On June 6th, or 06-06-06, the Pentagon announced that it has
dropped the Geneva Convention regarding treatment of prisoners.
The U.S. Pentagon objects to the international agreement, because
it forbids and bans "humiliating and degrading treatment" of
prisoners. The rest of the world is watching this with amazement.
Is the beast beginning to show its true colors, and are those
colors red, white, and blue? The man who is behind this departure
from humane treatment of prisoners is Vice President Dick Cheney,
who openly objects to the ban on torture!

Sydney Morning Herald, Jun 6,
by Julian Barnes,
Washington, D.C.


In Florida, the Coast to Coast family convenience stores are
offering their customers the option of purchasing their goods
using only their fingerprint. Once they are registered, they
never need cash, cheques, or a credit card; they simply insert
their finger into a machine and their funds are transferred from
their account to the store’s account. This is also
happening in the Chicago area at the Jewel-Osco stores, where the
stores have a person at the door asking people to sign up for the
program. It is being advertised as "fast, easy, and secure." Once
your finger is scanned and registered, all of your buying power
is in your right hand. A financial emergency in the United States
could easily make such a system mandatory! Will such a thing

Now that such a system is in use, it makes Revelation 13:17
loom largely before us with the following warning: "And that
no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name
of the beast, or the number of his name."
We live in this
strange time when computers have changed everything, including
the changing of pictures into numbers, and it is called digital
technology. This is just as the Bible predicted over 2,000 years

St. Petersburg Times, Jun 20,
by Mark Albright, Tampa Bay, FL.
Jewel-Osco Official Flier, Jun 16, 2006.


Why has our country become so corrupt and such a shame and
disgrace to common decency? It is because organized religion in
America is demonized, and false prophets and teachers are
everywhere. Here let it be noted that the infamous Rick Warren
and his so-called "purposedriven" ministry have become popular
with the North Korean Communist government. The multi-millionaire
Warren has recently been invited to North Korea to speak to
15,000 people. Ingrid Schlueter of VCY America Radio Network said
it very well regarding this Rick Warren event with the following
words: "Warren won’t call the communist faithful to repent
and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ because he preaches a
man-centered, counterfeit gospel. Not for a moment do these
leaders worry that they will have a Christian revival on their
hands by letting Mr. Warren speak. Rick Warren is loved and feted
because his message is absent the cross and Christ’s call
to die. That’s why he is a popular man and is politically

ABP News, Jul 8, 2006, Lake
Forest, CA.

CELEBRATE 06-06-06

June 6th, 2006, also known as 06- 06-06, was a day of much
occult activity, and as always, the repercussions will be
forthcoming. Witches and Satanists, who are very different from
each other, celebrated that day of three sixes in various ways.
About sixty miles west of Detroit, Michigan, is a small town
called Hell. On the day 06-06-06, people came from thousands of
miles away to visit Hell, Michigan, on that day of the beast. The
Mayor of Hell, Michigan, John Colone, who also owns a souvenir
shop, had this to say, "I’ve got 666 Tshirts, and mugs.
I’m only ordering 666 of the items so once they’re
gone, that’s it. Everyone who comes will get a letter of
authenticity saying you’ve celebrated June 6th, 2006, in
Hell." The items all sold for $6.66 each. Special gates were also
set up for the occasion and were called the gates of Hell. (1)
Some may take all of this as a joke, but it is not funny; and
those who are involved in the occult, who are many, take it very
seriously as does Satan himself. All who were involved have
cursed themselves.

On that same day of 06-06-06, Hollywood released two
antichrist movies. One was a remake of The Omen, which is about a
man who is a political figure who realizes that his adopted
infant son, Damien, who has a 666 birthmark on his skull, is the
reincarnation of Satan. Death begins to surround him everywhere.

Another movie that was released on 06-06-06 was called The
Beast. The story is about a fundamentalist Christian pastor who
disappears after he stumbles across incontrovertible, factual
evidence that Christ never existed. In searching for him, his
daughter Danielle also has to combat a group of fundamentalist
Christians who are trying to suppress the "truth" of the
non-existence of Christ and thus save their religion. (3) Sadly,
the is also selling a selfinking rubber stamp for
the moviegoers, so they can stamp a 666 mark on their bodies. The
stamp, which is good for 10,000 impressions, sells for $6.66. The
advertisement says, "Wear the mark! Wear the mark on your
forehead or right hand, lasts for 10,000 impressions, safe and
fun, great for all ages, stamp your friends! Image size: 7/8"
diameter." (4)

(1) Associated Press, 04/06/06,Hell,
(2) AFP News, 29/05/06.
(3) British Church Newspaper, 03/06/06
(4) The Beast Movie,


It is not just the Middle East where the underlying troubles
are based on oil supply. We can now expect the same trouble
concerning Venezuela in the northern part of South America.
Venezuela recently discovered four billion cubic feet of natural
gas making it the single largest oil reserve in the world. There
are an estimated 313 billion barrels of heavy and extra-heavy
crude oil in these reserves, which is equal to one-half of all of
the oil in the Middle East.

East Bay News, Jun, 2006,