From the Editor

From the Editor

From the editor

Please believe with us for the success of an initiative of a
partner in the Omega Times ministry who has committed himself to
develop the Omega Times magazine profile in the near East. This
involves the initial marketing of 1000 magazines into Christian
bookstores in Singapore and Malaysia.

THE OMEGA TIMES is a bi-monthly,
full colour magazine, sold by subscription
and through selected retail outlets,
which looks at world events in the
light of Bible prophecy, and promotes
Bible truth. We seek to draw comment
from reliable sources, but absolute
accuracy (apart from Bible Scripture)
cannot be guaranteed. Articles which
are not written by the publishers of
Omega Times do not necessarily
reflect the views of the Omega Times.


Editor: Allan Rasmussen
Publisher: The Reflections Trust
& The Hay Family Trust
Mail: PO Box 1174, Capalaba, Queensland 4157, Australia
Phone: +61 7 3245 1026
Design: Sharryn Rasmussen

The next step once this is done (either this issue or the
next) is the translation of the magazine into Indonesian and the
penetration of this market where the potential surprisingly, is
huge. We are speaking of 3000-5000 magazines per printing.
Because market conditions are significantly different in the near
East, retail prices are low compared to ours, and this will
require an act of faith on our behalf. However the exciting
potential of breaking into Muslim nations, which 2 of these 3
are, is more than worthwhile. We would ask all our subscribers to
pray for this wonderful opportunity, which came not by our
planning, but by the leading of the Spirit on someone else.

In this issue we have some exciting new areas to open up to
you. Brian has written a powerful piece on the Ashkenazi Jew,
which will be a revelation to many, as there are two types of
Jew, with this one having no bloodline to Abraham. Once you read
this, it will explain much concerning the confusion many
Christians have concerning the Jews and Israel. Also we begin an
exposé on the Freemasons with Part 1 as our feature story.