New Zealand’s coast is threatened by giant icebergs
which have become a tourist attraction. Two of the highest
mountains in the world, Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt Kenya, are rapidly
losing their ice caps. The Sea of Galilee is shrinking and the
Dead Sea continues to diminish with its shoreline receding 20
metres every year. NASA has reported that Arctic ice is now
melting 15 times faster than ever before. Reuters reported that
so much ice was melting that new islands were appearing and polar
bears were drowning because they were stranded at sea because of
melting ice.

AP Oct 10-11;
Reuters Sept 15;
London Times Sep 3


Without a doubt, there is little or no discernment among
professing "Christians" anymore! Earlier this year, the Los
Angeles Times featured a story entitled "Converting Video Games
into Instruments of God." In the article, it told about the Tim
LaHaye game called "Left Behind Eternal Forces." Tim LaHaye fully
endorsed this video game saying, "We hope teenagers like the
game; our real goal is to have no one left behind."

The dialogue of the game includes people saying, "Praise the
Lord", as they blow infidels away. The game is described as
follows: "You are on a mission – both a religious mission
and a military mission – to convert or kill Catholics,
Jews, Moslems, Buddhists, gays, and anyone who advocates the
separation of church and state – especially moderate,
mainstream Christians. Your mission is to conduct physical and
spiritual warfare; all who resist must be taken out with extreme
prejudice. You can be the Christians blowing away the infidels,
and if that doesn’t hit your hot button, you can be the
Antichrist blowing away the Christians."

Troy Lyndon, CEO of Left Behind Games, had the following to
say about the bloody aspects of this video game: "The
game’s Christian themes will grab the audience that
didn’t mind the gore in ‘The Passion of the
Christ’ movie."

Los Angeles Times 2006,
by Dawn C. Chmielewski, LA


In September, a teenage Christian girl in Pakistan was beaten
by her Muslim teachers for refusing to remove a cross. Kiran
Shahzadi was rebuked for wearing the cross and was ordered to
remove it from her neck. She refused, saying the "cross is our
Christian religious symbol so I cannot remove it." Her teacher
began beating Kiran, then took her to the head teacher who also
mistreated her. The cross was pulled from her neck and thrown in
the rubbish bin. Kiran was then made to stand in the scorching
sun for several hours without water until she fainted.

Barnabas Fund
Oct 06


New and emerging churches are popular with young people and
"nature religions" as well as Scientology are growing strongly, a
study shows. Monash university academic Professor Gary Bouma, in
his book Australian Soul : Religion and Spirituality in the
Twenty-first Century, says young people are flocking to new and
emerging mega-churches, such as those of Christian Pentecostals,
engaging in energetic forms of worship that he calls "spiritual
aerobics." This was despite Australians not being as religious as
Americans and generally being sceptical of US-style evangelism.
Professor Bouma said belief in religion was growing and 74.7% of
people identified themselves with a religious group.

Patterns of belief are also increasingly diverse. The number
of people who align themselves with other religions is up 33% on
5 years ago. Among the religions on the rise are Buddhism (up 79%
since 1979), Islam (40%), Hinduism (42%), and Pentecostalism
(11%) Nature religions, including Wicca and witchcraft, HAD GROWN
BY 130%, and Scientology had 37% more followers.

Courier Mail
29 Nov 2006


Britain has become an unhappy place as a result of
multiculturalism and Government policy of open doors to
Commonwealth members in past years. London has nearly 700,000
Muslim residents with the total number of Muslims in Britain
nearly 2 million. Surveys show that rather than integrate into
Britain, 36% of Muslims say modern British values threaten their
Islamic way of life, and 27% feel conflict between loyalty to
fellow Muslims and to Britain. Only a small portion are willing
to identify themselves as British.

This showed when a Muslim policeman, Alexander Omar Basha,
failed in his duty and in his allegiance to his country of
residence by refusing to serve in the Metropolitan Police
Diplomatic Protection Unit currently guarding London’s
Israeli Embassy because of the "Israeli bombing campaign in
Lebanon that caused the deaths of over 1000 Muslims." He was
excused guard duty by his superiors. No comment has been made as
to whether someone informed him as to who started the

Daily Telegraph,
Oct 2006


Council tax bills will more than double under a labour plan to
link the charge with house prices. A 1% tax on the value of all
homes will add £2000 annually to the average bill, with
middle income families hardest hit.

Daily Express
Nov 2006