The Fabian Society

The Fabian Society

The Fabian Society

The religion of Socialism
is based primarily on the teachings
of the pagan Greek philosopher and writer Plato, and especially
his book The Republic, in which 400 years before the time of
Christ he dreamed of a "World Republic" headed not by a
President, but by a royal "World Philosopher King" or "Prince"
(like himself of course!). Both Karl Marx and Hitler were great
students of Plato. It is only inevitable that the planned
reformed United Nations and EU will one day be headed by this
"Philosopher Prince."

Socialism officially first began in 1880 in London when H. M.
Hyndman founded the Rose Street Club which was dedicated to the
destruction of Christianity in England.

In 1884 the group changed its name and came to be called the
Social Democratic Federation. Its early members deceptively
called themselves "Christian Socialists." Later the group’s
membership included Eleanor Marx, the daughter of Ashkenazi Jew,
Karl Marx, and her husband Professor Aveling.

Behind the scenes the group was largely controlled by Engels,
Karl Marx’s partner. Because Hyndman would not obey the
orders of Engels, Eleanor Marx and her husband split off with
William Morris the poet, and others, and started an opposition
group which they called the Socialist League. On January 4, 1884,
members and past members of the Social Democratic Federation, the
Socialist League and others founded the Fabian Society.

Fabian Society

The first meeting of the Fabian Society was held at the home
of Mr E. R. Pease, a member of the London Stock Exchange. Two of
the leading members were George Bernard Shaw and Sidney Webb.
Other early members were Eleanor Marx, theosophist and occultist
Annie Besant, and author H. G. Wells.

George Bernard Shaw

George Bernard Shaw

The name of the society was suggested by the Spiritualist,
Frank Podmore, who named it after the brilliant, elderly, 3rd
century Roman General, Censor and Consul, Quintus Fabius (Maximus
Verrucosus 303-203 BC) who was made a dictator in 221- 217 BC
and, with his small band of fighting guerillas and superior
cunning, successfully defended Rome by defeating Hannibal’s
much bigger and mighty Carthaginian army through "gradualism" and
"terrorism" during the time of the second Punic War.

Initially he kept to the hills and cunningly hampered the
enemy’s progress by cutting off their food and supply lines
with "delaying tactics" until Rome could assemble enough men to
defend the city successfully. During the war, his slow,
"gradual," delaying tactics were greatly disapproved of by his
soldiers and the civilians and earned him the name of
‘Cunctator’ – the ‘Delayer.’ But
later, after the triumph, his skill and wisdom was highly

Fabian Socialism is a "mixture" of Fascism, Nazism, Marxism
and Communism all bundled together. However, it is much more
deadly because it is much more clever and subtle. The only
difference between Fabian Socialism and Communism is that
Communists take your house by directly sending in the Secret
Police to knock your front door down – Fabian Socialists do
it much more subtly and cleverly – by gradually taking your
individual rights away, and gradually increasing property taxes
and rates, so finally, when you can’t pay them, they send
in the Bailiff to take your house away – the end result
being the same. British PM Tony Blair and President George Bush
Jnr’s globalist "war on terror" is a classic Fabian
Socialist strategy.

The philosophy of the Fabian Society was written in 1887 and
included the statement: "The Fabian Society acknowledges the
principal tenet of Marxism … the abolition of private
property … etc." (of course this does not apply to the
elect oligarchy at the top who end up owning the lot!).

Sidney and Beatrice Webb published a book of 1143 pages in
defense of Bolshevism. It was entitled "Soviet Communism: A New
Civilization." In April 1952 the Webbs were exposed before a US
Senate Committee on the Judiciary, when Soviet Colonel I.M.
Bogolepov, a former Red Army officer, stated that the entire text
had been prepared by himself in the Soviet Foreign Office.

Appropriately, the defiant coat of arms of the Fabian Society
(commissioned by author/playwright cofounder George Bernard Shaw)
today (now archived) is a "wolf in sheep’s clothing." Until
recently it also appeared on the Fabian glass window (now
removed) in the Beatrice Webb House at Dorking, Surrey.

Today the Fabian Society is among other things the
intellectual wing of the British Labour Party. Before Tony Blair
became British Prime Minister in May 1997, he was Chairman of the
Fabian Society. Since the 1997 British general election there
have been around 200 Fabian MP’s in the House of Commons,
some of whom have formed almost entire Labour Cabinets. The
Fabian Society literally controls the European Union also.

