Who Owns Your Land?

Who Owns Your Land?

Who Owns Your Land?

On Thursday
3rd October 2007, the High Court of Australia made
rulings over residential and rural land that effectively removes
all land ownership from the people of Queensland and puts it
squarely into the hands of our State Government. The court ruling
that ‘fee simple’ and ‘common law’ are
now no longer recognised in Queensland means we no longer are
part of the Commonwealth and no longer have ownership or say in
our land, Queensland is now a separate entity that can make its
own laws.

This is not a conspiracy theory. This is not our personal
opinion. This is all FACT, and can be found written in black and
white in the law books of Australia and in the
continually-beingreprinted Constitution of Queensland. The
Commonwealth has been watching this for the last 9 years. Our
Federal Government has known what is going on and has condoned it
by their silence.

They have been watching the former Queensland Premier, Peter
Beattie, and seeing if the Australia people will wake up to it.
The new Federal Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd said recently on TV
that he "was going to fix the Federation" if
elected! We hope he does the right thing! Those of us who have
been working on this information, especially those within the
legal profession, have been shocked and angry at the blatant
removal of peoples’ rights without one politician seeming
to stand up and warn the people.

In Queensland, this started with the National Party, then the
Labour Party quickly enforced all the changes possible. When
Peter Beattie removed the Constitution of Queensland in 2001 and
replaced it with the New Queensland Constitution, all the
politicians in Parliament House passed and applauded the
‘new regime’. This has also happened in NSW.


Your land, in Queensland, is being used as
‘collateral’ by the Government. It is now THE
STATES’ wealth base. We also know the situation is the same
in NSW in the Peter Spencer case. You can read about that case on
this internet link: http://www.abc.net.au/landline/content/


Under the New Constitution of Queensland 2001 there has been a
dramatic shift. Public servants are now servants of the State,
not the Crown, which represents the people. If you don’t
believe this, please do your own research. The Governor General
is now a mere parliamentary secretary to the Premier who conducts
the daily business of the corporation of the State. See Section
92 Constitution of Queensland 2001.


The common law has been removed from the Supreme Court Act
1995 which now follows the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules. Under
our constitutional monarchy system the Governor is the Queen or
Sovereign or Crown’s Representative in each state, put
there to protect you from incorrect or illegal governing. This is
called the "Separation of Powers", and means that the
Queen as our Sovereign had a separate protective person in place,
just in case you, the people, got ‘ripped off’ by
your governing bodies. The Governor in Queensland was removed
from that ‘no party allegiance’ position and given a
position INSIDE the Queensland Government, thereby effectively
putting the Governor under the Premier’s control. ALL
politicians knew what was happening when this took place.


While this article concerns
Queenslanders in particular, it has great importance for those in
scores of other jurisdictions, for this is becoming a common ploy
around the world to plunder ownership and self reliance from the

The “Abolition of
Britain” articles in our last 2 issues are a case in point.
The immoral robbery and disdain for private ownership and the
rights of the individual are like a plague right now, foisted
upon us by our own elected representatives. It does not take a
great leap of faith to realise there must be other powerful
forces at work behind the scenes, forcing these iniquities on

The One World Government cartel, with
their corrupt banking bedfellows, are gaining confidence by the
day, as they see a world of individuals who have gone to sleep
and cannot see the danger ahead.


It is called The Government Corporation, or the "Brigalow
Corporation". The Queensland Government is no longer a
governing body, but instead made itself a business corporation.
Just read the letter heads on paperwork you receive from any
State office. They called the new business of governing, the land
of the people of Queensland, the "Brigalow Corporation"
under which all the land in our state has been removed from our
ownership to be used as collateral for this corporation.


‘Fee simple’ is the term used to describe your
ownership of your freehold land. It is your total right to name
yourself as the owner and user of that land, and the Crown or the
Sovereign or the Queen has deeded that land to you when you paid
for it.

It is a legal right to do whatever you want with your land,
without interference from anyone else, including governments. But
now, even to repair or maintain property requires a permit (see
Wilson v Raddatz and Glasgow v Hall). Judge McPherson in the
Queensland Court of Appeal (Bone v Mothershaw) commented,
"We have been stripped of virtually all the powers which
make ownership of land of any practical utility or


The Constitution of Australia is the ‘guidebook’
on how the people of Australia are to be governed. The
Constitutions of each of the States is subordinate to the
Commonwealth of Australia Constitution and each State cannot make
its own rules about our Common Law rights without our permission
via referendum. If they do so, they are actually destroying these
laws and leaving us undefended, unprotected and ungoverned
democratically. That is EXACTLY what is happening here. Do not
sit back – please defend yourselves and all that you
thought you safely owned in Australia, in including your