The Four Horsemen Approach

The Four Horsemen Approach

The Four Horsemen Approach

Famine is in the Air

An American Perspective by Greg

If, as casual readers of current
events, you have become aware of the escalating sense of urgency,
with the impending multiple world crises, then you are most
likely comprehending the current history making events as they
unfold. Wars and rumors of war, pestilence, mysterious shakings
in the heavens, earthquakes, AND now the ravages of world-wide
famine are occurring around us at this very moment. Does this
announce the Biblical introduction of the "end times?"
I cannot answer that. I am not qualified to assess those
prophesied events from a theological perspective. I can tell you
from a military frame of mind, a common sense evaluation and a
law enforcement point of view, that these days are like riding on
a big wild cat, and you ain’t seen nothing yet.

I have been sounding the call for
your total commitment and preparation as one crisis leads to
another. I have laid out before you the need to store food,
water, natural medicines, weapons, rugged winter clothing, extra
tools and hardware. I have suggested geographical locations and
travel routes to many of you who just couldn’t quite figure
it out. Further, I have warned you of shortages of fuels, bulk
foods and ammunition. The message has been loud and clear. I know
also that it has been easier to shove all this aside and get on
with other, simpler things. Many of my fellow journalists have
continued to spell out the why’s and how’s in
articulate factual ways. They have contributed to the true
history of the opening years of the twenty-first century. You
have had all the information you need to do the right thing, the
justifiable thing and the necessary thing in a timely and
efficient manner, as I have said many times. Tens of thousands
have heeded the call. Millions have not. Tens of thousands will
make it through this coming "tribulation" (whether
Biblical or not) and millions will not. Men, women and children
will gather together in impromptu back woods camps, working,
helping, guarding, hunting, fishing, planning and praying their
way through what lies ahead.

Millions will be in abject terror
as the most evil among us pounds at the door and breaks in the
windows of cities and suburbia. And all of this just a
stone’s throw from the soccer field where the Friday
before, time and effort was spent on what you thought were the
most important moments in all of one’s life. Does it matter
now? We will look back after the final plunge into oblivion
begins with trucks stopping along the highway. Trucks hauling the
supplies we take for granted. No more money, no more $4.50 diesel
fuel, and no more patience with a government more intent on
controlling your lives than working toward a secure America with
a prosperous, energy independent and debt free nation under their

Police agencies and
military units are training around the clock every day of every
week across the land in preparation for riots, confiscations and
detentions on a scale never before contemplated. Communications
will be controlled, then severed, as the government and the
military begin a "black-out" that will erase the final
"freedom" that Americans have enjoyed
the use of cell phones and the internet. This will be so they can
implement their battle plans without your knowing of it or being
able to sound the alarm. We will be as isolated and vulnerable as
any people anywhere on earth. That descent into utter darkness
will put the last nail on the coffin of freedom as surely as
though the founders had been put to the wall and executed. We are
staring with blind eyes into the void of our own making. We have
played soccer while the thieves stole our home towns. The damage
is done. We have opened the doors to our refuge and found it

So, is there any hope at all? That
is entirely up to each of you. The "Four Horsemen of the
Apocalypse" are out there – somewhere - but riding
toward us with the speed of the wind that is for sure. This you
must accept and believe. If you do, then perhaps you will yet do
what you should have done so many months and years ago to survive
this disaster.

I refuse to set timetables for the
obvious reason. I do not have a web-cam in to the Heavenly realm
and can not make those kinds of predictions. I can only view what
is available to all of us and draw the obvious, commonsense
conclusions. Our freedoms are almost gone. The government is on
the fast track to surrendering our nation to the interests that
have sought for centuries to rule us and the world. Presidents,
businessmen, Congress, diplomats, military general staffs and
bankers, oilmen, and false religious leaders have conspired to
give our liberty and destiny to Satan himself. The legions of
demonically inspired and driven men and women who have fought for
leadership in this effort are well known to us and carry the
names of Rothschild, Rockefeller, Solomon, Loeb, Illuminati, The
Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderburgs, Trilateralists,
Greenspan, Bush, Gore, Clinton, Obama, McCain, Schumer, Kennedy,
Reid, Gingrich, Pelosi, Cheney, Elizabeth II, Putin, Ahdaminejad,
Hussein, Hitler, Mao, Marxist/Atheist Israeli’s, Stalin,
Lenin, apostate Christian ministers, Imams of all sects, Castro,
Chavez, Genghis Kahn, Caesar, Pilate, Ramses and Cain.

We are invaded by Mexican
communists, ruled in the big city streets by gangs as ruthless as
the Nazi SS, and they are allowed to control the drugs and the
streets by city governments too weak and cowardly to do anything
about it or to even really care.

Our churches are small, cornered
and quiet, or, large happy pill places that neither condemn sin
nor recognize the Saviour. Make believe ministers like Jeremiah
Wright, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton pretend to speak for their
followers while chasing stardom and money that is their true god
and their real goal in life. Lifelong politicians mentioned above
like Schumer, Kennedy, Pelosi, Kerry, and Cheney are addicted to
TV cameras. They have pushed their way into the spotlight to
force "popular" power decisions on the nation through
their nauseating tripe that disarms America, and orchestrates the
daily obscene intrusions into our citizen’s lives. All of
this is "authorized" by the "Patriot Act" and
its fascist internal apparatus called "Homeland

I have never advocated disengaging
our work to change America. I know that many times, my message
has seemed overly pessimistic and highly discouraging.
That’s because it is! However, any good Army Sgt. or sports
coach will tell you that when the team is behind or the platoon
surrounded, it is then that courage, discipline, hard work and
the absolute commitment to victory is the ONLY thing that
matters. The bleakest moments can herald the brightest dawn. The
ultimate outcome depends entirely upon you.

To defeat Agenda 21 and
Sustainable Development, civic groups have had to undo and
eliminate the local decisions that were implemented without
truth, disclosures or citizen input. It was excruciatingly
difficult, but many have prevailed The "enemies" have
had generations, indeed, centuries to unfold their plans. Many of
their most devoted "visionaries" died years ago without
seeing the ultimate victory. They did not quit. Their fight
against us continues with added soldiers sinking millions into
the fight for who wins, who controls it all.

Famine, the word not heard here
for years, nor even in most other worldly places for several
decades, is once again at the door. Failed genetic engineering,
continued drought, and unexpected late freezes in Kansas, are
some of the reasons, the surplus is gone. Countries are closing
their ports and borders trying to safeguard dwindling supplies.
The gutless, ineffective and failed UN has entered the scene with
no plan but to take from the rich and give to the oppressed. The
hated United States is being pressured to step up to the plate by
a greedy and ungrateful world. Granted, the US has soiled its own
mess-kit in many places, but we don’t have it to give,

Supplies of rice, wheat, wheat
products, some canned vegetables and fruit are in extremely short
supply or subject to market forces shooting prices up across the
board. Nudging everything along with the grace of a bulldozer is
of course big oil. The convergence of the forces of disaster has
finally come into view. The drumbeat of spiritual horse’s
hooves are clearly being felt and heard by the astute. I pray
that you are among those with ears to hear that which God himself
has under His control.

Don’t give up. Don’t
quit. Keep doing what you do best and stay engaged. Just work
toward self-sufficiency and personal freedom. May I say it one
more time? Gather in your supplies, look after the less
fortunate, and care for the widows and orphans. Get your family
plans in order. Time is so short. "As for me and my
household, we will serve the Lord."

© 2008 Greg Evensen - All
Rights Reserved - Greg is an award winning Kansas Lawman and
former Kansas State Trooper.