The Rapture Question – Part 3

The Rapture Question - Part 3

The Rapture Question - Part 3

In the last 2
issues of the Omega times, I have presented a
view of the event called the Rapture, in which the order of
events, in some aspects, has differed from that which is
presented by a number of contemporary Christian writers. Who is
right? I obviously hold to my view which I trust is scripturally
bullet-proof, but time will tell, because I have already
mentioned the fact that biblical Prophecy has had the tricky
history of being fulfilled in a way that was unexpected. I
mentioned in our last issue the fact that 37 prophecies were
fulfilled during the 72 hours that began with Jesus arrest and
concluded at His crucifixion. Yet priests, parents and proselytes
never twigged to the full ramifications of what was

Consider the events surrounding Jesus birth. It was preceded
by, and took place in many demonstrations of the miraculous and
the supernatural – The Archangel Gabriel prophesied a son
to Zecharias who would prepare people for the Lord. Mary was
impregnated by the Holy Spirit and told that this child would be
Jesus, the Son of God. At the birth there was a proclamation by
Angels, a visit by star-led Shepherds, and an appearance of Wise
Men with gifts.

We know His genealogy fitted, the timing fitted, the Messianic
prophecies fitted, yet there was no adoration by the religious
leaders, or special notice taken of this child until well into
adulthood, except for the actions of child-killing by a
suspicious King. They had missed something again at the start,
which we are blessed with knowledge of today, multiple centuries
after the events happened.

Having said that, a "tricky history" of fulfilled prophecy is
still not good enough to be the basis of whether we accept or
reject a certain scenario of End Times fulfilment. Back then to
the question "Who is right?" When we see the marketplace
literally swamped with books containing various ideas as to how
the End Times consummation of all things will unfold, it seems to
me that the only correct answer, and let’s not lose sight
of the fact there is only one, will have to be absolutely
compatible with every Scripture from Genesis to Revelation, and
fulfil every type and shadow throughout the Word. In the case of
the pre- Tribulation, 7 year Rapture model, this simply does not
pass the test.

Are we left high and dry then, prophetically speaking? Of
course not! We need to dig into the Word like never before and
seek the wisdom that comes from the Holy Spirit to gain
revelation knowledge as God Himself wills, regarding the timing
of its release and the giving of understanding. This is not a new
concept. After all, God told Daniel to "shut up the Book" as any
more revelation was denied to him, because further revealing was
only to take place at the time of the end. That’s us
friends – let’s be encouraged and excited by

The result of presenting a 3½ year Tribulation period
and a post Tribulation Rapture leaves a lot of gaps and a lot of
questions to be answered with regard to what happens to the
Church during this time. After all, it was so comfortable to
think in terms of Pre-Tribulation Rapture, and very uncomfortable
to think otherwise, where the consequences of Christians living
in the same world as an ascendant Antichrist is one which is
sobering and even terrifying. This reminds me of the words of a
song I heard many years ago – "Everybody wants to go to
heaven but noboby wants to die."

In this context, I believe the church has been lulled into a
false sense of security by the pervasive teaching of
pre-tribulation rapture, and this could very well be the real
reason why we are living in the Laodicean age of luke-warm
Christianity, because no one feels they need to stand up and be
counted simply because Jesus will come along any minute and whisk
us all away. To me that has connotations which pertain to the
warning given by Jesus in the parable of the "wise and foolish
virgins" – a picture of the Church at His End Time

The often-preached parable contains a fact which virtually
every preacher seems to miss the significance of – ALL the
virgins were ASLEEP when the call went out! This should cause us
to be careful to examine our hearts.

I believe Scripture is telling us Christians will indeed
experience the Tribulation period which is the final 3½
years of Daniel 9. Before I share with you some scriptural
thoughts on what we might expect, I want to affirm and confirm
this belief with some more scriptural evidence.

DANIEL 7 The Antichrist reigns for 3½ years before
Messiah comes in the 2nd Advent. (All pre-milleniallists –
please explain!)

DANIEL 9 The ministry of Jesus for 3½ years fills the
first half of the 70th week.

DANIEL 12 The Tribulation period is prophesied here as being
3½ years.

REVELATION 10 Compare Daniel 12 with Revelation 10 and the
"little open book" is seen to be Daniel which links these two
books from Old and New Testaments.

REVELATION 11 The 2 witnesses minister for 3½ years in

REVELATION 12 Here the true Church is preserved 3½

REVELATION 13 The coming of the Messiah is preceded by the
reign of Antichrist and the worship of the Beast image.

The harmony of the Bible accounts as recorded in Daniel and
Revelation is a major proof of the validity of the
post-tribulation view of the Rapture as shown by the comparison
chart that follows below.

70 week outline

The fulfillment of the various time elements of Daniel 9 in
relation to the 70 weeks are worth repeating again to help

7 WEEKS (Cyrus to Malachi)

These 49 years begin with Cyrus’s commandment to rebuild
Jerusalem, and end with God’s final word to the Jew in the
Old Testament, sealed and finalised by Malachi.

