Satanism and the American Secret Military Agenda

Satanism and the American Secret Military Agenda

Satanism and the American Secret Military Agenda

In the Reagan administration,
George Herbert Walker Bush (the present Presidents father) was
head of the U. S. Secret Service. He became the most powerful man
in control leading things from behind the scenes and still does
today. Along with authoritarian and deceiver Dick Chaney, they
dictate present US policy. As one of the families tied to the
secret societies linked with the satanic Bavarian illuminati,
their agenda has always been one of totalitarianism and world
domination. Most will not believe it, let alone accept it, but
the facts speak for themselves if one wants to verify all the
details against the available evidence. All such evidence is
public domain and accessible to any one who seeks the truth, but
one of the most effective subtleties granting covert cover to
these sinister dictators is their ability to control information.
They own all sources of the media, all public venues of
communication and all positions of governmental control of media
and law which in turn is vetted by them. The alleged following
facts are all documented in record.

Bush seniors father G W’s
grandfather Prescott Walker Bush spent most of the second world
war based in Nazi Germany. His main business was managing
Standard Oil to provide and support the military might of
Hitler’s machinery with petroleum products. After the war
was over he returned from Nazi Germany and was charged under the
‘trading with the enemy act’ which concluded in all
his repatriated billions being subjected to confiscation. To keep
his fortune granddaddy bush chose to leave his Nazi war profits
off shore. He also had a major involvement and investment in the
pharmaceutical company I. G. Farben Ltd - the German company
still operative today which manufactured the gas for the
holocaust killing chambers.

Most of these psychopaths and
megalomaniacs, if you take the time to check their philosophical
allegiance, embrace extreme Talmudic doctrine and Cabalistic
mysticism as opposed to true Torah belief. Let me make it clear
once more concerning my personal opinion on the Ashkenazi Jew
over which I have received much flak and abuse. I do not endorse
anti Jewish hate, neither do I espouse anti Semitism. I am not
infallible and contrary to my critics, I do search for truth and
spend a great deal of my time in research, both in the Bible and
history including archaeology. I do not agree with Bush Juniors
dividing Jerusalem policy. Whether you believe it or not, Bush is
of German persuasion with close blood link to the British royal
family (actually the house of Hanover changed to Windsor is
German not British). Bush policy has another illuminist agenda
and it is not one that includes a genuine Jewish homeland for the
heirs of Abraham. What I say here can all be validated from the
most prestigious family tree research organisation in U.K. Burkes
Peerage, both regarding Bush and House of Windsor.

I believe in the sanctity of
Jewish Hebrew sovereignty along with the Biblical position of
divine election concerning Israel, and its true seed of Abraham,
mainly Torah faithful, Sephardic Jews. Yet I am also aware of the
fact that Germany, and its heritage, has a deep association with
the Kazaars of ancient 8th century Europe. Several specific
elitist religious convictions bind many of the wealthy and
powerful Germanic peoples into what can only be referred to as
bizarre covert allegiances whose identity is known only to those
who can interpret their strict codes and symbolism.

They have been able to remain
undetected by the populace because of their strategy of hiding
behind benevolent societies and government bodies as well as non
governmental organisations and foundations. Many of these are
sworn to secrecy and the general public is never allowed to
participate. They are the planners, who have over the centuries,
made the political decisions to steer humanity down a path of
Satanic totalitarian New World Order. Such organisations as Club
Of Rome, Masonry, Bildebergers, World Forum, Scull and Bones,
Rosicrucian’s and many others, too numerous to mention.
Headed by the thirteen bloodlines of the Illuminati, and
monitored by the implementing body of The Council of Three
Hundred beneath them.

The instigating dictators and
influential minders of this anti god and ambitious New One World
Order are mainly Germanic ancient Kazaarian, extreme Talmudic
embracers of Ashkenazi Judaism.

