Care International

Care International

Care International

The publishers of
THE OMEGA TIMES also are Directors of a
worldwide missions organisation, Care International Ltd, a
not-for-profit, limited liability company, registered in

Today the need for help, especially in the Third World, is
overwhelming, and is the very sobering human face of the
"Starfish" story on page 18 of this issue. Care is a "projects
oriented" missions group. We do not help with cash and food, but
rather provide something that will last. Someone once said, "Give
someone a fish, tomorrow it’s gone. Teach someone to fish
and they are fed forever." This simply means we provide a means
of self-sufficiency, such as funding tractors, setting up fish
farms etc. We also supply funds and send teams to build schools
and orphanages.

We are currently partnering with Mozambique Outreach, to build
a school in Mozambique, the world’s 3rd poorest nation. The
photos shown here have just recently been taken.

16c (3K)

Matthew 25 tells the poignant story of Jesus telling those on
His right hand to come and inherit the Kingdom through having
supplied food, drink and shelter to Jesus. When they asked when

that happened Jesus replied in v44, "Assuredly I say to you.
Inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren,
you did it to me."

Care International is unique in that we guarantee that at
least 90% of gifts reach the intended target, whereas most
missions organisations today struggle to deliver 50-60% of
donations because of huge administration costs.

Churches and/or individuals are welcome partners.
Email us today at
with your gift, or post to
The Omega Times, PO Box 1174, Capalaba, Qld 4157, Australia. We are also happy to supply tax
receipts. From now on, Omega Times, both in print and on the
website, will be reporting on current