The Abolition of Britain – Part 2

The Abolition of Britain - Part 2

The Abolition of Britain

Fifty years ago Britain’s greatest threat might have
been violence or mugging. Now the greatest threat to British
economic well being, its way of life, freedom and the very
existence of the nation, is the enemy within –
Britain’s own elected Government.

The only hope for Britain to exist is to repeal the British
Constitution so politicians can never hijack the nation again.
Every Parliamentary Bill, after its Second Reading, should come
down to the people, to vote yes or no as to whether the Queen
should give it Royal Assent.

This will take power away from the destructive politicians and
return it to the people, where it belongs. (They do this in
Switzerland – they are the most democratic nation on
earth.) Britain can then return to being a peaceable, just,
honest, prosperous and fully democratic society where
everyone’s rights, no matter how high or low are respected,
and the disadvantaged properly looked after, and where neither
governments, corporations nor individuals have obscene wealth and

There are six treaties which will be signed to bring this
grievous state of affairs about. The first five have already been
signed and ratified.

They are –

  1. The European Communities Act 1972.
  2. The Single European Act, 1986.
  3. The Maastricht Treaty, 1992.
  4. The Amsterdam Treaty, 1997.
  5. The Nice Treaty 2001.

The sixth will be called something equally innocuous, like the
‘Treaty of Lille’. Then the loss of the British way
of life and freedom will be complete.

The best view of the horror that lies ahead is to take some
time to read the EU Constitution. It reveals the true nature of
the EU. Some British politicians were horrified when they saw the
EU’s absolute power revealed in its new constitution, and
falsely accused the EU of much more than a tidying up exercise.
It wasn’t, it was a re-statement of the six treaties in
almost readable English. The politicians simply hadn’t read
the six treaties before they voted for them. The French and Dutch
"No" votes are being ignored as usual; the EU
Constitution is two-thirds implemented. Dan Hannan of the
Brussels EU Constitutional Committee, confirms it will be fully
implemented in two years. Brussels can enforce it fully after the
Queen signs the sixth EU treaty.

The cost to Britain is estimated to be 4 times the published
figures which will cost Britain 200 billion per annum, 20% of the
economy. Quotes from elected leaders reveal they know they built
the EU as a dictatorship.


Many people have been fooled by the Conservative Party into
believing the party is anti EU. It was the Conservatives, under
Ted Heath, who took Britain into the EU, and then he lied that
his 1972 EU Treaty wouldn’t affect British sovereignty.
Three out of the four Prime Ministers who signed the six EU
treaties were Conservatives, every one of them legally a traitor
under the British laws of their time. Do you see a pattern

In 2005 Party Leader Michael Howard could have won the
election for the Conservatives by making one simple statement:
"We will repeal the 1972 EU Communities Act and leave
Europe." Millions of Conservative voters would have rejoined
the fold. A million Lib-Dems and Labour voters would have joined
him. But he didn’t - because the Conservative leadership
would rather be in Europe than be in power.

Instead Howard continued betraying Conservative voters, so he
lost (and to be fair, why should Conservative leaders miss out on
the EU corruption gravy train?). The Conservative leadership is
completely dedicated to joining Europe, none more so than David
Cameron, who is using the language and methods of Common Purpose
against the Conservative Party.

Conservative policy is to reform the EU from the inside by
renegotiation. The first Treaty was signed over 34 years ago and
has failed to reform or change this dictatorship one jot. Their
policy is to continue this complete failure, and they know this
pretence is wholly dishonest. You either submit to 100% of the EU
or don’t join it at all; that is the only choice open to
the British people.


They realise that the British people are now living in what is
legally a police state, and speak out against it. Britain has
been forced to harmonise their laws with the EU during the 34
years they’ve been inside, and the police state
they’re living in is the EU’s. The Lib-Dems declare
with stunning naivity it is Labour’s police state, and
don’t seem to realise the EU is behind it, and so are still
madly in favour of the EU. It’s no comfort that they will
suffer for their stupidity. Lately some Lib-Dem MP’s have
been talking about the Tories pathetic "reform the EU"
idea. Will they never learn?

