Dogs of War fight again

Dogs of War fight again

Dogs of War fight again

"Daily Telegraph" in London reported in the
February 11th edition, that strategists in the Pentagon are
drawing up plans for devastating bombing raids and
submarine-launched ballistic missile attacks against Iran. A case
for war with Iran is continually being built up, and all that is
lacking is a major incident. The barking dogs, Bush and Cheney
are straining at the leash again!

Why is the United States determined to control Iran? In order
to answer that question we must understand just a little about
economics. In 1932, President Franklin Roosevelt decoupled the
dollar from gold, but gold was still being paid to other
countries as they redeemed U.S. dollars. During 1970-1971, the
United States was no longer able to pay other governments with
gold, and the nations of the world were stuck with continually
inflating U.S. dollars.

In order to maintain global demand for the U.S. dollar, the
U.S. Government made a 1972-73 arrangement with Saudi Arabia to
support the House of Saud if they, Saudi Arabia and all of the
OPEC, the oil producing nations, would accept only U.S. dollars
for payment of oil. Now all of the oil-hungry nations of the
world were forced to clamor for the ever-inflating U.S. dollar
since it was the only means by which they could purchase that
commodity. This established the strength of the dollar as it was
now backed in a ‘de facto’ sense by oil.

In the year 2000, one man dared to reject the U.S. dollar for
payment for oil and chose to accept the Euro instead. This
threatened the dollar severely. That man was Saddam Hussein! He
suddenly became the greatest villain in the world, the image of
evil! Here let it be noted that he was just as evil when the USA
armed him, supported him, and embraced him years earlier. His
infamy was overlooked then, but this rejection of the dollar
vilified him above measure. When President Bush announced his
policy of shock and awe and pounded Iraq, he quickly
re-established the dollar as the only oil money. That is what the
Iraqi war is all about.

Professor K Petrov on February 3rd, wrote in "The Proposed
Iranian Oil Bourse" that Iran has announced that as of March
21st, 2006, that it will no longer accept U.S. dollars for oil,
and that it has persuaded all of the OPEC nations to accept the
Euro and other currencies as well. None of the nations will have
to buy and hold dollars to buy oil, and this will reduce the U.S.
dollar to nearly junk status on the world market. That is why it
has been determined that Iran must be punished! If oil cannot be
retained as backing for the U.S. dollar, the collapse of the
dollar is imminent.

"Sometimes I wonder whether
the world is being run by smart
people who are putting us on or
by imbeciles who really mean it."
Mark Twain

All the above are the underlying reason for war. The reasons
the corrupt politicians are giving us is very different. They are
saying that nuclear proliferation is the issue, with Iran
becoming nuclear-capable. Even the Iranians seem to have been
forced to play the nuclear card as the reason. President Mahmoud
Ahmedinejad said Iran would not surrender its "inalienable
rights" to have nuclear power, as officials prepared to hold
talks with the European Union to defuse the nuclear crisis.

Iran’s hard-line president warned that bullying Western
powers and Zionists will fall soon, saying Muslims can no longer
tolerate their tyranny and harassment. Mahmoud Ahmedinejad said
the root cause of challenges faced by the Muslim world can be
found in the "hegemonic tendencies" of certain bullying powers, a
clear reference to the US and Europe. "But domination and
bullying will not last much longer. Bullies and Zionists beware,
you are going to fall,"

Ahmedinejad said in a public lecture in Kuala Lumpur on the
last day of a three-day official visit. Ahmedinejad appeared to
use "Zionists" as a sweeping reference to Israel and Jews. He did
not talk about overthrowing the government of Israel or attacking
it, and his comments appeared to be rhetorical bluster against a
nation he has said in the past has no right to exist.

Konstantin Kosachev, the head of Russian Parliament’s
foreign affairs committee, also sharply criticized Iranian
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s remarks in which he called
for Israel’s destruction and questioned whether the
Holocaust occurred. "Such statements don’t help strengthen
Iran’s international prestige," he said. "Moscow is deeply
concerned about the current Iranian regime’s prospects for
acquiring nuclear weapons, not only because Russia is
geographically located close to Iran, but also because of the
impact that could have on other Middle East players’
nuclear aspirations, including Saudi Arabia’s", the
diplomat said.