Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


I apologise for taking up so much of your time, but further to
my previous 2 emails which read in part … "To the ancient
Masonic priesthood this was their sign that the New World Order
plan was set in motion but was God’s confirmation to
Christians that the Antichrist was in place." After I sent you
the email I had a revelation – Could April 1986 have been
the day that the Antichrist was born into the world, and as I
have read many times that the Antichrist likes to mimic God,
could it be that the Antichrist will come into power at about the
age of 30 to about 33½ years of age just like Jesus did?
That would make it the year 2016. Interesting thought!

LM, Victoria

The year 2016 is also brought up by certain numeric
indicators. The way things are going, it seems hard to believe
that the world can continue without God’s intervention much
beyond this date. -Ed


Reading your Feb 2007 issue, I refer to the article "Israel
and the Church" written by Mr David Silver, the head of Out of
Zion ministries and in particular to his statement "Even as late
as 1967, there was never any talk of a Palestinian state or a
Palestinian people." This statement is false and a distortion of
history and does not help the credibility of Christians when
viewed by others. Christianity, and for that matter Israel may
need the support of all Christians but God does not require us to
distort the truth in order to deceive the less conversant

After WW1, the ME was divided among the allies. To Britain
fell the lot of the present Iraq, Jordan and Israel. Jordan and
Israel together were called Palestine, reviving the old
name…adopted by the Romans in the 2nd century AD after the
Bar Kochba revolt. Later Palestine was divided into Trans Jordan
and Palestine, both being independent Arab countries. It was this
Palestine that was lost to the Jews and it was these Palestinians
that are fighting to get their land back.

I was born in ME and do remember the Arab nation of Palestine
in which the Jews were a very small minority and the speeded up
migration of the Jewish people to Palestine just prior to 1948. I
also remember the defeated Palestinians being stranded in ME and
their commitment, aided and abetted by other Arab countries, to
remain refugees living in tents as they always had the
determination to return to Palestine which they had lost to the
new nation of Israel. These facts are recorded history and an
esteemed magazine like yours which preaches the truth should be
well aware of.

Emanuel Kanna

We will refer your email to David Silver for comment.