13 Bloodline Families of the Illuminati – Part 2

13 Bloodline Families of the Illuminati - Part 2

13 Bloodline Families of the Illuminati - Part 2

In this continuation of Part 1 featured in our last issue, I
plan to identify the 13 families who presently hold a large part
of the world’s wealth, but more importantly, the power that
goes with it, and how it is being used to introduce a New World
Order. This does not mean to say that these are the only players
– far from it. Many other families of great wealth have
allied themselves to the 13 without going to the extent of
intermarriage. I mention this because intermarriage and changing
names has been a deliberate strategy amongst the elite and the
Illuminati to conceal their influence and their control.

One thing we must keep in mind is that the Illuminati and the
powerful families of world banking are one and the same. It was
the Illuminati themselves who made the decision to invest their
future into 13 bloodlines, a number which they see as magical.
These were to become the generational satanic families. This
group of 13, as mentioned in Part 1, is not static, but fluid,
due to the ongoing power struggles within the hierarchy itself.
As best as one can ascertain, the current list of 13 families is
as follows, together with a brief, pen-portrait of each

William Avery Rockefeller

William Avery Rockefeller


William Avery Rockefeller, who died in 1906, was an immoral
and corrupt man who practised magick and the occult. He was a
bigamist, who escaped jail by fleeing New York after being
charged with rape. It was from this man’s ill-gotten wealth
that the Rockefeller dynasty began. The Rockefellers now own
Chase Manhattan Bank, Standard Oil, Texas Instruments, General
Electric, Eastman Kodak, and control Delta Airlines, to name a

David Rockefeller was chairman of the Council of Foreign
relations and is part of the management of Lucis Trust, which is
a well-known promoter of One World Religion/government under a
New Age umbrella. Of perhaps the greatest significance of all,
the Rockefellers were involved in the creation of the FBI, which
has continually been a tool of power for the Illuminati.


The Astor’s arrived in the USA with a German Masonic
heritage. They have played major roles in organisations such as
the Hellfire Club, CFR, Bilderbergers, Club of Rome, Fabian
Society and Skull & Bones to name some. It was assessed that
in 1890, the Astor’s owned 5% of ALL New York Real Estate.
It is no coincidence that 9 of the 13 Bloodline families of the
Illuminati were mentioned in the book Dope Inc., as being
involved in drug trafficking. One of these is the Astor


Yes, we are speaking here of the infamous Russell family of
Jehovah’s Witness fame(?) Charles Taze Russell was a
Freemason, occultist, and part of the satanic elite, who owned
silver and gold mines and large tracts of real estate. The
Russell family has strong links with B’nai B’rith.
Russell was the first Zionist in America and was strongly
supported financially by B’nai B’rith, the
Rothschilds and the Freemasons. While the Russells are not per
se, a banking family they are Illuminists to the core.

Li Ka-Shing

Li Ka-Shing

4 LI

The Li family controls Hong Kong and the Triads run Hong Kong.
The Triads are an occult fraternity, far bigger than Freemasonry,
but less wellknown. They have close connections to the
Illuminati. Li Ka-shing is the billionaire, de facto ruler of
Hong Kong. He is a major leader in the occult world. The elite
made room for the Li’s to open Li Commercial Bank in New
York, probably as a reward for General Li Mi, and his successor,
Li Wen-huan, having begun the poppy growing fields in the Golden
Triangle to produce the drugs marketed by the other top
Illuminati families.


In recent history, two Bundy brothers held the key positions
of control over all information that was fed to Presidents
Kennedy and Johnson. The family have a long history of connection
with the world of occult and NWO organisations.

Frederick Bundy was initiated into Skull and Bonnes in 1921.
Harvey Bundy was initiated in 1909. Harry W Bundy was a Satanist
and Chief Adept of the Rosicrucians. McGeorge Bundy, initiated
into Skull & Bones in 1940 is a member of CFR and the
Bilderbergers. William Putnam Bundy, a 1939 S&B inductee,
edits the Council of Foreign relations magazine, Foreign Affairs,
and is a permanent member of the Bilderbergers steering
committee. He is a partner in the law firm which represents many
of the Illuminati elite.

