books I have, and having read and taken note of the
‘Warnings’ I find them very enlightening along with
other readings. I like the cover on Vol 01, No 1, and was eager
to read the contents. Finding the ‘Satanic Symbols’
was a joy. Well done. Then my eye catches the 2006 Holy Land
Tour. I have to carefully peruse this, but on reading the details
I find you are to be at the Garden Tomb at sunrise. Immediately I
remember Ezekiel 8:16!!! Surely you will not be doing what they
were doing? Yours in Yeshua.

Ronald Davidson

No Ronald – we worship the SON, not the Sun! The
simple act of being obedient to the Lord’s command that "as
often as you do this you remember Me," will find us sharing Holy
Communion in that place at that time.


I have Barry Smith’s videos, Goodbye Cash, Goodbye
Sovereignty and Goodbye Church. I find them even more interesting
in this day than at the time of recording, simply because so much
of what Barry prophesied on these tapes has now come to pass.

In Goodbye Cash, he mentions the offshore banks, Guernsey
being one mentioned. I was born in Guernsey and lived there most
of my life. I now live in Cambridgeshire. Barry mentioned the
takeover of all telecommunications for the benefit of the One
World Order, and said that telecoms would have to be taken over
worldwide. At the time he said this, Guernsey had its own
telecoms system, the Guernsey telecommunications Dept. This no
longer belongs to Guernsey. It is now Cable and Wireless. At the
time of the takeover rumours, this was all denied by the
"higher-ups." However, Barry was right again. Guernsey charges
have gone up enormously as you can imagine.

I thought you would like to know this information, but maybe
you already have been informed. I enjoy reading the Omega Times.
Thank you for the ministry. May the Lord continue to bless you
all in everything you are doing for His Glory.

Ruth Millar