Freemasons – Part 3

Freemasons - Part 3

Freemasons - Part 3


In this 3rd article on Freemasonry I wish to begin by
reminding our readers of the Masonic symbolism in Washington DC
that was presented in Part 2 of this series which appeared in the
October issue. My reason in bringing this reminder is to
demonstrate that recent history in the USA shows us just how
pervasive the Masonic influence is amongst the Illuministic
leaders of the US. They have left indelible marks in the timeline
of history showing those who know where to look, the practice of
their occult religion.

We know that Franklin D. Roosevelt was a 32nd degree Mason and
was elected in 1932 as the 32nd President. We also know that
Harry S. Truman was a 33rd degree Mason who was elected 33rd
President in 1944. Then Eisenhower followed, as President 34, and
Kennedy followed as number 35. Johnson followed Kennedy as 36th
President and Nixon followed as number 37.

Here let it be noted that according to Masonic occult
teaching, a 39th President had to be elected as the 39th
President in 1976, because thirty- nine is the sacred triumviral
number of thirteen tripled, and this number had to be applied on
the 200th anniversary of the USA which occurred in 1976.

The problem was that Nixon was re-elected in 1972, which had
the potential to throw the entire occult calendar off, because
that would result in a 38th President instead of a 39th in 1976.
Before that target year arrived, however, strange things began to
happen. Nixon’s Vice President, Spiro Agnew, resigned
because of some income tax trouble, and Gerald Ford, a 33rd
degree Mason in the Scottish Rite, was appointed Vice President
in his stead. This was the first resignation of a Vice President
in the history of the USA. Then, President Nixon resigned because
of the Watergate scandal, and this was the first time a President
of the United States resigned. Gerald Ford now became the first
President who was never elected, and he became the 38th
President. Ford was defeated by Jimmy Carter, who became the 39th
President-elect in 1976, right on occult schedule. Makes one
think, doesn’t it?

In these concluding articles on Freemasonry,(Dec 2006 and Feb
2007 issues) I want to share with you some of the secret names,
secret handshakes, and some information on the higher degrees in


The degrees in Freemasonry centre around a character called
Hiram Abiff. Hiram appears in 1 Kings 7:13-14 and 2 Chronicles 2:13-14 &
2 Chronicles 4:11, appearing as a skilled stone-mason working
for King Solomon. His surname has been added by Freemasonry and a
legend built around the fictitious discovery by Hiram of a
secret, divine word for God. According to Masonic teaching,
rather than reveal his Masonic secrets, Hiram chose to die a
martyr’s death.

This story is repeated by the 3rd degree initiate who, having
been symbolically killed like Hiram, is lowered into the form of
a grave and raised by the Worshipful Master of the Lodge, as a
sign of the Mason’s hope of eternal life. This parallels
the Christian message but has absolutely nothing to do with it

Hiram was reputed to have discovered a secret vault under
Solomon’s Temple containing an altar to God. A triangle
inside a circle with Jahweh written around it contained the
inscription Jah Bul On. Today, Royal Arch Masons are the
protectors of this word, and it can only be whispered in the
presence of 3 Master Masons, each speaking a syllable only.

The demonic nature of this word is revealed in the
instructions and writings of various Masonic authorities. Jah is
the name for God, and we do not have any problem with that. Bul
is a corruption of Baal which is the religion of Jezebel.(see 1
& 2 Kings) In Egyptian religion On is none other than Osiris,
who is the source of the Masonic obelisk which is nothing less
than a phallic symbol, connected with the sleezy story of
On’s mur der and the only surviving part of his body (use
your imagination) which is miraculously used to resurrect

Here then we have syncretism, with a binding together of true
and false gods, which has spawned over the centuries the spirit
of Babylon and in recent times, ecumenism. The following is an
incomplete list of the secret names revealed in initiation
ceremonies through the various degrees in Masonry.

I list these not for the reason to excite people about
becoming partakers of a hidden mystery, because it is common
knowledge that everyone loves a secret. Rather, I list them so
that any Mason who reads these pages will have a list of the
NAMES HE MUST RENOUNCE as part of the process of being set free
from the Masonic craft.


  • 1st or Entered Apprentice Degree
    • Secret word – BOAZ
  • 2nd or Fellow Craft Degree
    • Secret Words – SHIBBOLETH and JACHIN
  • 3rd or Master Masons Degree
    • Secret Words – TUBALCAIN and MAHA BONE


  • Mark Master Degree
    • Secret Word - JOPPA
  • Holy Royal Arch Degree
    • Secret false name of God – JAHBULON
    • Secret password – AMMI RUHAMAH (includes Royal Master,
      Select Master, Super Excellent Master and Knights Order of the
      Red Cross Degrees.)
  • Knights Templar Degree
    • Secret Word – KEB RAIOTH
  • Knights of Malta Degree
    • Secret Words – MAHER-SHALALHASH- BAZ
Scottish Rite

Scottish Rite

Only the 18th, 30th, 31st & 32nd degrees are
operated in British Commonwealth countries.

