Political Pigs – With Snouts in the Trough

Political Pigs - With Snouts in the Trough

Political Pigs - With Snouts in the Trough

As if war is not enough, mankind is facing new threats of
plague and pestilence around the world. A potential outbreak of
avian influenza with the potential to kill countless millions of
people world-wide is now creating panic in virtually every
nation. It has just been announced that ducks, geese, and other
migrating waterfowl in Canada have been infected with the virus
just as they are about to fly south to the United States for the

This virus is a designer virus that was engineered to scramble
the DNA of cells and mutate them so that they can be transmitted
from birds to humans and then from human to human. This new
strain of influenza has caused such fear that the medicine known
as Tamiflu is now the most sought after drug in the world.

President George Bush has appropriated 7.1 billion dollars to
fight it. Now this is where it gets really nasty. Guess who
stands to make colossal windfall profits from the sale of Tamiflu
that people are almost panicking to buy? Just recently, Donald
Rumsfeld held the position as Chairman of Gilead Sciences Inc.,
the owners of Tamiflu. Defense Secretary Rumsfeld is no longer
Chairman of that Company, but he owns up to $25,000,000 dollars
of its stock! If you think that stinks, how about this. The
Pentagon, which is controlled by Rumsfeld, purchased $58,000,000
dollars worth of Tamiflu in July 2005.

Why is it that the average American has his head in the sand,
and will not accept that the elected representatives they voted
for by and large are self-seeking devils who are serving
themselves and not their nation? If America doesn’t wake up
to the enemy within, it will never survive what is shaping up to
be death by a thousand cuts.