As you read ‘The Thirteenth
Tribe’ by Arthur Koestler, himself an Ashkenazi Jew, you
will understand their history, tradition, heritage and culture.
So when the book of Revelation in the New Testament (chapter 2
verse 8 and chapter 3 verse 8) describes a body of political
people who say they are Jews but who are not, I believe it refers
to these people, not because I am anti Jewish, but because I am
pro Jewish and Pro Torah but I am not pro Talmud. No wonder the
Talmudic Jewish Anti Defamation League wants and has intentions
to have the New Testament banned as a book of hate. If that
accusation is true, then why do they not request the banning of
Shakespeare’s poems and many other books which just portray
history’s story of degenerate human behaviour both good and
bad, irrespective of which religious belief or ethnic background?
Be it Jewish, Roman, Egyptian, English or Spanish, each culture
has its tin God egotistical emperors who desire total control
over their subjects as a sign of their supremacy and

Let me say again - I am not
against the Jewish people as I believe they have a special place
in Gods heart for the future. What I do not accept is that Jewish
people are exempt from the gospel of salvation such as American
John Hagee teaches. The Jewish people have suffered much under
the hands of many tyrants through history and the worst is not
over yet. Jesus predicted a time when the world will undergo a
terrible time of trouble such as the world has never seen. The
Bible makes it clear the one who will instigate this tortuous
trauma upon the Jewish people will be one who will win the hearts
of the Jewish nation but who will, after winning their
confidence, betray them. The Bible reveals this betrayer will not
acknowledge or honour the God of his fathers, suggesting as most
commentators agree - that his heritage and faith will be Jewish
but he will not follow Judaism. He will follow and honour a god
of force or fortresses. His allegiance will be to a different god
than Jehovah and his objective will be to conquer the world and
all its inhabitants. The Bible further reveals this anti Jewish
betrayer will deceive and subjugate all mankind enforcing them to
worship him. Scripture further adds that this anti Jewish Torah
betrayer will sell out his people and disregard the faith of his
fathers. Again, let me note Revelation 2:8 and Revelation 3:8 which states
these future so called Jews are actually from a synagogue of
Satan not the synagogue of Jehovah. Actually these ones are
worshippers of Lucifer.

Let me get back to the central
point of this article and show the evil agenda behind these
elitist crazies.

While Bush senior was in charge
of the CIA, he manipulated the whole of the republican party
through intimidation and bribery using their secrets to his own
ends. He ran a paedophilia and prostitution ring both for male
and female child prostitutes out from the white house in
association with Reagan himself. Don’t just accept or
reject what I say, go and be a good Berean and check it all out
for yourself. Substantiate the true facts. Go on to youtube and
listen to the testimony of a now adult child prostitute named
Arizona Wilder as she reveals the sordid details before a U.S.
senate investigation committee. That committee settled and paid
compensation to many of these seriously psychologically damaged

These warped satanically inspired
political leaders have ruined and destroyed the lives of many
children and there are many others who have gone public who were
in the same destructive programs. Many were stolen from their
families and sold into sex slavery by the CIA who became forced
agents of mind control program, operation or project Monarch.
Listen also to the testimonies of others, such as Cathy
O’Brien and read her US banned book or find her website at
Trance formation America, she and many others were abducted, boys
and girls,(Johnny Gosch is another) and stolen as children and
placed under the control of this demonic CIA project run by Bush
senior and his Satanist regime minions. Bush jnr is involved as
well (ABSOLUTE FACT) check out Sedalia Castle in Colorado where
they conduct their occultic rituals.

The actual case and the
transcript of the pre-trial proceedings which was to have them
charged was put together by a Christian District Attorney who was
denied the opportunity to bring it to trial and have Bush and
others prosecuted. The reason given was because it included
issues of national security. The actual fact was that no judge
would jeopardise his future and take on the case as many
witnesses had been intimidated and silenced. It is known as the
Franklin Affair. It was front page news in the Boston Globe which
was pulled from publication under security laws. A few copies
found their way into the public but were quickly retrieved,
hiding all the evidence of political corruption at the highest
level of government under threats of conspiracy to undermine the
security of America.

