Age of Technology Part 2 – Mind Control

Age of Technology Part 2 - Mind Control

Age of Technology Part 2 - Mind Control

One of the most sinister,
corrupt and despotic acts that has
been part of the western military and industrial operations since
World War 2 is manipulative and abusive mind control. It still
exists and continues to be practiced.

Many may protest over my expose of this subject, as I have
found that many individuals do not believe such a thing be
possible, let alone suggest that civilized governments would deem
it acceptable. It amazes me that many naïve and gullible
conservative thinkers as well as Christian leaders, refuse to
concede that the human heart could stoop to such depths of

Not only is mind control possible, it is now endorsed by
governments and covert agencies as part of what is considered
acceptable political and military expedience. The whole mind
control issue was exposed before an enquiry in Canada where
admissions and official offers of compensation were made to
victims of that government’s hideous experiments where it
was freely admitted that the people concerned were working in
association with the United States CIA. You can read the facts
and personal testimonies of many devilish acts enforced upon
human subjects on websites like "Trance formation". They are
vehemently denied by the authorities but are nevertheless
documented and provable.

Furthermore it is now accepted, though reluctantly, that LSD
was created by pharmaceutical scientists in conjunction with, and
under the jurisdiction of the C.I.A. as a truth serum or mind
opening drug. Its purpose was to assist the capability of
subversive mind programming or conditioning along with hypnosis,
shock therapy and many other unbelievably demonic ideas. Many
have died as a result of the satanic military and political thugs
of mind manipulation. I have many of the heart wrenching personal
recorded testimonies of various confused and mentally disturbed
subjects of these hellish programs as well as the admissions of
the now repentant doctors and agents who were directly

It amazes me how many law-abiding citizens, bleeding hearts
and so-called do-gooders, rise to defend the perpetrators of
these immoral, unconscionable antichrists.

Someone wrote to me recently in response to my reference in a
recent article to Carl Yung being Hitler’s occultist
adviser behind the S.S. He was the one who introduced Hitler to
the swastika adapted from a secret Hindu sect in India that he
had been involved with. He was also the inspiration behind the
Aryan super race of genetic purity and mental superiority.

Carl Yung

Carl Yung

Yung, is now considered the authority on psycho-analysis and
touted as the great voice on the human mind. People quote him as
being the most authoritative voice in modern psychological halls
of learning. The individual’s letter accused me of not
knowing what I was talking about and even accused me of wrongly
spelling his name. All I will say is this. They have no idea what
my background documentation and research of this subject entails,
and should they take the time to do the research themselves. They
would then find in that same article, that Yung’s
understudy was a women who started the Sanger Institute in
Canada. This organisation is a covert agency of human
experimentation which preys on many incapacitated and involuntary
mental patients, and which operates without even their personal
consent, or the knowledge andconsent of their families.

The individual concerned needs to do their homework from a
moral and ethical perspective and not try to condone and justify
what is anti-biblical from its origin. Furthermore the spelling
is irrelevant as it depends on which European language you speak.
Karl or Carl is acceptable just as Yung or Jung is acceptable by
its very pronunciation and language reference.

Sufficient and substantial evidence is available publicly to
verify the above information. If you need further proof check out
the Californian Stanford Research Institute, otherwise known as
Stanford University, then correlate the many C.I.A. operational
experiments and see who is behind them and how absolutely bizarre
they are. It is a front for the Pentagon and the C.I.A.’s
covert programmes, with their experiments having destroyed the
lives of innocent people. The individuals have lived
incapacitated lives, with no support or knowledge of what
actually happened. If the respective governments admitted their
inhumane actions, it would be an admission of the twisted minds
these controllers possess, exposing them to prosecution and
liability of crimes against humanity.

I have received many genuine questions over the years
suggesting I have an aversion to America as many of my articles
and sermons have been directed this way. I understand the
reasoning, but that is not true. The U.S.S.R., M.I.5 and M.I.6,
the French Secret service along with other stazi groups, all
embrace the same warped tactics. Human nature never changes. The
point I make in response is that the Western world operates or
should I say operated (past tense) under a free press who kept
the government accountable to some degree. Other non-democratic
nations have never allowed this and would never willingly
disclose their activities.

MI5 Logo with Eye of Horus

MI5 Logo with Eye of Horus

Ultimately the truth will come out, as they say, certainly in
the democratic based countries. By the way - have you ever looked
at the M.I.5 logo? if you have, you will see the all-seeing eye
of Horus clearly depicted in the top point of the pyramid above
and overseeing the royal crown of England with various words
associated below, similar to the great American seal depicted on
the American single dollar bill. Whoever said America was a
republic is wrong. The USA is still a colony of England. The
legal incorporation of the United States of America was
constituted in Washington D.C. which is a small parcel of land
outside the jurisdiction, legality or control of the rest of the
States. From this legal fiction and haven of protection, the
Corporation of the U.S. adjudicates and controls the policy of
the other independent States. That is becoming more obvious every
day now under the Federal or supreme bodies of President’s
and Prime Ministers in their respective country’s

There are so many projects that the K.G.B., the C.I.A., MI6,
and others have instigated and developed solely for mind control.
Every one of them, we are told is for the good of society. Time
and space in Omega Times could never hope to cover in
generalities aside from detail, the endless documentation
substantiating the factual evidence produced before World Courts
and judicial enquiries on this matter. If one does the research
the facts will speak loudly enough for themselves with Project
Monarch, Project Naomi, Project Montauk, Project MK Ultra,
Project Stargate and Project Paperclip good subjects to
investigate. I will attempt to do an article on many of these
secret and bizarre classified programs in future issues.

