I am writing this having just concluded our Omega Times Annual
Conference on the Gold Coast. Looking back over the material that
Brian and I shared, there is no doubt that we are slipping into
the most deceptive, dangerous and demonic time in human history.
It doesn’t seem to matter where one looks, whether it be
into politics, religion, economics, or education for example, but
with just a little bit of digging, we find the darkest of dark
forces operating to wreck and undermine the Judeo-Christian

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These are truly the perilous times of the last days that Paul
had in mind when he wrote to Timothy. The thing that staggers us
here at Omega more than any other thing, is the way the Church
has been almost totally deceived as to the times and the seasons
of God’s prophetic clock. The vast majority of Churches and
their leaders now have no time for the end times message and like
ostriches with their head in the sand, are totally ignoring the
prophetic part of the Word of God.

Success motivation, psychology, seeker-friendly and
purpose-driven are the new mantras of the 21st century Church.
The spirit of deception has been applied like a vast blanket over
Christianity. There is no voice, except the voice of the
antichrist hordes who would have both Israel and Christianity

Thank God for the watchmen and the intercessors who are awake
to this onslaught of the enemy. However, a reversal may be
impossible – things have simply gone too far. Our great
comfort then, is the words that Jesus spoke in Luke 21:28 –
"Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift
up your heads, because your redemption draws near."