Project Megiddo

Project Megiddo

Project Megiddo

This article
bears the actual code name given by the US
Government and the FBI to another clandestine US Government

Before I begin to expose Project Megiddo, first let me explain
some background to the name ‘Meggido’. This a Hebrew
name for the Valley of Megiddo more commonly known as the Valley
of Armageddon. The very name Armageddon breeds a sense of ominous
foreboding, as it is the very place where the Bible states the
last battle will be fought on earth before God Himself comes at
the consummation of all things.

There have been movies made about Armageddon, as well as books
written on the subject, all based in name on a vast plain in
Israel, many square miles in area, where the terrain is conducive
to armed and military warfare. The name is normally used in such
a way as to convey with it a major crisis or the ultimate
confrontation. It is synonymous with the term apocalypse, and
without doubt conveys the idea of global conflict of a
cataclysmic nature bringing about great annihilation.

This then causes us to ask why the F.B.I. would want to use a
word like that to express a plan they have, or more to the point,
why would they even allow that sort of terminology to be used
when many believe it to be mystical and mythological. The reason
is sobering. They see a time in the future where there will be a
confrontation on the globe comparable to that biblical scenario,
and have made preparations for it when it comes about. This is no
myth, nor is it imagination, but absolute reality. This
government project is created and drawn up with very definite
guidelines for implementation when the need arises. Furthermore,
the fact that it is an F.B.I project, puts it directly in the
enforcement and law and order section of governmental policy

Project Megiddo is a strategic plan for the containment and
control of citizens in a time of international uprising, and is
designed to police and constrain society at all levels. Many of
the articles that I have written about are not figments of my
imagination nor are they assessments of exaggeration, they are
based on actual government documents passed into legislation
either overt or covert by Government agencies and I have the
documents in full text to prove it. Space in this magazine does
not permit me to reproduce the full documentation.

Many top scientists and the like have gone public on many of
these experiments and have devoted their lives to the exposure of
this corruption. These are people like scientist David Kelly who
mysteriously committed suicide over the "yellow cake" affair in
London, and the ex-signals office Secret Service man in Australia
that exposed criminal violation of the Geneva treaty on treatment
of prisoners of war by Australian soldiers in Iraq, that John
Howard so vehemently denied. The Bible itself says that evil will
be exposed. You can only hide the truth for a little while and it
will arise like sin to the surface. But society has a habit of
refusing to believe the obvious even when it stares them in the
face, and to justify the ignorance concerning them, file these
events as conspiracy theories. Like all the neo-cons, they feed
us our crumbs and we politely say thank you and go on about our
lives while they condition us to believe what they want us to

Project Meggido has some very nasty and sinister sections to
it. One such section deals with the problem of the resistance of
religious conservatives in times of crisis. They have now moved
from maintaining law and order to the place of dictating law and
order. Now, under the guise of dealing with the threat of
terrorism, they are recruiting Pastors all around the world to
become the herders of human cattle and pacifiers of the populace,
for the moment when they deem it right to introduce Martial Law
for the dictatorial control of citizens. Many Pastors are going
along with it, and becoming agents for the government on their

This is what Project Meggido is all about. It was particularly
drawn up around the introduction of the 21st century in response
to the religious extremists that they anticipated would attempt
to overthrow established government. Training and preparation
involves gun control, and going into interpretations of the
Bible’s apocalyptic religious beliefs and the significance
of prophecy regarding Israel. It looks at the different sections
of Biblical Christianity and then addresses many of the cults and
other offshoots of belief. It deals with the Book of Revelation
and points out how Federal Government in many countries is always
viewed as the enemy and sometimes seen as Satan to the common

In an intense secular study of the Book of Revelation, it
teaches how people understand Bible numerics, teaches on the
ancient cults and instructs on Biblical prophecy concerning
Babylon and the symbolism used there. Documents mention the
United States of America is seen as the modern Babylon and is
hated as such. The entire project is directed against Christian
fundamentalism, which is considered extremist and not one mention
is made accusatively of other religious extremism until the very
last chapter where the emphasis is again slanted at Christians,
warning that they may create an apocalyptic confrontation on the
Al Aqsa mosque or in the city of Jerusalem etc. It states they
have a particular concern that Islam would be attacked in some
way by Christians and that Islam could retaliate making this
apocalyptic cataclysm reality, so order must be enforced..

It opposes any one and anything that in any way suggests there
is a New World Order coming and makes mention of the insanity of
such people who stir up reaction and resistance who support this
idea. The document deems them to be psychopathic. It states their
main concern is that extremist Christian groups will attempt to
hasten the coming of Christ in seeing these times to be what they
consider and believe to be Biblical end times thereby creating
Armageddon. A simple step then, in understanding why this project
carries the title ‘Project Megiddo’.

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