Today the Labour Parties in both New Zealand and Australia are
closely affiliated to the Fabian Society in London. When
Australian Labour Party Prime Minister Bob Hawke (a Rhodes
Scholar), was guest of honour at the Fabian Society’s
Centenary Commemoration Dinner in Melbourne on May 18, 1984, he

"… I gladly acknowledge the debt of my own government
to Fabianism."

In June 2001, the Federal Government joint Standing Committee
on Treaties held an inquiry as to whether Australia should
support a statute of the UN International Criminal Court which
would affect the "sovereignty" of all Australians. When
criticized by an Australian patriotic group, Labour Party Senator
Chris Schacht, sarcastically exclaimed he had been a member of
the Fabian Society for 20 years – and further, said; "You
probably were not aware that us Fabians have taken over the CIA,
KGB, M15, ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organization),
IMF, the World Bank and many other organizations."

That is why Tony Blair, as part of the 2006 Commonwealth Games
Closing Celebrations in Melbourne on March 26, was also invited
by Labour officials and business leaders to speak to the
Australian Parliament in Canberra on March 27 about his Fabian
"war against terror," and "intelligence matters" where he said;
"The war against terror was as much a battle about values as it
was about arms." – And also why, after the Australian
Government meeting, he flew directly to New Zealand on March 28
to speak about the same subject at a meeting in the Auckland Town

This was hosted by the New Zealand Labour Party Prime
Minister, Helen Clark, and the Auckland Regional Chamber of
Commerce and Industry – after which he later discussed with
Prime Minister Helen Clark his (Fabian Society) "initiative to
set up a unit in the NZ public service to enable their respective
Labour Governments to co-operate more closely on policy
development" (NZ Herald, March 28, 2006 pg. A3)

In the last century, members of the British Fabian Society
dynastic banking families in the City of London financed the
Communist takeover of Russia. Trotsky, in his biography, refers
to some of the loans from these British financiers going back as
far as 1907. By 1917 the major subsidies and funding for the
Bolshevik Revolution were co-ordinated and arranged by Sir George
Buchanan and Lord Alfred Milner. The Communist system in Russia
was a "British experiment" designed ultimately to become the
Fabian Socialist model for the British takeover of the world
through the UN and EU.

Fabian Society "Five Year Plan"

The British plan to takeover the world and bring in a "New
World Order" began with the teachings of John Ruskin and Cecil
Rhodes at Oxford University.

Rhodes in one of his wills in 1877 left his vast fortune to
Lord Nathan Rothschild as trustee to set up the Rhodes
Scholarship Program at Oxford to indoctrinate promising young
graduates for the purpose, and also establish a secret society
for leading business and banking leaders around the world who
would work for the City to bring in their Socialist world

Rothschild appointed Lord Alfred Milner to implement the plan.
At first the society was called Milner’s Kindergarten, then
in 1909 it came to be called the Round Table. It was to work
closely with the London School of Economics founded in 1894 by
Fabian Socialist leader Sidney Webb (Lord Passfield). Today
former Rhodes Scholars (such as Bill Clinton), Fabian Business
Round Table members, and graduates from the London School of
Economics (the primary Fabian Socialist training school in the
world) dominate the global banking, business and political
systems in every country.

The British Fabian Society plan to takeover the world by means
of the City of London financial community, was first published in
a book entitled "All These Things" by a New Zealand author and
journalist, A. N. Field. The book was first published in 1936 by
Omni Publications in the United States (and censored in New

The document, called "Freedom and Planning" was secretly
circulated in 1932 by the inner councils of the members of the
Political Economic Plan, otherwise known as "P.E.P." in London.
The then chairman of the organization was a City of London Jew,
Israel Moses Sieff, who was the reputed author of the plan. The
headquarters of P.E.P. were at 16 Queen Anne’s Gate,
London. Mr Sieff was also chairman and financier of Marks and
Spencers’ chain stores and vicepresident of the British
Zionist Society (Zionism = Ashkenazi Judaism.)

Centred around City of London Ashkenazi Jewry’s
international financiers in the Bank of England subsidiary, the
Bankers Industrial Development Company, the essence of the
document "Freedom and Planning" was (and still is) to gradually
"Sovietize" the world based on their "Five Year Plan" inaugurated
in Moscow in 1927-28 in the Soviet Union.

