Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


Greetings all. I am writing to ask you a question about the
prison camps in the US. I read with interest the article in the
previous issue about the camps and put the matter before God.
Recently from a second source I saw video footage of one of these
camps in the US with processing yards, gas supplies, ovens etc.
Before God I have always known that persecutions will come but my
question is – "Do you have any evidence that similar places
have been built in the UK or Australia?"

Andrew Ratcliffe

We have no UK information. There are several secure
facilities in Australia which exist for the purpose of holding
illegal immigrants, boat people and the like. There is no
evidence here of the proliferation of these camps or unusual
design associated with those in the USA. Editor


This month’s article (April - Ed) on the Chronicles of
Narnia was perfectly timed, praise God, as I began to meet many
people, Christians, who were caught up with it. God bless you and
your team as you work in our Lord’s vineyard.

Tara Bolling

We added more information on the Letters page last issue,
and new facts seem to come. Here are some more. C S Lewis may
have been a great author, but he was not a good man. In a
well-documented book entitled C S Lewis, "The Boy Who Chronicled
Narnia" by Michael White and published by Time Warner, we find
the following facts – By 1939, Lewis was a well-known
author, but he was living with a married woman and had been doing
so for 20 years. The name of his semi-secret mistress was Janie
Moore. He admitted this in his own signed letters, including
photographs of them together. In archived letters, Lewis wrote
that he was addicted to sexual self-gratification and swimming
naked, and had dark inner drives involving sadism, and he even
wrote a discourse on whipping and spanking. He referred to
himself as a Philomastrix, or master of the whip. He also spent a
lot of time in the pub with JRR Tolkien, the man who supposedly
converted him. Lewis is not an author I want to read or expose my
kids to! Editor


A couple we know prayed your simple prayer on the back of
Omega Times with a repentant and believing heart to receive Jesus
as their Lord and Saviour together with His promise of eternal
life. As new babies in the body of Christ, could you please send
a "New Birth" certificate and a small gift to them. John is
completely new in Christ and has not read any Bible. His wife
Natasha has been studying with the JW’s and is bewildered
about certain Scriptures. I hope they will settle into a cell
group at my AOG church.

Lil Carde

Wonderful news! The items are in the mail. We trust the
article in this issue on the Jehovah’s Witnesses will help
dispel any residual false teaching. Editor


Just recently I was reading a book called, "As Chance Would
Have it" by a Dutch author, Dr Hans Moolenburgh, and was very
surprised to find a chapter on the subject of HAARP. He also
mentions more reading on the matter by Jeanne Manning and Dr Nick
Begich and a German Medical Journal by Raum & Zeit. I hope
this may be of interest to you. The book I obtained from my local
library and found it to be a lovely one written by a Christian

Mrs Helen Andrews


Thank you so much for continuing The Omega Times. The April
issue was just what my friend needed, for their son married a
Mormon girl. There is so much going on in the world that we are
so ignorant of. Pray for my wife and me. I shall be 70 in
October, my wife 73. Jesus found me at a FGB Dinner. Love in

Fred Endacott


Greetings in Jesus Name. It was good to receive Vol 01, No 6
of Omega Times. I am looking forward to the next issue. One
disturbing phrase on pg 15 of issue No 6 was…"and we
should to." I do trust there will be in the future, no teaching
which will point to try to bring believers back to the Law. May
the Law ever stand and convict non-believers of their sin, and
that believers will clearly understand the truth of Romans 10:4.
With the best wishes for the future.

Don Shirley

The words you mention were written in relation to our need
to take our day of rest also – not to promote Sabbath
keeping and the Law. God was certainly not under the Law when He
rested, and nor should we be. The principle is the important
thing. I unreservedly apologise for the ambiguous way this was
written. Thank you for pointing this out and for your kind words.


I have been a regular reader of Omega Times for a
number of years - more years than I care to remember. I have
always found it to be extremely helpful for information plus
great encouragement, and I circulate it amongst my friends. Every
blessing and may you long continue.

R. E. Bowen