One of the major power broking organisations now accumulating
vast amounts of information under a scheme known as T.I.A. (or
Total Information Awareness) on global citizens, is George
Bush’s pet project, the Homeland Security Dept and its
counterpart D.A.R.P.A. or Defense Advanced Projects Research
Agency. T.I.A., which was supposed to have been shelved, has
resurfaced under new reference titles utilizing various sections
of the Patriot Act and Real I.D. Act. These justify
implementation of Presidential executive orders and martial law,
first in the USA, then in other nations. Below are instances of
the technology and capability being commissioned to control
humanity. Search and read –

AGENDA 21 and the legislation of human habitat along with the
EARTH CHARTER. These are documents that propose the planned
elimination of six billion people from off the planet Earth.

AFCEA (Armed Forces Communications and Electronics
Association) Communications, Electronics, Intelligence, and Info
Systems Decoding Minds, and "Foiling Adversaries Information"
warfare is no longer just about machines; it is also about how
users think. (cartome. org).

Scientists found multisensor mind mapping and analysing
brainwave patterns enabled human-machine interfaces that correct
human error, aid counter-intelligence work and allow for covert
policing. Technology, known as bio-fusion, combines sensors
coupled to neurons in a persons brain which produce an electronic
display of emotion and thought via computer language. A database
of the language is replicated thus enabling machines to analyse
the brain activity and determine if a person is lying, responding
correctly, or even subjectively demonstrating aggression.

Dr. John D. Norseen, scientist for embedded systems at
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co, Marietta, Georgia, is developing
the bio-fusion concept. He says, "If you went into a hospital for
an EEG, it shows your electrical pattern, but maybe your magnetic
components are not functioning. What I am encouraging is looking
at areas of the brain spectrum. After the data is collated a
composite model of the brain is created. A researcher shows a
picture to a person or asks them to think of a number.
Information is gathered and displayed much like on a television.
It shows the person is thinking about that number. The researcher
then tells the person to say the same number, an action that
triggers another part of the brain, the parietal region. By
looking at the collective data, we know when this person thinks
of that number or says that number, this is how it appears in the
brain, providing what we call a brain print."

Norseen says, "Now a single electrode or an airport security
dome above can collect enough info to know what you’re
thinking." He adds – "If you go to an automatic teller
machine and the sensor system is in place, you could walk away
and I will know your personal identity numbers."

Norseen states the defence industry is elated. Worldwide, most
individuals process certain information in the same regions of
the brain. Brainprints are unique to each person. While specific
numbers appear in the same brain areas of different people, it
still occurs as a unique signature of how a person specifically
thinks of that number. "Biology has the tendency to create things
that are self-similar," Norseen says. "The proteins that lay down
your fingerprints are the same protein materials that lay down
the neurons of the brain."

He states that he has been asked by military and law
enforcement agencies how brainprints can be used to determine
probable cause, which could be used for an anti-terrorism
situation. "If someone walks through airport security checkpoints
and we get a feeling that this person is preoccupied with certain
thought types that indicate hostility or aggression, we could ask
him questions and verify the answers."

Norseen states the data he collects may not only show probable
cause, but also truth verification. The brain, which uses energy,
does not want to expend it needlessly, he says. If someone is
telling the truth, it is kept on the outside portion of the brain
in low-energy domain areas of the brain. Research indicates 90 to
95 % success rates. Scientists are also looking at information
injection, a contentious issue, Norseen admits. Human perception
consists of certain invariant electromagnetic and biochemical
interactions with the brain that can be identified, measured and

If researchers can re-create the inverse function of what has
been observed, they can transmit that information back - intact
or rearranged. "The brain is very susceptible to accepting
information that is either real and comes from its own memory
mechanisms or from injection from an outside source," Norseen
notes. "I am sure you have memories of when the lawn was being
cut in late summer and of the smell of the chlorophyll. The
chlorophyll would then evoke other memories. In that situation I
could ping you with a light sequence or ELF [extremely low field]
H.A.A.R.P radiation sequence that will cause you to think of
other things. Emotions and corresponding reactions can be
replicated in anyone anywhere via this technology.

Norseen adds, "I can cause you to think about something
unknowingly by using information injection. A person could be
isolated from a group and made to believe that something is
happening, while others in the group are being left alone.
Likewise, someone at a command post monitoring information on a
screen could be affected."

Experts believe adversaries are designing techniques that
alter the brains ability to process stimuli. Norseen hopes to
develop blocks to combat intentional or unintentional corrupted
information. "Look at the incident in Japan where young children
were watching a cartoon, and it caused many to have cerebral
seizures." He explains. "The information on screen showed lights
at particular timing and pulsing frequencies causing the brain to
go into seizure."

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