From the Editor

From the Editor


Welcome to our first monthly,
totally on-line edition of the Omega Times! We regret the
discomfort caused to our many print edition subscribers, some who
have been with us 10 years, but now no longer have that option.
Some, without computers, have had no choice but to accept
termination of our source of end times information, and for that,
we are deeply regretful.

THE OMEGA TIMES is a monthly,
online magazine, sold by subscription
though our website,
which looks at world events in the
light of Bible prophecy, and promotes
Bible truth. We seek to draw comment
from reliable sources, but absolute
accuracy (apart from Bible Scripture)
cannot be guaranteed. Articles which
are not written by the publishers of
Omega Times do not necessarily
reflect the views of the Omega Times.


Editor: Allan Rasmussen
Publisher: The Reflections Trust
& The Hay Family Trust
Mail: PO Box 1174, Capalaba, Queensland 4157, Australia
Phone: +61 7 3245 1026
Design: Sharryn Rasmussen

Nevertheless, we now fly our flag
solely in the brave new electronic world, but who knows, maybe
this is the only medium that will supply the information one
needs in darker days that lie ahead.

Because we identify the USA as a
highly significant player in end time events, we will be
featuring at least 2 articles written by Americans, in every
monthly download. These commentaries will be pertinent to the US,
but will also foreshadow things that affect the rest of the
world, and have real relevance to all on planet Earth.

Many of our print magazine
features will be ‘free to view’ such as
Newsbriefs’, ‘Letters’, etc.
The main articles and the Forum will be available to subsribers
only. We commit ourselves afresh to be the watchmen on the wall,
to uncover the lies, reveal the hidden, expose the deceptions,
and strengthen, teach and prepare the glorious Church of our Lord
Jesus Christ for His soon coming again!