War on Terror or War on Freedom

War on Terror or War on Freedom

War on Terror or War on Freedom

By Brian Hay

There is a growing sense of
foreboding creeping into our society that what we are being told
by our minders is not all as it seems. Sadly though, those who
have the power and ability to question and challenge it are to
busy making their millions.

Christians and Christian leaders
alike also are locked into their methodology of church growth and
money procurement schemes, not interested in asking the right
questions as to where this is all heading. I have had some very
nasty comments published about me on websites around the world,
particularly from the (Christians must become messianic Jews to
be truly saved) corner.

I would like to correct one of
them who accused me of not responding to their comments and said
such on their website. That is malicious and totally untrue. I
responded in the first instance at their demand and added I would
not be entering into a further slander match and so would not be
drawn into further debate, but avoiding as the Bible states,
arguments about which there is no end. I am appalled at the
ignorance of these so called learned men. They have not done
their research in spite of what they tell me and publish to
others. Their final comment is that I am a conspiracy theorist to
which I willingly submit, yes, that I am.

I have had the privilege of
traveling in some very high circles with some very informed
people and had the opportunity to view facts and documents that
are never exposed to the public, and am not perturbed at all when
folk accuse me of being conspiratorial. I laugh and question
their stupidity if they think all that is happening around them
is just the day to day action of men and minds given in
dedication to the common good, us the public, and our children
and their future. They must be mad. Not a day goes by somewhere
in the world that men or multiples of men are being exposed at
the highest level of politics and leadership as being either
personally corrupt or deviant in behavior. We as the naïve
public must be insane and stupid if we do not understand that the
state of a nation and its standard comes down from the example
set by those at the top not from those at the bottom. Therefore
if you have ones at the top who cover their sin and intent, then
they will say one thing to appease others, yet do what they plan
in darkness which is a totally different agenda. What do you call
that if it is not a conspiracy.

Even in a court of law when you
aid and abet a criminal in a crime of extortion, you are charged
with the crime termed CONSPIRACY TO DEFRAUD. Conspiracy means a
premeditated intention by one or several to cover up and distort
the truth. To then defraud adds the following, in order to
engineer and coerce a different desired outcome than that which
is promised, causing personal damage or harm to the victim and
benefit to the conspirers.

If that is not what is going on in
government and the U.N. and churches and multinational business
then you are not only blind and ignorant you are also not in
sound mind. Neither are you being obedient to The Word of God in
the Bible. Check out the intent of the law of EMINENT DOMAIN then
dare tell me it is not a conspiracy

Unlike my accusers and their
violation of principles laid down in Matthew 18, I will not at
this stage mention their names. But ignorance I trust is the
reason for their attack and therefore I will give these
detractors the benefit of the doubt, but their unwillingness to
search out the real truth and their unwillingness to read outside
their own tinted perspective convinces me they do not read at
all, or are Royalists to their own detriment. Perhaps they are
antagonistic Masons themselves, or Talmudic Judaist sympathizers
whose agenda is not in line with Biblical Christianity or the

You must be a fool not to
recognize the closing of the window of what we know as democracy
on the earth. Not that I believe democracy is the best form of
government, because what it usually produces is the most inept
form of leadership. Abraham Lincoln once said this was the
opportunity for the most unqualified to become the most powerful,
and by virtue of mans nature, those normally who take rule are
the least worthy to do so. They do not rule in democracy by their
own intent. They run at the behest of others with a different

Remember Hitler’s oft quoted
QUESTION." To think that the despicable heart of man, that
the Bible says is so alien to God could do anything other than
conspire against Him, including even the so called heart of a
Christian, is not only within the realms of possibility but it is
a certainty. You had better believe it.

I was recently in New Zealand and
was asked to give an overview of the Australian election and its
outcome. An elderly man got up and stormed out of the meeting
because he refused to hear me. I later found out he was a high
ranking mason and was antagonistic to my words. I proceeded to
explain how John Howard had been known as Honest John but on so
numerous occasions he had without consultation to his electors,
changed his policies and promises that when the latest election
of 2007 took place he was being joked about and disdained as
dishonest John. That is what I call a conspiracy.

It only took a few months for
people to realize Howard’s cabinet had become so corrupt
with power, they were no longer interested in the will of the
people (The very fundamental basic platform of democracy.) Where
are they now? All going on to pursue bigger and better futures
and pay packets and positions on world government. They are no
longer in touch with the people and neither do they care. Their
legacy is broken promises and broken life after life in the arena
of society. Why? Because of a conspiracy to defraud the public,
and ultimately Rudd’s government and any other government
will be the same. Because of this, power corrupts and absolute
power corrupts absolutely.

The stupidity of today’s
minds suggests that we must never question and certainly must not
challenge the norm. How do we come to a knowledge of truth then?
By reference to the Bible and then through dialogue, not that the
dialogue (dialectic) changes God’s word. It must never do
that. It is just that dialogue allows us, like the Berean Church
in the Book of Acts, to ascertain if what we say is in line with,
and acceptably interpreted in light of the Bible.

The sayings of Jesus, or teachings
as they are known are called in Greek the DIDARCHE (One of the
oldest authentic documents known as the Apostles Creed, dating
back prior to the time of the siege of Jerusalem around 20 AD
attributed to the disciples spelling out the details of what was
acceptable in church practice and teaching and what was
unacceptable.) This word DIDARCHE relates to the Greek word
didactic, used in Mathew 28:19-20 meaning doctrines, principles,
teachings or beliefs. Didactic therefore means unchanging
doctrines. However dialectic means opinions or ideas, my
perspective, my rationalization of the didactic, and how it
should be interpreted, and that is what leads to our present
heretical teachings of prosperity and dominion theology and
Talmudic Judaism.

