Good morning! Articles in the current edition of the OT sound
very plausible and are convincing. They are also scary if this is
the only way of looking at the facts. I am not registering
unbelief, just concern, and I would very much appreciate it if
Allan Rasmussen (or someone on his behalf) could explain how
these two items from the EU constitution fit in with the overall
picture of what he has presented this month.

1. The Union shall respect the equality of Member States
before the Constitution as well as their national identities,
inherent in their fundamental structures, political and
constitutional, inclusive of regional and local self-government.
It shall respect their essential State functions, including
ensuring the territorial integrity of the State, maintaining law
and order and safeguarding national security.

2. Pursuant to the principle of sincere cooperation, the Union
and the Member States shall, in full mutual respect, assist each
other in carrying out tasks which flow from the Constitution.

Thank you.


Hi Valerie – the best way to answer you is by
publishing an abbreviated EU Constitution (with comments) so you
can see for yourself that interspersed with sweet-sounding words
are some extremely sobering clauses. –Editor

EU Constitution - Sovereignty Summary

The EU Constitution is a summary of the six EU treaties the
Queen has signed since 1973; most of it is already implemented.
Rejection by the voters of France and Holland has not slowed
it’s progress. We may have two years before a minor
substitute seventh and final treaty appears, which can be signed
without our consent by the Queen. This Constitution will then be
fully implemented. Unlike the other six treaties it is in
readable English, and reveals the true nature of the EU.

I-6 The EU Constitution and law has primacy over the law of
member states.

I-12 Member states may not compete with the
EU’s powers ("competencies").

I-12-2 In shared powers, member nations may not
exercise power
unless the EU allows it.

I-13 The EU has absolute power on: customs,
rules on the single market, monetary policy, fishing, commerce,
and international agreements, eg treaties. (absolute power =
exclusive competencies)

I-15 Members must make their employment, social and
economic policies
comply with the EU’s.

I-16-1 The EU has absolute power over foreign policy, security
and defence. Westminster will be powerless and

I-18 If the Constitution forgot powers to achieve its ends,
the Council of Ministers can add them.

I-26-7 The Commission has absolute power.
It’s only accountability is a censure vote from

I-27-1 The Council chooses the President of the Commission,
parliament merely ratifies it.

I-27-2 The Council of Ministers appoints
Parliament has no say. There is
no democratic process in the Commission, which is a
. Only the Commission may propose
legislation, Parliament’s function is merely to approve the
Commission’s legislation.

The EU Parliament, (the only vote we will have left,)
is a sham.

1-46-4 "The principal of representative democracy"
"Political parties at the European level contribute to EU
political awareness and express the wishes of citizens."
It’s the end for the Lib-Lab-Con, who will be
replaced by EU wide parties
with names like Party of
European Socialists (PES), and European Peoples Party (EEP).

I-47-4 Petitions: One million citizens from many countries (ie
with difficulty) may merely invite the Commission to propose that
the Constitution be implemented. ie, we can only agree.
Soviet style.

I-50 Only the Council sometimes, and Parliament, shall meet in
public. (All others meet in secret.)

I-59-3 If there is just a ‘clear risk’ of a State
breaching I-2 (Human rights), the EU can suspend that
State’s rights (including voting), but its obligations to
the EU remain. (Designed for abuse!)

In summary, the Constitution starts with human rights
platitudes; it then conceals its destruction of democracy in its
massive 465 pages; while the EU’s Corpus Juris legal system
steals our rights. It is a police state, the European
"Soviet" Union, but with much stricter regulation. The
EU becomes our nation, and as a result Britain is abolished as a


Greetings in the blessed name of Lord Jesus Christ. I have
been a subscriber to the Omega Times for many years now, and will
continue to enjoy your wonderful publication until the Lord

Could I please draw your attention to the article in the Feb
2008 issue regarding Joshua’s missing day. During my
research of the end times on the web, I stumbled across a website
called ‘truthorfiction.’ On this website you
can find an expose to your article, under
‘aviation-space.’ This article questions the
credibility of the original author Harold Hill. Having said that,
I have not researched the credibility of the
‘truthorfiction’ site.

In this world of information overload, I find myself asking
the question "who is really telling the truth?" I
believe the Holy Spirit gave me the answer before I could finish
the question ... "Jesus is the way the truth and the
life"(John 14:6).
If you wish you may include this in
the letters to the editor for the next issue. God Bless.


Thanks Greg. We already had this information. Truth is
always found (and often exclusively) in the Word of God. If I
know anything about God, I would say unequivocally that God does
not leave any loose ends lying around when He does something.
After all, the Bible declares – "All His ways are
perfect!" Accordingly, I believe there is a seamless and
perfect answer to what God did in disrupting the passage of time,
even if we are still missing all the exact facts. -


Hello Ps Rasmussen. Just found something on the internet that
Omega Times might be interested in and made me think of this
verse in Revelation 16:2, "So the first [angel] went and
emptied his bowl on the earth, and foul and painful ulcers
(sores) came on the people who were marked with the stamp of the
beast and who did homage to his image"
(Exodus 9:10-11; Deut 28:35).

A mysterious new disease with totally unidentified components
and/ or organisms has been discovered. The beginning of the
outbreak seems to be from California and Florida but quickly
spreading. Apparently, the irritation is so severe that some are
committing suicide. According to Wikipedia, Morgellons (also
called Morgellons Disease or Morgellons Syndrome) is a name given
in 2002 by biologist Mary Leitao to a condition characterized by
a range of cutaneous (skin) symptoms including crawling, biting,
and stinging sensations; finding fibres on or under the skin; and
persistent skin lesions (e.g. rashes or sores). It is not known
at present whether the condition represents a new disease entity,
or whether persons who identify themselves as having Morgellons
have a common cause for their symptoms, share common risk
factors, or are contagious. A majority of health professionals,
including most dermatologists, regard Morgellons as a
manifestation of other known medical conditions, including
Delusional Parasitosis. Health professionals either do not
acknowledge Morgellons Disease or are reserving judgment until
more is known about the condition.

Leitao started the Morgellons Research Foundation, a
non-profit advocacy organization, to advance the view that
Morgellons is a new infectious disease that will be confirmed by
future research.

Given the times in which we live, this sudden serious outbreak
should not surpise us. I think it will be a challenge as to how
to offer comfort to those who will be afflicted as well as a
challenge to our faith. If we believe in the healing power of the
Holy Spirit, then can we expect these people to be healed in
Jesus name? However, if indeed this is part of the outpouring of
God’s judgement, then what do we do? Plan prayfully and
clinging to Jesus.



Wow its incredibly uplifting to ones christian faith, to be
able to receive confirmation from others (yourselves) regarding
the sad state of our world. Things that I’ve talked to
others about over the years are being confirmed in your mag.
Exciting from a saved point of view, but unnerving and not a
little scary. To all the Omega Team a huge thanks for the ongoing
watchman work you are doing. (abridged)