Aristotle Onassis

Aristotle Onassis


Aristotle Onassis died in 1975 and his heir preceded him in
death in 1973. The world’s oil was totally an Illuminati
monopoly by 1928, and Onassis was Illuminati to the core. During
the 1950’s he bought 17 new tankers and made his fortune.
The book Trading with the Enemy, published in 1983 exposed how
the elite secretly kept Hitler going by supply- ing him. Onassis,
Rockefeller, Kennedy and Getty made huge profits as a result.
This permission was legally given by Henry Morganthau, secretary
of the Treasury.


An extremely rich and secretive family whose business
interests are now global, with family links involved in the thick
of Satanism and witchcraft. John E Du Pont, heir to the family
fortune, and a member of Bohemian Grove, gained notoriety by
shooting his homosexual lover in 1994. Du Pont companies are
being used to promote NWO, and have been involved in New Age
subversion of their employees, asking them to undergo training as


Having dealt with this family specifically in recent issues of
the Omega Times, they will not be unknown to our readers. The
zealousness of the Rothschild’s to preserve the bloodlines
is seen by the fact that Mayer Amschel Rothschild contracted 18
marriages of his grandchildren and 16 of those were to first
cousins! The original Rothschild had demanded in his will that
all his male descendants would continue in the practice of
incest! This has since been a tradition in the family.

The Rothschilds have been involved in witchcraft and
bankrolled the Illuminati at its conception. The red hexagram is
the family’s symbol, (Rot–schild = red shield) which
points to Jewish Cabbalism & luciferian ideals. It therefore
is no surprise to find that the Rothschilds are deep into
freemasonry, with James Rothschild a 33° Scottish Rite

Joseph Patrick Kennedy

Joseph Patrick Kennedy


Joseph Patrick Kennedy was John F Kennedy’s father. He
was part of the Illuminati being a member of the Pilgrim Society
which ranked him as a 6 degree Illuminist.

A book called The Widow’s Son – the Historical
Illuminatus Chronicles, written by practising pagans Robert Anton
Wilson and Robert Shea, tells of the Kennedy’s having an
important bloodline connection to the Illuminati going back to
Brian Caeneddi, the first Kennedy.

Intermarriage and change of surname has blurred the lines as
to unravelling the Kennedy connection, but their links with the
drug trade and the Knights of Malta is not contested. Meyer
Lansky, one of the most infamous names in "mob" crime was a
business partner with Joseph Linsey, who in turn was a crime
business partner of Joseph Kennedy.


Individuals named Freeman as members of Skull & Bones, of
the ADL and satanic covens. Some have authored occult books. Two
Freemans have been very important advisors to American

Stephen Freeman runs the Legal Affairs dept. of the Civil
Rights Division of the Anti-Defamation League, which is an
offshoot of B’nai B’rith. Illuminati drug money
helped fund this organisation. The most important Freeman
however, is Gaylord Freeman, who was the late Grand Master of the
Prieure de Sion (Priory of Zion), the secret organisation who
supposedly guards the Holy Grail.


The Collins family was brought into the hierarchy because they
were so powerful magically. The Rothschilds have the financial
power, but the Collins family has been very powerful witches.
Women are spiritually very powerful in the Illuminati, and some
women in the Illuminati are very important in planning and making
the rituals successful.


As mentioned before, the 13 are in a state of flux, due to
infighting and changing fortunes. We know that the final
positions are held by two of the above three names.

The Reynolds family, famous as Tobacco merchants, are
connected to CFR, 33° Masonry, and Knights Templar. They are
involved in the drug trade, and some family members have written
occult books.

Krupps are a family of German industrialists with powerful
Illuminati bloodlines. The Krupps raised Hitler to power and
became notorious for starving and beating slaves in their

factories during WW2.

The Van Duyns are connected to the Dutch East and West India
Companies. Information on this family is sketchy, but defectors
from the Illuminati who have converted to Christianity, confirm
their part in the Illuminati bloodline.

There is no doubt that there is a mine of information still to
be found, assessed, collated and assimilated on this intriguing
yet sobering commentary on the secret powerbrokers of this world
and their hidden agendas. As we come across it, we will publish
it in future issues. The wonderful thing that keeps us in hope
and faith as we see this world descend into the pattern of
behaviour of this world’s god, is the fact that for the
Christian, we know who has the victory!