62 WEEKS (Malachi to Messiah)

This time package of 434 years is representative of the gap in
the giving or recording of Holy Scripture. These silent years end
with the manifestation of the Messiah.

FIRST ½ WEEK – (Baptism to

This 3½ year period represents the exact time frame of
Jesus ministry to the Jews, from his anointing by the Holy Spirit
until His death.

SECOND ½ WEEK – (Reign of

This is the time of Great Tribulation and Antichrist’s
rule, as prophesied in Daniel, being overthrown by the glorious
return of the Messiah in His 2nd advent of judgement and power to
finally usher in Godly rule.

In the light of the above, we can gain fresh understanding and
see the strong light of revelation in the verses of Daniel 9. Let
me list some of these with short comment –


Transgression is sin. With satan bound, the cause of
transgression is removed.


The heavens and the earth will be free of sin. Satan is
consigned to the bottomless pit and the Antichrist is cast into
the lake of fire. (2 Thessalonians 2)


Jesus will stand as the one and only way to salvation. All
iniquity ends. The full revelation, fulfillment and impact of
Calvary will be manifested.


A return to the original conditions of Eden –
righteousness and holiness prevail.


With Jesus finally united with the saints forever, there is no
more need for dreams, visions and prophecies.


The earth is purified by His shed blood and physically becomes
the holy of holies, typifying the type as shown in Moses’
Tabernacle where God dwells in the midst of His people. 1 Peter 2:9
is fulfilled by the saints themselves being kings and priests
unto God, as a fulfillment of the Levitical priesthood.

And now to a few insights as to what might be the experience
of the saints during the Tribulation. We must always look to the
Bible for patterns, interpretation and precedents. The Bible is
in fact its own interpreter, and it is only when we undertake a
thorough look through its pages can we find the true answer to
that which we seek.

We do not have the space to provide a full exposition of
Revelation 12. That must remain for a future time. However in
brief form, we note that there are 3 companies here. The Woman,
the Manchild, and the Remnant of her Seed. A full research into
types, shadows and symbols, shows that the woman is not Israel,
but is the Church!

At the time of the Great Tribulation, the woman is taken out,
the Manchild is taken up, and the Remnant of Seed remains,
becoming the Tribulation saints.

The woman is the spiritual seed of Abraham, a many-membered
body, which is the Bride of Christ. Symbolically, these are the
wise virgins, the ones who have made ready, and are without spot
and wrinkle. These are those who Jesus said in Luke 21:34 are
counted to be worthy.

The Scripture in Revelation 12:14 says, "But the woman was
given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the
wilderness to her place, where she is nourished for a time, and
times, and half a time (3½ years), from the presence of
the serpent."

She was not caught up to heaven, but was transported to her
place here on earth. The scriptural pattern in the Bible is that
God’s people are taken OUT not
UP! (at least initially) The Church at the
beginning of the Great Tribulation is first taken out, then later
at the end of the Tribulation, is taken up in the Rapture.

Once again, I underline the fact that the Bible must contain a
previous witness to God dealing with His chosen in this way. Not
surprisingly, there are many instances, and we will share just
three with you.

(1) Israel, God’s chosen nation and a type of the
Church, were taken out of Egypt at the midnight hour into a
wilderness for 40 years. This Divine miracle, which included the
Red Sea crossing, resulted in guidance and protection,
supernatural food supply and clothes not wearing out, while each
enjoyed perfect health and strength.

(2) In 1 Kings 19:1-21 we meet the great Prophet Elijah. King
Ahab and Jezebel are so incensed by Elijah’s act of
righteousness in opposing idolatry and executing the 400 prophets
of Baal, that Elijah is forced to flee for his life. Here we find
again that God miraculously protects and feeds Elijah in the
wilderness for 3½ years.

(3) In another type of the Church in the wilderness is the
powerful symbolism of the Bride in the Song of Solomon coming
forth from the wilderness leaning on the arm of her beloved. It
is no coincidence that this woman, as in Revelation 12, is
clothed with the Sun and the Moon.

We don’t know exactly whether there will be various
places on earth where God will preserve the Church during the
Tribulation. I personally know of individuals and Churches who
have purchased rural land, some doing so many years ago, knowing
God had spoken to them, but without the knowledge of why and for
what purpose. Perhaps this land is waiting for the

What we do know is this. The true Church has to be "alive and
remaining" until the coming of the Lord and the first
resurrection. 1 Thessalonians 4:15 speaks of those who are alive
and remain at the coming of the Lord. V15 says we will then be
caught up in the cloud to meet Him in the air.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Lord fully intends to
protect the true Bride, for what Bridegroom would allow His bride
to face destruction. Perhaps what I have shared with you is
different to what you may have believed, but it has the same
result. No wonder Paul said in v18 – "Therefore, comfort
one another with these words."