Norway, as a nation, is preparing for
global disaster. They are building a
"Doomsday vault" on Spitsbergen
Island, about 625 miles from the North
Pole. The vault has walls over 3.25
feet thick and will hold over 2 million
seeds, representing all known varieties
of the world's crops.
Feb 3 2006, Spitsbergen


In Barrow, Alaska, massive iceshelfs
called Ivus, which are like
frozen Tsunamis, have slammed
ashore. NASA satellite photos now
reveal that global warming is melting
Arctic ice so fast that a new sea route
is opening up between the Atlantic
and Pacific oceans. The Gulf Stream,
the powerful current that sends warm
water to Britain and Europe has weakened
by 30% in the past 12 years and
continues to weaken. The Amazon
River is so low in many places it is
completely dried up. Scores of boats
now lie stranded on dry river beds.


There is now a new addition to the Pentagon, the military
headquarters of the United State of America. On the eve of Black
Friday, 13th January 2006, it was announced that an Ark of the
Covenant had been installed in the Pentagon’s synagogue for
the purpose of holding the Torah scrolls. (It was designed and
produced by Moshe Gani, a student of the Kabbalah, which is
Jewish witchcraft.)

Haaretz News Service,
Jan 14, Washington


The Matt Drudge report of December 10th 2005, comments that
secret reports on innocent American citizens are called "talon"
reports, which indicate that the great Eagle has you in his
talons. Meanwhile Associated Press of Dec 29th 2005, has
published information that the NSA, or National Security Agency,
has been attaching cookie files to anyone who accesses their
website with their personal computer, and then tracks all of
their computer activities thereafter.


A new device now released is the interface chip that is
inserted into the hand and activates a user’s computer
without the use of passwords. The RFID chip, which is inserted
under the skin of the hand, connects the personal computer with
the personal user. It is meeting with great acceptance. The chips
cost about $2, and the chip readers cost about $50. One student
named Jennifer said, "I can’t feel it at all. It
doesn’t impede me. It doesn’t hurt at all. I almost
can’t tell it’s there." Another student named Mike
said, "It does give you some sort of power of
‘Abracadabra’, of making doors open with passwords
entered just by the wave of your hand. The chip can be inserted
by outside mainstream medical services such as veterinarians and
even tattoo artists.

Reuters News Service,
Jan 5th 2005


The irradiation of food has the effect of having radioactivity
break down compounds into original elements, destroying vitamins
and other nutrients in the food. In Australia, a food agency is
trying to convince consumers that there is nothing to worry about
if their food glows in the dark in their refrigerators. The food
agencies general Director, George Davey, said the calls continue
to come in from distraught people, but he wants to assure
everyone that the meat and fish is perfectly safe.

Associated Press,
Nov 16 2005 Sydney


In Cambodia, a new strain of malaria has been found which has
that causes the disease is different from
any other ever known, for it has the ability to restart the heart
of its victim for up to 2 hours after the initial demise of the
person. Cambodian General Ary Serey said, "We have obtained
samples of this new parasite and plan to learn how it starts the
heart and other major organs of the deceased." Authorities in
Cambodia also said, "The victim behaves in extremely violent ways
from what is believed to be a combination of brain damage and a
chemical released into the blood during resurrection." It has
been called an outbreak of Zombieism.

BBC News,
2005 Quan’sul, Cambodia


Strange signs are appearing in the heavens. It was recently
discovered that an ongoing massive explosion in space has caused
a black hole to begin swallowing up other stars. Professor Brian
McNamara of Ohio State University said, "I was stunned to find
that a mass of about 300,000,000 suns was swallowed."

The Weekend Australian,
AFP News Jan 8-9