From the Editor

From the Editor


As2007 unfolds before us, a major thrust of visible prophecy
is being fulfilled before our eyes in the realm of Interfaith
Forums and ecumenical action. Truly there has never been a time
like this, when people are literally tripping over each other to
form bonds and association with faiths other than their own. This
is the concerted push "we had to have" if a One World Church was
to be the active and prophesied partner to a One World Government
headed up by the Antichrist, the representation of all that is
anti- Christian. Much of what we have observed in the past 30
years has been weighted toward seeing pieces put into place to
institute a One World Government. While we have seen the rise of
ecumenism and the World Council of Churches in the last few
decades, there has not been the necessary groundswell evident for
us to say that the religious plans of the enemy have kept pace
with the governmental plans. That is no longer so.

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If my mailbox is any example, I am receiving frequent
overtures to be part of Interfaith events, the last being a
personal invitation from the Premier of Queensland, on behalf of
the State Government, to join him in a Multifaith Ceremony at the
Nepalese Peace Pagoda on Australia Day 2007. All I can say is, I
will not be copying PM John Howard’s idolatrous mistake by
entering into the sanctuaries of false religion to worship
foreign gods. Globally, we are witnessing the mind-numbing
interfaith actions of spiritual chameleons like never before.
Jack Van Impe’s new love affair with the Pope after years
of TV vilification is just one example. Dozens more like Rick
Warren, Pat Robertson, and Robert Schuller, are racing to be part
of the "spiritual porneia" love-in!

On a lighter and more positive note, we have arrangements in
the pipeline for 2007 public meetings in other areas. All
subscribers in these places will be advised when we have the
details finalised. For the record, we are hoping to be in
Melbourne late February/Early March; Auckland, NZ in late April;
Gold Coast in August. We are hoping to set up meetings in the UK
after the Israel tour in October, with the possibility of
meetings in Hong Kong/China as well. Please access the public
button on the website for updates.

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