In these Days of Deceit and Insecurity It’s Time to Come Up to Higher Ground

In these Days of Deceit and Insecurity It's Time to Come Up to Higher Ground

In these Days of Deceit and Insecurity It's Time to Come Up to Higher Ground

This analogy may be one of simplicity but it certainly bears
with it a degree of distinction that is applicable to the
present. When a large depression develops and a storm results,
people in low lying areas begin to batten down the hatches,
securing their belongings and then head to higher ground if it
looks like flooding will ensue. I want to say there is a major
storm on our horizon and most are totally oblivious of its
approach and some saints even refuse to believe it to be

We have lived in an era of immense growth and expansion and
have seen many paupers become unimaginably wealthy over night.
Added to that is the fact that we are in an age where technology
is outpacing our training ability to keep abreast of it. As a
result, ones who are able to harness the ideas and needs of
society and translate them into workable technology, not only
become immensely wealthy but also extremely powerful. Sadly
though, they become desensitized to the community around

We have witnessed tremendous growth in industry, in travel, in
leisure, in education etc. The problem has been that our ethics
and our principles have not kept pace with the framework of
affluence around us. The outcome has spawned a generation of
people driven by a dream based on dollars, not on respect, and it
also has created a world where honour is no longer of any
consequence and love and loyalty are things you buy. I fear for
my little grandchildren - they are so defenseless and trusting -
yet unable to cope in a world that is devoid of love and without
respect. We have not even begun to witness the effects of this
devilish insane philosophical mindset upon our nations. We have
seen on the downside, family values sacrificed, friendships
terminated, the elderly tossed on the scrap heap, and the
mentally handicapped thrown into the madhouse of heartless
enterprise. Not to mention the sick and incapacitated which are
now considered just a drain on our civil purse.

All of this in the name of progress what a joke. Capitalism we
were told was the answer to all men’s ills. Socialism and
communism were the vilest of enemies so we all in the west were
conned into rushing out to educate ourselves in order to gain our
share of the illusion. Some made it most didn’t and today
those who did scorn those who didn’t building
fortress’s around themselves to defend and keep what they
have gained shutting out the cries of the needy at their gates.
Don’t tell me I do not know what I am talking about, I went
to a church deemed to be one of the most wealthy in the world,
and there I met with several top business executives within this
church. It is purported that one quarter of its congregation are
billionaires while most of the rest are millionaires. I will not
disclose the companies but you they are in the top 20 and there I
witnessed men living in what they call palaces which I concluded
were anything but palaces. My observation was that these men were
living in prisons shut up inside high walls and watched over 24
hours a day by guards and security people. Tell me; what is the
difference, who is the prisoner. Not far away from this area was
the border of another third world nation where the worlds poor
congregate in the millions.

You have witnessed my ravings before no doubt concerning this
subject. But the absolute degradation of entertainers and sports
people with their insatiable appetite for the sublime and
ridiculous apart from their greed just shows the folly of not
only them alone but also our own. In this regard we promote and
endorse all of this insanity by paying their fees and not only
watching them but applauding them and allowing this frenzied and
diabolic auction of pride and human depravity to take place. The
Bible says God is not only against those who do such things but
also against those who take pleasure in them. Romans 1:32

When we stop and take the time to consider the consequences of
this parody, which most do not even give a passing thought to, we
would do well to ask ourselves how did this come about. Probably
this type of soul searching would create a dilemma that is beyond
the ability of most men’s ability to answer. Certainly
those who are caught up in the very web described above, they do
not even see an issue. I know because I have addressed this issue
around the world, they look at me as though I am some one from
another planet. I then am faced with a difficult scenario either
I take the time to sit down and explain myself which usually ends
in a non winnable debate. Because at the end of the discussion
they still refuse to see because to admit I am right requires a
major shift in their thinking which they are not prepared to
make. Alternatively I can throw up my hands in disgust and walk
away concluding I have wasted my breath even approaching the
subject. Its a no win situation. So I try and give enough
information to inform people and at the same time walk on a knife
blade hoping some will take it up and realizing most will not
while writing me off as a communist or socialist. I am none of
the above I am a Christian with a book of policy which I am
required to maintain if I want to represent the Kingdom to which
I aspire to belong.

This Godless cesspool called capitalism which creates the
frenzied feeding times for the sharks and lawyers as well as the
politicians and covetous of this age to strip the poor man bear,
is no different than when king David was identified by Nathan the
prophet as the one who took the poor mans only little ewe lamb
while sparing his own majestic flocks of sheep. Oh how the cries
will ascend from the pit of hell when the final judgement is set
and the nations stand before the God of the universe. James
states it perfectly when he says Howl you rich and wail for you
have heaped up damnation against yourselves in the day of
judgement because you have held back the wages of the poor.

Capitalism is as bad as Communism you see it is not the regime
that is at fault it is the condition of the heart of its
enforcers. If the heart of the rulers is corrupt so is decency
and every good and pure thing corrupted and our present world is
no exception. The neo-cons and moral Pharisees are nothing more
than parasites carried along on the backs of the unfortunate and
needy. You know it is a fact that if you took all the money in
the world and divided it in the midst of all every man would be a
millionaire. But I have heard many say that if you did that but
gave it ten more years the wealth would be back in the hands of
those who originally amassed it. I respond, what does that tell
you? They all reply it proves there are many who do not know how
to handle it so it accumulates back in the hands of the few. I
say I do not agree, what it says to me, is that men are not
living according to the scripture for the word in Hebrews 13:5
said be content with such things as you have, but the rich do not
sit well with that, they feel they must go out and gather more
and they spend their lives scheming and conniving ways to succeed
at it.

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