The particular program
"Operation Monarch" was developed by the sinister arm
of the CIA at Stanford research institute, a university which is
a front for experimentation in torture and manipulation of human
behaviour. The soldier heading this program on behalf of the
military was hand picked by Bush himself, his name is Colonel
Michael Aquino an American Philipino. His track record and
history is nothing short of devilish, he is the self imposed high
priest of the Temple of Set, he is an avowed Satanist who
promotes animal sacrifice and by association blood sacrifice. He
was based in the Presidium in California at the personal behest
of Bush Senior himself. He was the understudy to Anton Lavey who
was the head of the Satanist Church of America and trained
personally by him. Aquino headed up the division of CIA relating
to Psychological Operations known as Psy-ops where human torture
was the norm. In conclusion, read the following article

Abu Ghraib, Satanists, And

updated 2005 by Edward

In a legal battle currently
raging in Federal court in New York, the Pentagon is desperately
trying to block the release of more photos and videotapes of
prisoner abuse and torture at Abu Ghraib. At issue, in the
lawsuit brought by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU),
Physicians for Human Rights, Veterans for Common Sense, and
others, are 87 photographs and four videotapes, which are
reported to contain images of rape, sodomy, and other conduct far
more horrendous even than that which has been disclosed so far.
The question raised, is what connection does this have to the
reports received by EIR that the Special Warfare crowd based at
Fort Bragg, N.C., is deeply enmeshed in "spoon-bender"
Mind War programs and experimentation, and intersects outright
Satanic circles?

`Rape and Murder'
An examination should proceed in light of hearings in the U.S.
Senate, and the explosive New Yorker magazine article by
investigative reporter Jane Mayer, which further documented
prisoner abuse and torture as a deliberate, systematic policy,
one that came from the very top of the Defence Dept, and also
that these practices were deliberately introduced into Iraq,
after having first been tried at Guantanamo. It suggests a link
between the torture scandals, and Satanic paedophile rings that
operated out of the Presidio Army Base in San Francisco, or
around Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska, consider the following:
When Defence Secretary Rumsfeld testified to the Senate Armed
Services Committee in May 2004, he warned that the unreleased Abu
Ghraib images were far worse than those that had come out so far,
saying that they show acts "that can only be described as
blatantly sadistic, cruel and inhumane." Sen. Lindsey Graham
(R-S.C.) said, after the Senate hearings, "we're talking
about rape and murder here."

Other, shaken members of Congress
who viewed the photos said they showed, among other things, naked
prisoners being forced into sexual acts with one another. In an
affidavit filed last month in the ACLU case, but only recently
unsealed, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Richard
Myers, painted a stark picture of what could happen if the photos
and videos, known as the "Darby photos," were released.
Official release of the photos "will pose a clear and grave
risk of inciting violence and riots against American troops and
coalition forces," Myers said, and could result in
"increased terrorist recruitment." "Release of
these images will be portrayed as part and parcel of the alleged,
continuing effort of the United States to humiliate
Muslims," Myers added. Now, listen to investigative reporter
Seymour Hersch, who first broke the Abu Ghraib story in April
2004, and who said the following, when speaking to an ACLU event
in July 2004:

At Abu Ghraib.women were passing
messages out saying `Please come and kill me, because women who
were arrested with young boys, children in cases that have been
recorded. The boys were sodomized with cameras rolling. And above
all that is the soundtrack of boys screaming your government has
defiled us. They are in total terror." Additionally, former
prisoners from Abu Ghraib have given U.S. military investigators
detailed descriptions of the rape of a boy prisoner at Abu Ghraib
by an American soldier, and have described other types of abuse
of children there. "How is it possible, that members of the
U.S. military could be involved in such hideous

Jane Mayer's July 11 New
Yorker article, "The Experiment," present a compelling
case that the techniques of sexual and religious humiliation of
prisoners, as well as most of the other techniques used at
Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib, were developed by behavioural
scientists and others associated with the U.S. military, and that
study of such techniques is regularly used in the training of
military personnel to resist interrogation if captured by enemy
forces. Rumsfeld sent Maj. Gen. Geoffrey Miller to take command
of the Guantanamo prison camp Nov 2002, since Rumsfeld believed
that the previous commander was not getting adequate results from
interrogations. It was Miller, said to be part of the
"spoon-bender" set, and also of like mind with the
Muslim-hating Gen. William Boykin, who established the role of
psychologists and psychiatrists in assisting interrogations, as
part of the Behavioural Science Consultation Teams (BSCT, or