Are you aware that there is a
conspiracy between the major international and national banks in
collusion with the government tax offices in their respective
countries along with the judicial systems and political policy
formation? Every deposit you make in cash in your bank over a
certain figure (now $5000) is reported to these agencies who
monitor everything you do. It is worldwide and if you have been
following the news here in Australia you will realize certain
business men have just been apprehended and charged because of
offshore investments in other countries. Whether they were honest
or not is not the issue. Surveillance over all citizens is the
issue, under the pretense of terror. It is because of their need
to control. This is a conspiracy to implement totalitarianism and
dictatorship, and don’t call it anything else. That is what
it is.

George Bush, Tony Blair and the
Howard neo-con governments were the most influential proponents
of implementing it. Now we are burdened with the curse of
anti-terrorism legislation which is for our good they tell us.
Just wait and see the diabolical destination of where this takes
us. Read Revelation 13! We are further down the path of this
conspiracy than most will admit and only fools and the uninformed
ignore it, to their own peril.

Why do you think Bush and all his
German friends, along with the international cronyism of the
Fabian Socialists and British aristocracy, are manipulating and
selling out the nation of Israel and the genuine Jews from the
land. It is a conspiracy and time will prove me right in spite of
my detractors. They have not mixed or traveled in the circles
that have afforded me the insight they scoff and scorn at.
Everyone who is crying out concerning these same evident truths
are relegated to the extremist radical fringe and to the hate
gendering weird sector of society. Just give it a little time, a
couple of years but five at most, and you will see what is
planned becoming reality in this debauched scheme to destroy all

Read all you can about the Fabian
Socialist Society and its founders. Read the books of these
writers and their philosophies such as George Orwell, George
Bernhard Shaw, H G Wells, who are all rationalists.

Their writings, presented as
novels, are the revealed Luciferic plan for mankind in our time.
Also read Tragedy and Hope by Harvard professor Dr
Carroll Quigley. This man is George Bush and Clinton’s
mentor. You will see it all explained, their entire plan laid out
clearly for this brave new world. Study the Socialist Societies
insignia, it is a wolf wrapped in a sheep skin. A stained glass
window in London depicts two men, Sydney Web and George Bernard
Shaw standing over the planet earth which is sitting on a
blacksmiths anvil, with a sledge hammer in each of their hands
reshaping the world.

And as if there is any further
doubt, underneath the window is written these words -
Reshaping it closer to the hearts desire. Do you know
that one of the major documents written and produced by the U N
publishing house is a document entitled Reshaping International
Order. By the way the publishing house in the UN building is
known as the Lucis Trust, It changed its name many years ago from
the LUCIFER SOCIETY. Is this extremism conspiracy theory? You had
better believe it. When it comes to politics, there are no
accidents or coincidences.

I challenge you to get hold of
Aaron Russo’s video AMERICA FREEDOM TO FACISM and view it
while you can. Maybe, just maybe, we can act in time to save our

Pastor Chuck Baldwin writes in
NewsWithViews.com By now everyone knows about the sex scandal of
New York Governor Eliot Spitzer who was caught in an FBI wiretap
probe involving an expensive prostitution service. The sting
involved a banking institution alerting federal authorities (as
they do millions every year) to "suspicious" financial
transactions According to the USA Today, "Banks and credit
unions as well as currency dealers and stores that cash checks
reported a record 17.6 million transactions to the Financial
Crimes Enforcement Network in 2006, according to a report from
the network, a bureau of the U.S. Treasury Dept."

"The Treasury
Department's database now contains records of more than 100
million financial transactions going back to at least 1996",
said network spokesman Steve Hudak. Today also reported,
"Financial institutions have long been required to report
cash transactions The number of suspicious activity reports
soared from 413,000 in 2003 to 1 million in 2006, people are
unaware they are living in a universal surveillance society.
Every major financial transaction, as well as travel, is reported
and monitored by government."

Chuck Baldwin adds – "I
can tell readers first-hand what living in this Brave New World
is like. Back in '90's, I bought a used 1995 GMC four
wheel drive pick-up truck. Over the course of a few years, I had
saved around $5,000 in cash. I then sold my worn Ford Ranger
pick-up for $5,000 cash. Growing up, I watched my dad pay cash
for all of his purchases. I thought it was a mark of freedom in
the US to be able to work, save and buy with cash. I quickly
discovered that the Federales in power these days do not share
this same vision of freedom.

When I finally found the truck,
with $10,000 in cash and a check on borrowed funds, I drove my
new (used) truck home. It happens every day, right? Nothing
unusual, Wrong!

To my shock a few days following
the purchase of my truck, a criminal investigator from the IRS
came to my door and demanded to know where I got the cash to pay
for my truck. I am not making this up, folks. After a lengthy
interrogation, the IRS man left, but not before issuing me a
subpoena to appear before a federal grand jury.

Remember, this was in the late
'90's, before George Bush and Alberto Gonzales got their
dictatorial hands on the helm of the myriad federal police
agencies. Mark it down, folks - you and I are constantly being
watched, listened to, monitored, taped, and stalked by our own
governments. So, do any of us really believe we still live in
free countries? The "War on Terror" is a smokescreen to
cover their satanic plan to create a police state where freedom
no longer exists. Sadly pastors and churches do not want to know,
let alone speak up against it. When did freedom come to mean the
sacrifice of liberty in the name of security? Once-great lands
and freedoms are being turned into a globalist-dominated
oligarchy, ruled by the iron fist of corrupt elitists.
Those who sleep in democracy will awake in

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