Islam – The Religion of Peace?

Islam - The Religion of Peace?

Islam - The Religion of Peace?

They say every picture tells a

That is absolutely true, and is the reason why we will be very
economic with the words that accompany the images on this

These pictures are of Muslims marching through the streets of
London during their recent "Religion of Peace
Demonstration." It takes a lot of thought to recall another
demonstration with such virulent sentiments written on the
placards. It is impossible to recall any RELIGIOUS demonstration
in history that has contained such warlike, aggressive,
intolerant and bigoted words.

Where does this leave the bleeding hearts and their
anti-vilification laws now? This religion is so far removed from
the Christian viewpoint which centres around the love of Christ,
that it deserves to be called anti-christ.

When will our politicians and brain dead church leaders and
clerics stop their gutless posturings and draw a line in the sand
and say we will not tolerate this garbage any longer. Surely this
must be done to preserve any peaceful future in our respective
nations? We thank God there are some sane minds out there. We are
grateful at the howl of protest that came when the Archbishop of
Canterbury suggested that Shariah law be introduced in Britain.
That man and his ilk are bereft of any intelligence and the
sooner people like that are replaced the better.

Why would anyone think that on the basis of these images we
have a future which will be one of peace in our communities?
Muslims have stated that England will be the first country they
take over! If a hard lesson is not learnt now, and lily-livered
politicians continue to have the ascendancy, then we stand on the
abyss of falling into a society of despair and darkness, devoid
of any decent future.