The BSCT program operates under
Military Intelligence, and many of its members have undergone
training in the resistance program known as SERE (Survival,
Evasion, Resistance, and Escape). SERE reportedly involves
subjecting trainees to extreme temperatures, sensory deprivation
including confinement in small spaces, loud noises, sexual
embarrassment and humiliation, and what is called "religious
dilemma"—including the desecration of the Bible.
Shortly after Miller arrived at Guantanamo, FBI agents assigned
to Guantanamo raised objections to the use of SERE techniques in
interrogations of prisoners, and they raised their concerns
directly to Miller, according to FBI documents disclosed in the
ACLU lawsuit.

Later, in August 2003, Miller was
sent to Iraq by Rumsfeld's Undersecretary for Intelligence
Stephen Cambone, and Cambone's assistant Boykin. Miller
visited Abu Ghraib and the "hunter-killer" squad then
known as Task Force 20; his express purpose was to
"Gitmo-ize" detention and interrogation programs in
Iraq. As he put it in his report summarizing his visit, he went
to Iraq "to discuss current theatre ability to rapidly
exploit internees for actionable intelligence." His
best-known recommendation was that of using detention operations
(e.g., MPs serving as prison guards) to "set conditions for
successful interrogations." Less well known, is that Miller
also recommended providing a BSCT "to support interrogation
operations," explaining: `Reverse Engineering'

According to Mayer, the flagship
SERE program is based at the JFK Special Warfare School at Fort
Bragg, and the training program is overseen by psychologists and
other behavioural science clinicians, who keep detailed records
of trainees' responses and stress levels. Since the program
is ostensibly intended to expose trainees to maximum anxiety in
order to better equip them to resist interrogation and torture,
the program is, Mayer reports, "a storehouse of knowledge
about coercive methods of interrogation." Mayer

"One way to stimulate acute
anxiety, SERE scientists have learned, is to create an
environment of radical uncertainty: trainees are hooded; sleep
disrupted and starved for extended periods; they are stripped of
their clothes and exposed to extreme temperatures, etc". If
a POW "is trying to avoid revealing secrets to enemy
interrogators, he is much less likely to succeed if he has been
deprived of sleep or is struggling to avoid intense pain."
Or, as Mayer put it in an interview posted on the New Yorker
website: "Before 9/11, many of these behavioural scientists
[at Guantanamo] were affiliated with SERE schools, where they
used their knowledge to train U.S. soldiers to resist coercive
interrogations. But since 9/11, several sources told me, these
same behavioural scientists began to `reverse engineer' the
process. Instead of teaching resistance, they used their skills
to help overcome resistance in U.S.-held detainees."

One of those identified in the
Mayer article, as playing an important role at Guantanamo, is
Col. Morgan Banks, the director of the Psychological Applications
Directorate of the Army Special Operations Command at Fort Bragg.
Gitmo, the Laboratory During the controversy over the Newsweek
story about desecration of the Koran, a former U.S. military
officer wrote to Prof. Juan Cole (who runs the anti-war
"Informed Comment" web blog) and described his own
experiences at SERE school, which had a mock POW camp for
training CI (counterintelligence) personnel, interrogators, etc.
"One of the most memorable parts of the camp experience was
when one of the camp leaders trashed a Bible on the ground,
kicking it around, etc.," the ex-officer wrote. "It was
a crushing blow, even though this was just a school. I have no
doubt that the stories about trashing the Koran are

You must realize that Gitmo is
being used as a `laboratory' for all these psychological
manipulation techniques by the CI guys," he continued,
calling this "absolutely sickening." Sexual humiliation
and ridicule, involving stripping trainees naked, and having
women laugh at the size of the men's genitals, is part of the
advanced SERE training. Mayer was told about another SERE
training technique called the "mock rape," in which a
female officer stands behind a screen and screams as if she were
being violated, and the trainee is told that he can stop the rape
if he cooperates with his captors. At Abu Ghraib, they seem to
have dropped the "mock" part.

Source:  Executive
Intelligence Review

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