The Ashkenazi Jew

The Ashkenazi Jew

The Ashkenazi Jew

In the last issue on this
subject I revealed the link between
the Ashkenazi Jew, the Bush family and many other German high
profile banking families as well as the British, or should I say
correctly, German Royal Family. The British House of Windsor
changed their names from the German name of Hanover to a more
palatable English name of Windsor.

In this issue I want to concentrate on Noahide law becoming
universal or international law, and Bush’s commitment to
facilitating and enforcing it. I also want to connect the dots
together and tie the "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" saga of
Michael Baigent, the New Zealand researcher, novelist and
theorist, who basically supplied the information regarding Dan
Brown’s "Da Vinci Code". Baigent sued Brown over
copyright and plagiarism, accusing Brown of stealing his "Holy
Blood, Holy Grail" material for Brown’s best selling novel.
Finally, I want to mention the Jesuits (the militant Order of the
Society of Jesus) who in my opinion, should be named the "society
of thugs" when you examine their sordid history of clandestine
sabotage, murder and subversion of governments.

Firstly, I want to address the luciferic master hand behind
the scenes playing us, the GOYIM (Gentiles), as pawns in this
game. They are Hassidic Lubavitcha Ashkenazi Talmudic Jews. These
are the ones the biblical book of Revelation refers to as
OF THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN Revelation 2:8-9 & Revelation 3:8-9.

Ones like the revered Rabbi Schneerson now dead, who is still
touted to be the new Messiah. Talmudic teachers and Rabbis
believe the descending presence of the Moshiac or Messiah will
come upon a human Rabbi who may be either dead or alive and most
vehemently say it is this man Schneerson’s corpse. WHAT
HERESY! Yet many messianic believers not only embrace this
ignorance, but help perpetrate this diabolic antibiblical
insanity. Interestingly, Scnheersons son created an outrage among
the German Ashkenazi Lubavitcha Jewish community because he
converted to Christianity. He was disowned and died in an asylum
because of his faith in Christ.

I wish to add some biblical views on the insane blind and
errant stupidity of much of messianic heresy being endorsed and
propagated by some Christians (for which they will ultimately
give account to God) where they disdain the atoning sacrificial
offering of the Lord Jesus Christ and tread His blood under foot.
Hebrews 10:29 says - "Of how much sorer punishment, suppose
ye, shall he be thought worthy, who hath trodden under foot the
Son of God, and hath counted the blood of the covenant, wherewith
he was sanctified, an unholy thing, and hath done despite unto
the Spirit of grace?
" We can not and dare not add anything
to the truth of redeeming grace and His finished atoning

This diabolic Talmudic doctrine is now so much part of the
church dogma that foolish Christians now feel they have to become
Jewish in order to be better Christians. They need to take a long
hard look at themselves and read what Paul, the greatest Jewish
authority on Judaism, castigated the church about in Galatians.
He asked, "Have you run this race in vain? Did I preach to you in
vain? You same converts who started by faith in Christ now think
you have to return to the law to continue. You are deceived,
beguiled and believe another Gospel!" THE LAW NEVER MADE ANY MAN
PERFECT OR RIGHTEOUS. Foolish Galatians Paul calls them. Why
should we address these heretics any different.

I had an article sent to me presenting the idea that
Christians should turn toward Jerusalem as a sign of reverence
when we approach God in prayers, much like the Muslims do toward
Mecca. What farcical dribble is this? The words of Jesus state we
are not to be concerned any more about the geography of where we
worship and pray, but we are to be more concerned about the
spirit in which we are to worship and pray. Neither in this
mountain or at Jerusalem but the Father seeks such that will
worship Him, that worship in Spirit and in truth. This
foolishness is not according to truth.

Non-biblical Judaism has crept in unawares and strangled the
liberty and faith of true Christianity, but the day is coming
when all of this venom from hell will be disclosed and its
debilitating impact on believers revealed and these false
preachers will be judged for their offence to Christ’s
little ones.

The law could not make any man perfect… Hebrews, states
Jesus removed, (did away with) the first covenant in order to
establish the second covenant. In fact the second one could not
be implemented while the first remained, it had to be annulled so
the second could take effect. Jesus, the giver of this new WILL
AND TESTAMENT, had to die so the new will could be of benefit to
those inheriting the things left to them. A will does not take
effect until the testator has died. The old will is now cancelled
and the new will, implemented. We are to pray that the Jews will
be converted and receive truth by Jesus Christ. We must pray that
they, like all other men come to a knowledge of salvation and
that they will find the path of blessing ordained for them in His
word through the blood of Christ alone. NO MAN COMES TO THE
FATHER EXCEPT THROUGH THE SON and Jews are no exception.

To justify evil and unbiblical dogma is not only wrong it does
despite to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and denigrates the cross,
which is one of the end times prophesy’s stated in
Colossians. Another absurdity is the heresy that Jews already
have redemption in God simply because of their heredity through
Jacob (ISRAEL). What nonsense! Faith was given well before Jacob
(Israel) to Abraham who is the father of those who believe and
the scriptures state we Christians are of faithful Abraham and
heirs of that same promise, not the promise given to Jacob
(ISRAEL). Jacob is the father of the Jews, Abraham is the father
of all who believe.

