In South Carolina, a teenage boy
was caught plotting to blow up his school with high-powered
explosives. The 18-year-old Ryan Schallenberger, a straight
"A" student, wanted to die in the explosion himself
because he said he wanted to go to heaven and kill Jesus. He had
planned this for that infamous day of April 19th, a day when so
many other murderous events took place in recent years.

USA Today, Gannett Publishing Co., Florence, SC.


Recently, World Net Daily featured
a story about the giant McDonalds restaurant chain being listed
on the website of the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of
Commerce. The McDonalds Corporation also placed one of their
executives on the board of directors of that queer organization
known as NGLCC. In addition to that, McDonalds also gave an
undisclosed contribution to that Gay and Lesbian Chamber of
Commerce. The McDonalds executive, Richard Ellis, who joined that
sodomite Chamber of Commerce said, "I am thrilled to join
the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce team and ready
to get to work. I share the NGLCC's passion for business
growth and development within the LGBT community and I look
forward to playing a role in moving these important initiatives

WorldNetDaily by Bob Unruh.


On April 19th, another shocking
story regarding a new program being offered at the Boston
Children's Hospital made the news. The program is called the
Gender Management Service Clinic, and it is managed by pediatric
endocrinologist, Dr. Norman Spack. In this program, parents bring
in their children to receive injections that delay puberty until
they are old enough to decide if they want to have a male or
female body. Dr. Spack feels that this program makes sex change
much easier than if the children wait until they are twenty years
old. These certainly are days like unto Sodom and Gomorrah, and
the words of Jesus in Luke 17:28-30 have come to pass.

WorldNetDaily, Bob Unruh.


Sweden's parliament has
approved controversial new laws allowing authorities to spy on
cross-border e-mail and telephone traffic. The country's
intelligence bureau will be able to scan international calls,
faxes and e-mails. The measure was passed by a narrow majority
after a heated debate in the Stockholm parliament. Critics say it
threatens civil liberties and represents Europe's most
far-reaching eavesdropping plan. "By introducing these new
measures, the Swedish government is following the examples set by
governments ranging from China and Saudi Arabia to the US
government's highly criticised eavesdropping programme,"
said Peter Fleischer, of Google. The former head of the
country's intelligence agency, Saepo, said the law failed to
safeguard individual rights and should be scrapped. "I think
the law needs to be re-written. It is not enough to create a few
checks and balances... It is the law itself, there is something
wrong with it," Anders Eriksson told Swedish radio.


In a recent article that appeared
in the RFID Journal, we find that as of April 28th, 2008, the
VeriChip company has gone retail with the implantable microchip.
The chip is first being marketed through Hearx Hearing Care
Stores. The market of the elderly are being targeted first, but
anyone can go into one of these stores and have a passive 134 kHz
RFID chip implanted in their body for $149. The inducement is
that the chip will be linked to a database with all of the
individual's medical records.

RFID Journal, Claire Swedberg