The Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project

The Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project

The Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project

This experiment
carried out by the US Military is bizarre to
say the least, and what one would expect to appear out of the
pages of science fiction. Surprisingly, the facts have been kept
well hidden and buried from public eyes. Most movie goers will
recognize the title, as Hollywood made a movie about it. Why does
no one protest or demand the Government separate fact from
fiction regarding these weird, covert experiments on people?
It’s because few challenge issues, and still fewer want

The Philadelphia Experiment was an actual, highly classified
military project conducted on USS Eldridge, a battleship within
the sealed port of Philadelphia Harbour. It was an attempt to
make the ship invisible in a time warp. The research involved the
new science of quantum physics. Keep in mind this was the
1940’s. Who would have thought they were working on this
capability as far back as that.

Wisdom and hindsight demands the exposure of military interest
in immature sciences so that we can question their capabilities
now. However, you would be surprised, nothing is revealed by
Hollywood that is not on drawing boards or in arsenals funded by
US covert black budgets and overseen by the military industrial

Studying the history of many science fiction writers like
George Orwell, Arthur C Clarke and H G Wells, you find much of
their speculation then is now not only achievable, but
operational. Many of these men were involved in occult secret
societies, linked to New World Order ideals whose sole objective
was the subjugation of humanity for servitude to the elite. They
unashamedly and without fear promoted and espoused Fabian
socialist ideals. For proof, read ‘Animal Farm’,
‘1984’, and the ‘Island of Dr

Check the facts. Many of these visionaries were commissioned
to remotely view the future for the military industrial
complex’s forward strategic planning and future weaponry
arsenal. Remember when Jesus was referring to this apocalyptic
age He prophesied that except those days be shortened no flesh
would be left alive.


In July 1943, the destroyer U.S.S. Eldridge docked in Delaware
Bay for a scientific experiment involving military invisibility.
The official name was Project Rainbow, better known as the
Philadelphia Experiment. Records abound about the legendary
experiment, but deliberate misinformation from the secret
Intelligence community has distorted the facts. Therefore
separating truth from fantasy has become very difficult. That it
took place has never been in question - the classified detail
concerning it however, has.

After the test was completed, secrecy and denial buried what
happened in Delaware Bay. It is clear a major scientific
breakthrough transpired. The ship was transported through space
and time, disappearing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and
reappearing in Norfolk, Virginia.

The "Official" Navy Record admits the U.S.S. Eldridge
experiments involved wrapping wire around its hull to erase
magnetic fields from the metal ship. This is known as degaussing
- rendering a ship "invisible" to underwater magnetic mines that
rely on proximity sensors. These sensors detect magnetic fields
and trigger detonation without which ships would otherwise remain

Many scientists believe the Navy succeeded, suggesting the
Eldridge was equipped with high frequency generators, which
heated the surrounding air creating a mirage, and visual
illusion. Certain weather conditions can replicate this natural
phenomenon. High frequency generators seriously harm wellbeing,
especially at close range. These theories however don’t
explain how the U.S.S. Eldridge was seen in Norfolk, Virginia by
the crew of SS Andrew Furuseth, after having disappeared in


The most interesting theory is that the destroyer did in fact
disappear, teleported across space and time. A great number of
top scientists (including Tesla and Einstein) were involved. The
theory they followed states that light bent around objects makes
them invisible. So the Navy wrapped the ship’s
circumference in wire, passing measured current through it,
creating a huge oscillating magnet forming a field around the
ship, bending light. The physics involved Einstein’s
Unified Field Theory, which says that bending light may also bend
space and time simultaneously.

The first test left the imprint of the boat’s hull in
the water. The second, had the boat disappearing from Norfolk,
Virginia in a green fog, and reappearing in Philadelphia. All
aboard were disoriented, some insane, some on fire, and others
never returned. Some of those that did return did so with their
bodies embedded in the hull and superstructure. Later accounts,
reported by a local newspaper, told of crewmen involved in a bar
fight, where all the participants froze in time! The real truth
behind this project may never be known.

The results of the experiments proved far different and more
dangerous than the Navy expected. While the story itself seems
too bizarre to be true, far too many coincidences and testimonies
occurred for it to be discounted. The technical evidence
presented holds far too much credence to be ignored.

Stories surrounding the beginnings of this infamous experiment
start in the 1930’s when Nikolai Tesla participated with a
group who was researching moving through the Time/Space

Simultaneously, Chicago University investigated potential
invisibility via electrical fields. In 1939 this project moved to
Princeton’s Institute of Advanced Studies near
Philadelphia, and there they made small objects invisible. The
technology drew Government and military interest, and World War 2
demanded its pursuit. Tesla concluded with Einstein, that this
technology, if developed, would have sinister ramifications.

In 1943 the Government experimented with animals on a ship.
The ship was USS Eldridge. Animals caged on deck became invisible
but when they materialized many were missing while others were
burnt by radiation. Humans were not to be tested, yet USS
Eldridge’s full crew reportedly underwent the Philadelphia
experiment. The generators ignited and the ship disappeared.
Substantial evidence notes October 28 as the day. Scientists
state it warped through space and time reappearing four hours
later in its original place. Many witnesses placed it in Norfolk
Harbor. Others say it voyaged 40 years into the future at
Montauk, New York. Officials denied all, saying crews disappeared
at sea.