I have many foolish Christians sending me articles praising
and rejoicing the fact that the Jews have now for the first time,
offered a sacrificial lamb on mount Zion. What absolute heresy!
Should we now endorse and condone a return to blood offering of
bulls and goats, which the Bible tells us could never atone for
man’s sin and is made of no effect? Jesus has annulled the
former covenant to establish the second which is far greater. To
return to the former is a derogative and blasphemous slur against
Christ. Woe to this Pharisaical heresy.

Now I will deal with the Noahide Laws of the Ashkenazi Jewish
Talmud. There are seven of them, each seemingly wise and
consistent with a secure caring social society, but behind them
is an agenda and hidden mandate whereby Pharasaic Talmudic Rabbis
are holding an interpretive sword of judgement over their

These laws are called Noahide law for this simple reason, they
were supposed to have been imposed by God upon earth after the
flood of Noah to procure the continual blessings of the creator
on mankind. Where is this truth stated? Upon digging you find it
is only in the extra biblical books aligned to the BABYLONIAN
TALMUD not the Torah (first five books of the BIBLE). Further,
these seven laws are not obligatory upon Jews, only upon the
Goyim over whom the Jew will rule. All Jews are under the Mosaic
Law which is higher and more charitable and generous than the
Noahide laws. What are these seven laws?

  1. Thou shall not engage in idol worship.
  2. Thou shall not blaspheme God.
  3. Thou shall not shed innocent blood of a human or fetus or
    ailing person who has a limited time to live.
  4. Thou shall not engage in bestial, incestuous, adulterous, or
    homosexual relations nor commit rape.
  5. Thou shall not steal.
  6. Thou shall establish laws and courts to administer the laws,
    including the death penalty for those who kill, administered even
    if there is only one eyewitness.
  7. Thou shall not be cruel to animals.

You could even argue that these laws are reasonable, but when
you dig a little deeper you find the penalty applied to those
Gentiles, NOT JEWS who violate these laws is as follows –
DECAPITATION! - Even when there is only one eyewitness

That is against the Torah, which God Himself wrote in
Deuteronomy 17:6 which requires the testimony of 2 or 3 witnesses
before one can be executed. The last sentence of verse 6
specifically states, "he shall not be put to death on the
evidence of one witness".

One person can accuse a Gentile of violating any of the seven
laws, and that testimony alone is enough to decapitate the
accused. A person therefore, can be put to death for the flimsy
accusation of being cruel to animals, and based on the lying
testimony of one person! Notice there is no assumption of
innocence until proven guilty, nor of the prosecution having to
prove their case. On the accusation of one person, the accused
may be legally decapitated. This should be our first clue that
these seven Noahide Laws are a clever counterfeit of God’s
Ten Commandments.

Unbelievably these laws were PASSED THROUGH THE US CONGRESS
and became Law in the United States of America by the Bush Snr
Administration in 1991. You have to ask yourself how can a
splinter group such as the extreme Hassidic Lubavitcha movement
gain supreme recognition in the USA. The only answer to that is
there must be powerful influences behind the legislators in
passing these bills into law. And you would be exactly right! Go
to and you will see many of the congressmen
and influential senators and leaders of congress are Zionists
(ASHKENAZI JEWISH). Added to this is that most of the US Supreme
Court Justices are Rabbis or Lubavitcha-leaning Talmudist Jews
with Jewish legal degrees, or alternatively Jesuits who are
Illuminists, Masons, or Skull and Bonesmen who follow the same
Luciferic doctrine. Do you know the Ashkenazi Jews are now
demanding the New Testament be outlawed because it is
anti-Semitic and denigrates Jewish Belief. I ask - Where is the
Christian opposition to this outrageous legislation?

Peter-Hans Kolvenbach Superior General of the Society of Jesuits

Peter-Hans Kolvenbach
Superior General of the
Society of Jesuits

The Don Bell Report, Dec 27, 1991 records President
Bush signing into law a Congressional Joint Resolution entitled,
"A Joint Resolution To Designate March 26, 1991, As Education
Day, USA
". This joint resolution became Public Law
This law is very sinister in its implications.
It is typical of the New World Order Planners to mask their true
intentions. Public Law 102-14 states emphatically that all
civilization from the beginning have been based upon a set of
laws entitled "The Seven Noahide Laws". You
probably believed the Holy Bible was the basis upon which
civilization was based, so where did they come from? These seven
supposed universal laws, according to the Encyclopedia Americana,
p. 737, state they are: "A Jewish Talmudic designation
for seven biblical laws given to Adam and to Noah before the
revelation to Moses on Mt. Sinai and consequently, binding upon
all mankind."

These laws originated from the mystic (and Satanic) Babylonian
Talmud, which no Christian should ever accept as inspired sacred
Scripture. In fact, the Talmud is that collection of manmade
interpretations of the Pentateuch against which Jesus opposed so
intensely. The Talmud was taught as being equal with God’s
inspired Word, even though the practical effect of its teachings
were so often the exact opposite of what God had intended. Jesus
called them the traditions of men which nullified the
commandments of God.