  • Secret Master Degree
    • Secret Password – ADONAI
  • Perfect Master Degree
    • Secret Password – MAHABONE
  • Intimate Secretary Degree
    • Secret Password – JEHOVAH
  • Provost and Judge Degree
    • Secret Password – HIRUM-TITOCIVI- KY
  • Intendant of the Building Degree
    • Secret Password – AKAR-JAI-JAH
  • Elected Knights of the Nine Degree
    • Secret Password – NEKAM NAKAH
  • Illustrious Elect of Fifteen Degree
    • Secret Password – ELIGNAM
  • Sublime Knight of the Twelve Degree
    • Secret Password – STOLKINADONAI
  • Grand Master Architect Degree
    • Secret Password – RABBANAIM
  • Knight of the 9th Arch of Solomon

    • Secret Password - JEHOVAH


  • Knight of the East and West Degree
    • Secret Password – ABADDON
  • 18th Degree

The above is an incomplete list. If any of our readers or
their descendants have been involved in The Council of the
Princes of Jerusalem, The Council of Kadosh, Sublime Princes of
the Royal Secret or the Shriners (in North America only) Grand
Orient, Manchester Unity Order of Oddfellows, Buffalos, Druids,
and a host of other Lodges, including women’s orders such
as Orders of the Eastern Star, girl’s orders such as
Job’s Daughters, and the boy’s order of Order of De
Molay, then it is imperitive that you seek help to be set free,
especially of the generational curse that every Lodge member
places on his family when initiated.

Interior of Freemason Hall in London

Interior of Freemason Hall in London

Self-deliverance is fine, but some help in covering all that
needs to be renounced is vitally important. (Please note –
We will offer on the February Omega Shopping page an excellent
in-depth booklet "PRAYER OF RELEASE FOR FREEMASONS". This is for
one-time members of Masonry and their descendants, and lists all
the secret names and rituals that need to be renounced for every

It’s worth mentioning that the socalled secret words or
passwords in many cases have an unquestionable demonic connection
which any thinking Mason must question. Most are difficult to
access their origin, but some aren’t. For instance, the
secret password of the Chapter of the Rose Croix Lodge is
ABADDON. Smith’s Bible Dictionary clearly points out that
this entity is a devil – in fact "the angel of the
bottomless pit." Why would so-called Christians in a socalled
Christian, or at least a benign fellowship, wish to invoke the
name of someone who also is known as "the destroyer."

To conclude this article, I want to demonstrate that the
illegal manner in which fear, threat and repercussions accompany
the oath-taking in the lower degrees, does not diminish the
higher one goes in Masonry. The 30th, 31st and 32nd degrees
contain the same threats of physical violence, maiming and death.
We list the initiations in just brief form here.

30TH DEGREE - The candidate for elevation to
the 30th degree, promises to preserve the secrets and mysteries
of the previous degrees, even though he has never read them. He
is led blindfolded with a dagger at his throat and challenged
that if he draws back, he is lost. After 9 strokes of a gong he
is told not to leave his seat for hidden danger lies in wait. He
then offers incense on an altar and swears to sacrifice LIFE
ITSELF for the upholding of the order.

31ST DEGREE – This should be called the
syncretism degree. The candidate moves around the various pillars
in the lodge, each representative of a religion other than
Christianity. He is then told stories of wisdom and direction
pertaining to other religious leaders. This leaves the pillar of
Moses as just one pillar only of truth. Every curse, secret and
responsibility spoken by the candidate in the preceding 30
degrees is reaffirmed here, with a new commit ment to secrecy and
a new acceptance of grotesque punishment for failure. A laying on
of hands ceremony then takes place. Any well-taught Christian who
understands the spiritual power transfer derived from impartation
might well ask what is actually transferred in this Masonic

32ND DEGREE – Once again the secrets
and punishments of all preceding degrees are reaffirmed, under
the duress of a blindfold and cable tow noose around the neck.
The 32nd degree is called "The Sublime and Valiant Princes of the
Royal Secret", a pridefully subtle approbation masking an
illegal, demonic, curse-ridden act.

Worshipful Master Chair

Worshipful Master Chair

A purification and cleansing with water then takes place, with
a solemn vow being taken, and solemnized by the candidates right
arm and a sword being purified 5 times in a ceremonial fire. The
candidate is charged to ensure other Masons do acts of virtue and
benevolence, which is like papering over the cracks, when the
satanic underbelly of error and ignorance is everpresent.

33RD DEGREE – Is especially interesting
given that the candidate for Sovereign Grand Inspector General
must remove his wedding ring!! A white gauze veil is placed over
his head and the oath written in a book. Then the candidate
receives a Masonic wedding ring to replace his own wedding ring
as he is wed to the Lodge.

While this is not illegal, it has all the hallmarks of
spiritual adultery and bigamy, but affects the natural realm in
the sense that the candidate’s commitment is now divided
between his wife and the Freemasons.

The ritual closes with an incitement to murder. How else would
one interpret the action of placing a sword in the candidates
hand with the words – "We place in your hand this weapon of
death, which we solemnly enjoin you never to use against a fellow
creature except … the advancing enemies of the order." Is
this foolish men playing silly games behind closed doors?