Basically the plan involved the subtle transfer of the entire
productive capacity of each country throughout the world into a
series of great "Stateowned" departments, which would then be
"corporatized", then "privatized" to City of London Corporation
International banks, and corporations which they control.

Individual property ownership would be severely restricted,
with most of the land, sea, fisheries, rivers, lakes, ports,
railways, communications, media, roads, electricity, energy,
food, water, waste management, housing, farms, commercial
property, schools, hospitals, police, social welfare, Inland
Revenue etc. transferred into statutory corporations, companies
or land trusts which indirectly would be owned by City of London

The "peasants" would still be allowed to own their own
clothes, and small assets like furniture, cars and boats etc.,
but the main assets of each country would be owned by their
multi-national corporations and banks. In essence the City of
London Corporation would become the "One World Earth Corporation"
and would privately own the world.

Australian Fabian Conference

Australian Fabian Conference

Similar to the experiment carried out in the USSR, the whole
world would eventually be transferred into a Communist "United
Nations" World Socialist Republic, where each country would be
"regionalized" and ruled through "Regional Councils" by a United
Nations dictatorship called a "Parliamentary Assembly" which
would be just another name for a Soviet "Central Committee"
– and all independent, sovereign, national governments
would be totally abolished.

Fabian Society Privatization of the World

As the result of the P.E.P. Plan originally formulated in
1932, right now every country’s "State assets" (owned in
trust by the State on behalf of the people) are being frantically
"privatized" by City of London-controlled banks and corporations
primarily under the directions of two leading Fabian Socialist
writers – Sir Roger Douglas and John Redwood.

Sir Roger Douglas’s book "Unfinished Business" and John
Redwood’s book "Public Enterprise in Crisis," are the
primary handbooks being used by central and local government
finance ministers and officers all around the world to sell off
each nation’s "family silver" and State assets – with
the more "sensitive" public assets being transferred into Fascist
- type Public-Private Partnerships (PPP’s) which are
designed to make the public masses and peasantry "think" that
they have some degree of control – when in reality they
have none as the real ownership of the assets are held by the
City of London banks and corporations who fund them.

Until relatively recently, John Redwood was head of N. M.
Rothschild & Sons London global Overseas Privatization Unit
that is coordinating the entire global privatization process. Sir
Roger has been contracted as a consultant by City of London
Banks, the World Bank and others to advise on national
privatization programs as well.

Fabian Society "Regionalization" of the World through
UN and EU Control of Regional and City Councils

All of the countries in the world currently are being
"regionalized." Presently, for example, the whole of the United
States is being "regionalized" and the EU Committee of the
Regions, based in Brussels, is "regionalizing" every country in
the European Union.

The Fabian Stained Glass Window

The Fabian Stained Glass Window
Notice the wolf in sheeps clothing

As the result of this radical "regionalization" process,
Britain has now already been effectively abolished, having been
divided up into 9 separate regions of the EU, plus Wales,
Scotland and Northern Ireland. This cunning process, which is
being "gradually" implemented to destroy the power of the central
national government in each country, is commonly referred to as
"Devolution" by the Queen and the Fabian Society.

Unlike the rest of the autonomous regions in the UK which,
like most of the other regions in the EU that have become
virtually powerless through their representation in the European
Parliament, which is now only a "talking shop", the City of
London Corporation as a separate region by itself within the
Union, now rules it. This is because all of the Commissioners are
appointed (not elected) to the European Commission by City of
London-controlled business leaders and bankers in their
respective countries.

Right now throughout the UK, all city councils and regional
councils are dramatically increasing their rate demand on their
constituent’s properties, while at the same time they are
quickly expanding their debt levels for unaffordable capital
works programs via loans from City of London banks – which
policies are deliberately intended to prepare for the
councils’ "privatization" whilst transferring the local
government in each country to "regional councils" – which
ultimately will become, or be controlled by "Regional
Parliamentary Assemblies," identical to the old structure in the
former Soviet Union – which first regionalized then
abolished the national governments before they set up their
republican Socialist Police State.

©John Christian April 2006 NEXT ISSUE - Communist
Councils in New Zealand & Fabian plans worldwide.