Gay Marriage and Jesus’ Return – How Same-Sex Marriage Points To End Of The World

Gay Marriage and Jesus' Return - How Same-Sex Marriage Points To End Of The World

Gay Marriage and Jesus' Return - How Same-Sex Marriage Points To End Of The World

How Same-Sex Marriage Points
To End Of The World
by Janet Folger - WorldNetDaily

What do May 17, 2004,
and May 15, 2008, have in common? One
judge and a redefinition of marriage against the will of the
people. Both the Massachusetts Superior Court and the California
Supreme Court by a one-judge margin redefined what marriage has
always been in every culture and every religion for more than
5,000 years of recorded history.

Why does this matter?    As I wrote in my book, "The
Criminalization of Christianity," Jeffrey Satinover, who
holds an M.D. from Princeton and doctorates from Yale, MIT and
Harvard, was on my radio program one day and I asked him about
where we are in history. He explained that according to the
"Babylonian Talmud" – the book of rabbis'
interpretation of the scriptures 1,000 years before Christ, there
was only one time in history that reflects where we are right
now. There was only one time in history, according to these
writings, where men were given in marriage to men, and women
given in marriage to women.

Want to venture a guess as to when? No, it wasn't in Sodom
and Gomorrah, although that was my guess. Homosexuality was
rampant there, of course, but according to the Talmud, not
homosexual "marriage." What about ancient Greece? Rome?
No. Babylon? No again. The one time in history when homosexual
"marriage" was practiced was … during the days
of Noah.

And according to Satinover, that's what the
"Babylonian Talmud" attributes as the final straw that
led to the Flood. Rabbi Aryeh Spero verified this to be true.
Rabbi Spero spoke of God's compassion before the Flood, in
hope that people would repent and turn back to His ways. He
showed patience for hundreds of years. But, he said, the
Talmud's writings reveal that "before the Flood people
started to write marriage contracts between men, in other words,
homosexual ‘marriage,’ which is more than homosexual
activity – it's giving an official state stamp of
approval, a sanctification … of homosexual

In fact, he said, "the writings indicated that it
wasn't even so much the ‘straw that broke the
camel's back,’ but that the sin in and of itself is so
contrary to why God created the world, so contrary to the order
of God's nature, that God said then and there "I have to
start all over … to annihilate the world and start from
the beginning."  Rabbi Spero went on to say, "Even in
ancient Greece they did not write marriage contracts between men.
There was homosexuality, and it was wrong, but there was not an
official ‘blessed’ policy. Marriage is
‘sanctification’ (not simply a partnership)." He
said to confer the title of sanctification and holiness upon this
behaviour is "probably one of the greatest sins of all that
one does against God's plan for this world."
The one time it happened was: "During the days of
Noah." When I first heard this, my mind immediately went to
a verse I’ve heard many times but never with such
relevance. The verse is found in Matthew 24:37. It reads:
"As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming
of the Son of Man." Mathew 24:37 (NIV)

I used to read this verse and think: "It was bad at lots
of points in history; it doesn't necessarily mean now, but if
these Jewish writings are true, we are uniquely in the
‘days of Noah’ right now – and only right
now."  But it can't be yet, you say. You have a lot
going on in your life? You're getting married? Here's how
the New Living Translation describes that very sentiment in Luke:
"When the Son of Man returns, the world will be like the
people were in Noah's day. In those days before the Flood,
the people enjoyed banquets and parties and weddings right up to
the time Noah entered his boat, and the flood came to destroy
them all." Luke 17:26-27  They were happily going about as
if everything was fine.

You don't like this possibility? Don't even believe in
the Flood? Doesn't matter. Some things are true whether you
believe them or not. How can you be sure? There's a way. Did
you know that about one-fourth of the Bible is prophecy? A
quarter of the Bible is a lot – it's a big book. And
did you know God's standard? Perfection. 

That means that if even one of those prophecies is wrong, you
can discount the whole thing. Kind of like a prophet who makes a
false prediction – that made him a false prophet and a
candidate for stoning. Did you know that 4,000 prophecies in that
Bible have already come true down to the last detail? That leaves
about 1,000 left to be fulfilled – those are the ones
regarding the last days before the return of Christ, which are
being checked off the list right now.

If 4,000 out of 5,000 prophecies have already occurred exactly
as the Bible predicted they would, you might want to pay
attention to the rest?