John R. Bolton - US Ambassador to the UN

John R. Bolton
US Ambassador to
the UN

Meanwhile Microsoft’s Encarta Encyclopedia 2002 tells us
"Lubavitcha’s are Hassidic Jews of Eastern Europe. In
passages in the books of Maccabees and the Talmud, the term
refers to those who distinguished themselves by intense loyalty
to Jewish law… Hassidic teachings are largely based on
Talmudic and medieval Jewish mysticism (Kabala)." An incredible
deception has taken place before our very eyes. Out of the 39
members of the Bush administration, 35 are all Ashkenazi Jews.
All can be named and verified. Two examples – John Bolton,
the US Ambassador to the UN is Ashkenazi Jew. So is the head of
the World Bank Paul Wolfowitz. The stage is now set for the final
phase and the ENTRY OF FALSE JEWISH MESSIAH. Then the Babylonian
Talmud under the International Criminal Law Court in Jerusalem
will become international law.

Now to the subject of the Merovingian kings of Europe,
otherwise known as the House of Hapsburg. They are all the
European Royal families of German Kazarian descent which are
Ashkenazi Jews. They believe that they descend directly from the
progeny of Jesus and Mary Magdalene hence the term Blue Blooders.

Paul Wolfowitz - President of the World Bank

Paul Wolfowitz
President of the World Bank

They actually believe they are divine heirs and claim a direct
bloodline to God which grants them succession to the throne of
the world in Jerusalem to rule the entire planet. If you think
this is bizarre you are right, but it is absolutely true. Their
ultimate intention is to place an Ashkenazi Jewish heir on the
throne in Jerusalem to rule the world from Zion.

When Michael Baigent and his coauthors were asked to
investigate and write up the history of the Royal houses of
Europe, they stumbled on information which is presented in their
world best seller "Holy Blood, Holy Grail." In their
research they discovered that the so-called Holy Grail was not a
chalice as historically believed but was the symbol of the shape
of a chalice, symbolic of the body of a physical woman who held
the Holy seed within her.

This heretical theory was published many centuries before in
the Gnostic Gospels that attacked the divinity of Christ, written
some say in the 1st century by such men as Simon Magnus or Simon
the Magician as we know him from the book of Acts. He tried to
buy the Holy Spirit’s power, but was refused. History
records he turned away from the gospel in bitterness and tried to
discredit both it and Christ by writing accusative documents
attacking the credibility of the church. Hence the gospel of Mary
Magdalene was part of that attack and the gospel of Judas
Iscariot was another. The Jewish Rabbis and Jesuits are trying to
suggest there is much validity in these Gnostic writings which
need to be accepted and embraced. Only an antichrist spirit would
condone and agree with that reasoning.

But you can see my point I hope. The great deception that is
recorded so emphatically in scriptural prophetic writing is now
in full swing against the church of Christ and Christianity. An
all out broadside attack is upon us and the devil continues
sowing tares while the church sleeps soundly on worldwide. The
final conflict is at hand and the enemy is at the gate. It is
high time to awaken out of sleep.

Finally let me mention the Militant Society of Jesuit. The
title alone should tell us something. It is headed up by a man
known as the Black Pope, because he dresses in total black.
Unlike the White Pope this leader is called the JESUIT Superior
GENERAL. He carries more power than the White Pope and is the
enforcer of Catholic dogma, but all his power exists by being
shrouded in mystery and secrecy.

Most of the fomenters of the French Revolution and the
Inquisition were avowed Illuminist Jesuits. You would be
absolutely amazed if you tracked all the Jesuits to see where
they positioned themselves in politics, having been the influence
and instigators of most conflicts and wars. Adam Weishaupt, a
German Jew was a Jesuit and the one who took the European
Bavarian Illuminati to the USA in 1776. The United States Seal
displays the word MASON on its shield which was created about the
same time. This movement and its association with the Jewish
Babylonian Talmud is tightly woven together with an incestuous
chord aligned with Masonry and Luciferian Illuminism.

A woman most unwisely wrote me accusing me of anti-Semitism
and argued – "Did I not know that God’s wisdom and
blessing is so evident upon the Askenazi Jews that I am
denigrating?" She warned me I was under sentence of judgement
from God, because they have been blessed with so many
achievements and inventions through the industrial age. I say
that is the single most ridiculous theological defence I have
heard, for the following reason - This unsound, unscriptural
proposition forms the basis of the modern WESTERN WORLD’s
materialistic doctrine of prosperity apart from creating the
engine that powers capitalism, fascism, communism and such

Do people not realise blessings from God by way of wisdom and
invention, even miraculous provision gives no assurance at all
that one is walking in the perfect will of God? They just
demonstrate that Gods grace simply uses whom he chooses in spite
of their colour, creed or status. Read the Wilderness journey.
Israel lived 40 years in the supernatural provision and blessing
of God, with food and water provided miraculously by God. Their
clothes and shoes never wore out, yet only 2 made it into the
Promised Land. The blessings of God on a people are absolutely no
sign that He endorses them. Seek the giver and stop concentrating
on the gift.


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