Christian God is not Islam’s God

Christian God is not Islam's God

Christian God is not Islam's God

An Anglican prelate recently appeared on TV saying that
Christians should work toward embracing those in the Muslim faith
because we BOTH WORSHIP THE SAME GOD! It is a fallacy to think
that God who is truth would send Gabriel, the angel of truth and
knowledge, to give the Koran to Muhammad whose life was
characterized by lies, violence and deception.

The difference between Jehovah’s followers and his
opponents is always characterized by the analogy of sheep and
goats and Jehovah is not a God of goats. Satyrs are linked with
Satan the enemy of God, and satyrs are the cloven-hoofed demons
associated with the underworld. They are always depicted as goats
or fallen angels.

Satanism also uses its symbolism of goats as being the chief
of the spirit world. Azazel is the angel mentioned throughout the
books of Enoch and Jubilees as the chief angel or Son of God that
rebelled and came down to earth bringing violence and

Azazel is the demon of violence…sounds like Islam
doesn’t it? Regardless of vilification laws, it’s the
truth! Furthermore, Azazel is the God or chief of fawns eg. baby
goats (falsity= to fawn is to put up a false image to deceive
some one) or of Satyrs (goats). It’s interesting to note
that the angels on the shield of the Queen of England’s
Coat of Armour or shield relating to the ORDER OF THE GARTER
which she is head over, (this a Masonic shield) shows cloven
footed angels, fawns or satyrs. They are devils from the
underworld not angels.

In Leviticus 16 verses 5-10 the Bible makes mention of the two
goats of offering. On of these is called the scapegoat which in
Hebrew is ‘Azazel.’ Azazel means - Aze - to fail or
disappear, and el - God, hence a god that fails when relied upon
and one that deceives leaving the innocent to face the
consequences from the evil of the guilty.

The scapegoat as he is called in Leviticus was to be offered
by Aaron on the day of Atonement. The lots were cast on the two
goats. One was to be set aside for Jehovah and called the Goat of
Jehovah upon whom that lot fell. The other upon whom the lot fell
was set aside for Azazel and called the Goat of Azazel, the goat
representing Azazel. By way of reference the Azazel goat was set
free and Jehovah’s goat died. This is exactly what happened
to Jesus 2000 years ago. The book of Hebrews records how the
innocent died instead of the guilty and the guilty went free. The
just died for the unjust.

Azazel is also known as the angel of the abyss in the book of
Revelation and is there called Abbadon (Heb) or Apollyon (Gk)
which means the destroying one. He is depicted in occultist
terminology as the grim reaper or angel of death, destruction or

In Satanism Azazel is pictured as being half man half goat,
half man half woman, half man half God, both black and white good
and evil being the characterization of benevolence when good is
necessary and evil when deception or fawning is needed. He is
drawn as being both black and white and he is the demon invoked
by witches when inside the circled pentagram. Azazel is the goat
depicted in the outline of the five pointed star shaped as the
goats head.

Ancient Babylon from where all this demonic symbolism started
was built by Nimrod who set himself up as God of mankind and has
been worshipped along with his so-called Goddess wife Semiramis
(Assyrian) Asteroth, Astarte (Phoenician), Diana (GK or Roman),
or Isis (Egyptian) alternatively Ishtar. All these male and
female gods and goddesses are linked to the occultic Azazel and
mystical sexual demigods. They are further categorized by the so
called Greek mythology of the Titans, fallen angels or Nephilim
as recorded in Genesis 6.

Babili was the ancient title of Babylon, which means
‘gateway of the gods’ and here began the religious
process of facing and praying toward the east. All this
historical demonism began in ancient Mesopotamia (Babylon) and
has been carried down through time by various peoples such as the
Ashkenazi non-Jew and its modern offshoot Masonry along with all
the counter Christian cultures and religions.

Rev 18:2 And he cried out with a mighty voice saying
, fallen is Babylon the great. And she (note
the feminine Goddess title) has become the dwelling place of
demons and a prison of every unclean spirit and a prison of every
unclean and HATEFUL bird.

In the book entitled The Last Of The Giants written George
Otis Jnr under the chapter 5 heading… "By The Rivers of
Babylon" on page 103 forward ….he talks about Iraq (and as
is historically established) being the cra dle of civilization
and the Garden of Eden. Romans chapter one confirms how the
ancients’ worshipped creatures turning them into Gods
rather than worship Jehovah God himself. All this stemmed from

This is the seed bowl of every antibiblical and antagonistic
doctrine against Jehovah, Islam included.

It is interesting to note that where man’s creation,
communion with God, and the fall of man took place, the area
became the most demonically inspired and possessed geography on
earth, from whence every diabolic opposition to truth, justice
and decency has taken root. It is an offence to Christ to suggest
that Jehovah and Allah are the same deities.

Remember that Islam worships a crested moon God. George Otis
jnr continues, …."in the modern towns of Mosil and Lalish
in Iraq are the Yezidi people. They number around 150,000 and
believe that the original angel involved in creation was a chief
angel called Azazel, not Lucifer, and the name Satan is banned
among their vocabulary as his name is not to be uttered. He is
known by his more acceptable title as Melech Taus the Peacock
God. He appeared in person and instituted this form of Islam and
minaret establishment for the subjugation of mankind to

Here is a quote from their sacred book Meshaf Resh (The Black
Book). "Neither is it permitted to us to pronounce the name of
Satan because it is the name of our God."

King Ahab and Amram were of us, so that they used to call the
God of Ahab, Beelzebub…. We had a king in Babel whose name
was Nebuchadnezzar…. And Ahasuerus in Persia.

The Ancient God of Mesopotamia particularly Ur Of the Chaldees
where Abraham was called out was a God called ‘Sin’
who was the supreme God with a nickname entitled "The Controller
Of the Night." He was called the moon god whose symbol was a
crested moon.

It is also a fact that the Palestinian revolutionary army
published a postage stamp collection depicting the Babylonian
Gods, Marduk and Baal, as the God of Islam and power behind
Islam’s crested moon and its acceptability of violence as a
justifiable means to enforce its mandate.

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