Carlos Miguel Allende was born May 31, 1925 outside
Pennsylvania. In July 1942, he joined the Marines but was
discharged May 21 1943 (from the book The Philadelphia
Experiment, pg 99). He then entered the Merchant Marines, joining
SS Andrew Furuseth where he swears he and others saw the Eldridge
appear, transported instantaneously to Norfolk from Philadelphia
and back again. Researching further, he uncovered extremely
unusual details about the project and summarised this information
in a letter to astronomer Dr Morris K Jessup, which was oddly
written with unusual capitalization, punctuation, and

Allende revealed horrifying details to Dr Jessup, who replied
requesting more detail. The return address on the letter never
existed according to mail services, yet Allende received
Jessup’s reply. Allende’s letters continued but
eventually stopped as Jessup thought it a hoax. During
Jessup’s and Allende’s exchange, Jessup published a
book titled ‘The Case for UFO’s.’ The Navy
received a copy with hand-written notes inside the book. The
writing was identical to the letters sent to Jessup who was asked
by the Navy to view them. Jessup recognized the writing, but was
disturbed, and he concluded Allende fraudulent. The notes were
more detailed than the letters and highly insightful.

Jessup reopened the investigation. Two crewmen in a park were
approached by a disheveled man recounting a farfetched encounter
about sailors dying or suffering terrible reactions. He told of
Government people pronouncing the entire crew insane. One of the
crewmen contacted Jessup relaying this story.

Although significant, gradually Jessup’s reputation in
the scientific community dissipated. Facing ridicule and
oppression, Jessup committed suicide April 20, 1959, some saying
he was assassinated by Government agencies. Sadly, further facts
surfaced after his death through a man by the name of Alfred D.
Bielek. Bielek’s story is more bizarre than
Allende’s. He claimed he was transported to the future and
brainwashed by the Navy into believing he was Alfred Bielek,
rather than his true identity, Edward Cameron.

Discovering these things, he then traced his brother who also
participated in the experiment. Few believe Bielek, but most
think his story is fragmented truth. Bielek a Physics Ph.D. with
thirty years electrical engineering expertise can not be entirely
discounted. Bielek stated that Einstein, John von Neumann, and
Tesla were involved in the experiment.

Tesla’s participation is questioned, dying in New York
January 7, 1943, only months later. Einstein often suggested such
a project to the Navy therefore, he was probably involved. No
evidence substantiates Von Neumann’s involvement though he
did continue the experiment.

The Unified Field Theory states gravity and magnetism are
connected, just as mass and energy are, through the formula
E=mc2. Einstein supposedly never solved this theory, but the very
nature of the Philadelphia Experiment (using this principle)
suggests otherwise.

Sparse factual technical data exists regarding the
Philadelphia Experiment, but Tesla coils placed each side of the
ship pulsated in sequence producing powerful magnetic fields
warping gravity itself. Bielek claimed the oscillator which ran
the coils, looked like field kitchen refrigeration units. Some
say that’s exactly what they were, a con. Bielek however,
gave it a technical name – "Zero Time Reference Generator."
Unfortunately, Bielek provided almost no accurate usable
technical information.

Rick Anderson states oscillators synchronized with adjustable
phase angles created scalar waves. Four phased RF transmitters
produced rotating fields, pulsed at 10% duty cycles, were
positioned on deck run by two generators pulsed in a counter-
clockwise motion. He states Tesla coils use 1.42 miles of #16
magnetic wires, therefore they are too expensive for private
experiments requiring special winding.

Some believe Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and the Philadelphia
Experiment were connected. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance or Magnetic
Resonance Imaging (MRI) producing thermal fields could cause the
optical mirage several witnesses reported. Allende spoke of a
‘scorch’ field, fire, and optical wavering, all
results of thermal fields.

All agreed a green haze obscured much; the only visible shape
was Eldridge’s hull in the water. All confirmed Eldridge
never functioned properly again. Lastly, all concluded the crew
experienced bizarre fates. Allende, Bielek and others, stated
matter itself changed. Men walked through solid objects till
fields ceased, embedding men in bulkheads, floors and impaling
them on ships railings, a horrendous sight.

Sailors went crazy subsequently raiding a bar, and
traumatizing a barmaid with their story. Allende states, a
newspaper reported the raid, but this remains unverified. Some
crew retained sanity, only to meet worse fates. One man sat down
with wife and child to eat, arose from the table, walked through
a wall and never returned. Two others vanished never seen again,
another vanished while fighting. Many witnessed these

Bizarre reports record men getting ‘stuck’,
becoming invisible, unable to move, speak, or interact with
others for periods of time. Allende documented in letters to Dr
Jessup (Philadelphia Experiment 42) that this mentally
destructive "freeze" could last minutes or hours. To reverse the
"freeze" other crew placed hands on them, imparting strength. One
"placing hands" case recorded two men combusting spontaneously,
with burning for eighteen days unable to be quenched
(Philadelphia Experiment 44). Some were frozen for days
completely aware but unable to communicate or interact with
others. Men in "freeze" were only seen by other crew.

Rick Anderson uncovered research stating, "freezing" is the
Zeeman Effect, defined as spreading out of spectral lines of
atoms under the influence of a strong magnetic field. Allende
stated "further experiments would produce controlled transport of
great tonnages at ultra-fast speeds to desired points

Congress reviewed a full naval experimental report and was so
horrified they disbanded the project. Yet research continued
under "Montauk Project", a.k.a. "Phoenix Project", headed by Von
Neumann, centering round neurological reactions to
interdimensional travel. It took place at the Brookhaven National
Laboratories. Von Neumann linked computers with human minds and
was apparently successful beyond imagination. Using this
computer-human link he could affect others minds and was
eventually able to open a time vortex back to 1943 to the
Philadelphia Experiment.

He even made claims that the mind could create matter at any
point in time. He also claimed to have sent a man named Preston
B. Nichols through two times lines, a fact which was actually
confirmed by Duncan Cameron in 1985 (Montauk). Cameron was
trained by the National Security Agency, so his testimony is
valid. Many people believe that the Montauk Project is continuing

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