With the Labour and Lib-Dem parties openly for Europe, and the
Conservative leadership secretly for it, it’s clear the
three parties will never give the people a vote to leave the EU
and keep the nation. Massive civil disobedience, a permanent
General Strike, or a blockade of Westminster until MP’s
resign might be the only effective means now of saving


So sloppy have the politicians been in their reading of the EU
treaties, most haven’t noticed that the EU will abolish the
Labour, Conservative and Lib-Dem parties. It was clear in the
Madrid 1999 party financing document, and it was re-stated in the
Constitution, clause I-46-4. Only pan- European parties like the
EPP will be allowed. Some politicians, like Heseltine and Ken
Clarke, can’t wait for this to happen.

A date for the abolition of Westminster has tactfully not been
given. Once the sixth treaty is signed, Westminster’s
remaining powers are transferred to Brussels, and Westminster is
left with the powers of a county council - except it won’t
have a county, because they will be abolished under the
Regionalisation plan. The 9 EU regions report direct to Brussels,
so Westminster will be a county council without a county. Anyone
with half a brain can see Brussels will abolish Westminster, as
it’s only potential use would be as a rallying point to
challenge the power of Brussels.


Together with Churchill, King George VI saved the British
nation; he was a Monarch to be proud of. But his daughter the
Queen is the only monarch to have broken her coronation oath, by
signing these six treaties that abolish common law, the British
Constitution, the British and English nations, and British
sovereignty. She has also committed treason, together with
co-signatories Ted Heath, Margaret Thatcher, John Major and Tony

Realising they stood a good chance of spending the rest of
their lives behind bars, Tony Blair and the Queen signed the
Crime and Disorder Act, 1998 (s36.3), which abolished the crime
of treason. 1.4 million British Servicemen gave their lives for
the nation’s independence. The Queen has thrown their
sacrifices away and made them worthless.

At no physical risk to herself, she could have fulfilled her
duty as a constitutional check and balance, by refusing to sign
the six treaties until an in/out referendum had been held. In the
unlikely event the vote went against her she might have lost her
crown (not her life or a limb), and kept her £9 billion
plus palaces. Those servicemen’s lives would still have
meant something.

But she’s dead keen to sign; she’s already said
she’ll sign the last treaty. Princes Charles, William or
Harry can then never be King. You can’t have a King without
a Kingdom: they can only be princes of a region (principality)
within Europe. The Queen’s aspirations are not those of the
people. She clearly serves a higher master. The faith she defends
cannot be the one we think it is. King George VI must be turning
over in his grave.

In the new EU, a person like Hitler doesn’t have to get
elected. Its worth noting that Adolf Hitler first had to get
elected, if on a 35% minority vote, and then get his Enabling Act
passed. An EU dictator has no such problems. The EU rulers do not
submit themselves for election now - and the Queen has already
signed the Enabling Act (Civil Contingencies Act 2004).

The EU’s Hitler will have a much easier rise to power,
and will have the formerly British and French nuclear weapons
from day one. Adolf Hitler killed 54 million people. The
EU’s dictator could kill a billion at the touch of a
button, with no democratic checks and balances to answer to. How
could any aspiring dictator resist the EU opportunity?

18,000 of the new EU rulers are being trained at all levels of
our government now. Under the Legislative and Regulatory Reform
Bill 2006 - government doesn’t need Parliament. Cromwell
had something similar in the 1680’s. Is there anyone out
there who doesn’t realise all the treaties and laws of a
dictatorship, and more, are now enacted? And that all it takes is
for a foreign power, the EU, to enforce them?

Does Britain want to be in Europe? Do the people want to lose
democratic government, the nations of Britain and England, and
all the counties? Is it conceivable that the British people want
to put themselves in the EU, at the mercy of any dictator who
chooses to exercise control? Isn’t the answer obviously

Outside the EU Britain can be a free and properly democratic
nation. Free from Europe, the waste of half of all government
spending would be stopped, saving the £200 billion a year
it will cost to be in Europe. A simple repeal of all its 107,000
regulations could easily take place, bringing a stop to losing
the £22 billion a year to Europe on our balance of
payments. With those vast savings everybody could be paid a good
living wage. According to the OECD Britain is the 4th strongest
economy amongst the world’s 205 independent nations.

The fastest an Act of Parliament has been drafted, passed by
Parliament and signed by the Monarch was the abdication of King
Edward 8th. It was done in 13½ hours. On that basis it is
possible to repeal the 1972 European Communities Act and for
Britain to be out of Europe in just fourteen hours, if the
traitorous MP’s, Prime Minister and Queen so wished. So far
they’ve illegally denied the people the choice. If that is
to change by the choice of the people, the clock is ticking, as
there is only two years left before the final sixth treaty is