The Vatican made its statement just a month ago regarding the
fact that the Catholic Church is the ‘one true
church’ and others who name themselves Christian are not
‘full churches’ and suffer from a ‘wound’
in not recognising the Pope’s primacy.

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This was the opening I was looking for. When I completed the
series "Confronting the Cults" some three issues back,
the Catholic Church was not included. I didn’t feel to
investigate the operations, doctrine and history of Catholicism
at that time. Now the gauntlet has been thrown down, and I am
more than happy to pick it up. Over the next three issues I will
document a file on the Catholic Church that would leave no jury
in doubt, of the guilt of this system in being far removed from
the path that Jesus directed us to walk on 2000 years ago.

The problem is not the people – it’s the system.
Jesus loves and we love every Catholic believer dearly.
Unfortunately they are caught up in mixture, and only the Lord
can bring the release.

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