Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


I heard Barry Smith speak many times and he believed that
until the Peace Treaty was signed and confirmed for seven years,
the time of the beginning of sorrows would not begin. Some of
your articles I have read would say that we are already in that
time. Do you think this is the case? Has it been confirmed? Will
Andrew in his new role of preaching mean he will begin to travel
like his Dad. If so, he would be very welcome in Northern

Gary Richmond

Jesus sets the conditions of the "beginning of sorrows" in
Matthew 24:5-7. Let’s record them; 1 - Many
coming in My Name saying ‘I am Christ. 2 - Hear of wars and
rumours of wars. 3 - Nation rise against Nation. 4 - Kingdom
against Kingdom. 5 - Famines, pestilences, earthquakes in various
places. All we can say is that all these things have happened,
with famine, pestilence and earthquake becoming more frequent all
the time. Andrew’s future certainly contains new doorways
in God – we will pass on your sentiments. Editor


Greetings! I was thinking that several years ago you had an
office somewhere here in the USA. Do you still have one here, and
are Barry Smith’s books and end time timeline available
somewhere here in the USA?

Terry & Charleen O’Brien

There is no current office in the USA but it will be a
necessity in time as our subscriber base in the US is growing
steadily. Barry’s books, tapes and timelines are available

MS Life Media,
PO Box 79,
Marlborough 7154,




Hi, I’m just writing to ask if I could be permitted to
post some of your articles on a Christian discussion forum on two
websites (www.justsixdays.co.uk and
www.justsixdaysco.uk/bb/index.php) It is a forum with currently a
small number of users. There is much of interest in your articles
that I feel could benefit the other users of this forum. This
forum primarily consists of users who believe in a literal
interpretation of Scripture. I would only post articles in their
entirety (text only, and include a link to the Omega Times site)
and give full credit to yourselves for the writing of any
articles I may post.

Ross Henderson

We are happy to help. The conditions are as you have
stated, with further conditions that only one article may be
accessed (posted) at any one time, must state the date of
publication in the Omega Times, and carry the legend "Reproduced
by Permission." Editor


I have been a Christian for over 40 years, having during that
time read books by the late Barry Smith. I was also a Freemason
for 44 years, an organization which Barry concluded was a cult. I
agree with this view so through Bible studies decided to resign
from Freemasonry. This was not an easy decision after having been
a Lodge Master and due to receive a 50 year service medal in
2005. I feel that to bring the satanic reasons into perspective
for existing Masons, a medium such as the Omega Times would be
the most valuable. I was a member of the Blue Lodge. This Lodge
has 3 degrees known as the "Entered Apprentice or 1st degree,"
"The Fellowship or 2nd degree," and the "Master Masons or 3rd
degree." I have included with this letter the full 1st degree
initiation only. If you are interested in publishing then there
will be 2 more editions, similar in length. Please inform me if
you wish me to continue.

Chas M Probert

Thank you for the material on the 1st degree initiation.
Your letter is timely. We have been arranging behind the scenes
to do a series on the Masonic Lodge. To that end we have made
approaches to certain people to write and also speak on the
subject at Omega Times public meetings. Consequently we would ask
you to not to continue with compiling more information until we
assess whether those who will write on this subject need this
information. We are delighted that you are now free of this
Luciferian occult group. Thank you once again and God bless.