Balancing the Books in Banking and Bureaucracy – Part 1

Balancing the Books in Banking and Bureaucracy - Part 1

The first thing that I want to make clear is this, emphatically "I firmly believe, God is the one that balances all the books, be it in banking, politics, commerce or society, and as such I also firmly believe God is in complete control of all things at all times." God I believe is right at the centre of this man made global financial storm and as always will steer each of us through this time of difficulty if we allow Him. I have just returned from Hong Kong in mid December 2008 where I was preaching and ministering for three weeks amongst very close and dear Christian friends whom I love and cherish very much. I am aware of some of the hardships they are facing as Hong Kong has been hit by this storm directly, so I speak and write with compassion and sensitivity in this regard, my intention is not to scare folk but to give some understanding and direction to it.

I had the opportunity to speak and minister to top banking and financial people in the field of investment as well as to companies who are linked to large American finance and brokerage houses. I have become aware of a shift that has taken place over the last several years that some may have observed but most will have missed. That subtle but extremely important shift is, I believe the reason we are now facing the furor we presently are and I also see it to be the very essence of the reason as to why God has allowed this crisis to come especially and directly upon America with such a vengeance, and so savagely. Might I also add that I do not believe we have even begun to see the effects or the severity of this tidal wave to the depth or degree we shortly will.

The spirit behind this financial tsunami is driven from American greed and New York in particular and as further articles in this series will reveal, it has to and can only bring with it the judgement of God. The spirit itself the Lord revealed to me is a predatory lust for power and preeminence. This predatory evil, lying in wait as a serpent of gargantuan consuming strength, is seeking to devour everything before it. Like a vulture, it is poised for the moment of opportunity to strike as the weakened adversary staggers to survive and eventually falls and this spirit the Lord showed me with multiple confirmations while amongst finance and banking officials, symbolizes all that modern American enterprise and commerce stands for. Mathew 24:28 states that where the carcass is, the eagle or vulture will gather, and this is the scripture God gave to me while I was seeking Him in regard to this predatory greedy and insatiable spirit. You can witness this demonic beast in its action as it seeks to swallow up all opposing smaller enterprise and grow fatter and stronger as it goes - till everything is consumed and held bound by its mesmerizing power.

While I was in Hong Kong, I was in the I.F.S. Building which is, at present, the tallest building in Hong Kong, but more importantly is the International Finance Centre not only of Hong Kong but also to most of Asia. While I was there I talked to many who repeatedly stressed the fact that many nations as yet have not seen nor felt the impact of this storm as others have. The reason I am told is that China, who is a major manufacturer and supplier of goods to the western world, (and considering the fact that in order to manufacture it has to purchase its raw materials from some where else), has become very vulnerable to Global importing and exporting trends and is economically viable when others are purchasing, but that is not the case at present. Chinese businesses and workers in many provinces and cities are hurting and being laid off.

The folly of a nation like Australia in the midst of this is to casually view this down turn as simply that, but we have not begun to even realize the severity of this crisis as yet and we most certainly will. It is world wide and it will affect every nation and people on earth. You might feel I am being overly alarmist at my predictions but I want to tell you, this has not been a knee jerk reaction of mine as are some present political predictions. Some are saying the worst is over, we are on the way up or that we need to just tighten our belts for a period of time. This crisis has spelt the finish of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and has finally brought it down to a level at which most other countries are now able to compete. It is and has been totally obscene to think and justify the fact that three quarters of the entire worlds production and commodities are consumed by less than half a billion people while the other six billion inhabitants live on or under the poverty line and most can not even survive or exist on the paltry sum they get.

I hear over and over again in my travels that the western world is blessed and has the wealth because we have the Bibles standard of the creator upon us because of our belief system. To that I say rubbish! That ended at least a generation ago when prior to the sixties we honored God and His Bible. That argument is totally erroneous now. In fact, all the filth and disgusting behavior associated with the depraved society in which we now live comes from the western world and has been commercialized by so called deceived godly people. America took the ideas and drove them all into the camp of monetary enterprise. The Church with its depraved and demonic delusion of prosperity began to ‘EMPOWER AND LIBERATE AND, MOTIVATIONALLY SEMINAR’ the congregants and believers into purpose driven stupidity. We now have a generation of people who not only know nothing about holiness and godliness but know less about ethics and principles of honor and truth, which keep the former as the focus of all conscience. We have also now a generation of western believers whose only goal is wealth and power which is solely consumed with an egotistical self centered idea that God, life and everything else evolves around them.

One reason I love to travel beyond the west is to mix with folk who do not have the western frame of reference or mindset, they are not self centered but very honoring and still treat people with dignity and respect. We call ourselves the most civilized. I do not believe it. We are in many ways the most barbaric, we discard our old folks, we will betray another, even family, if we can see a buck in it, we will sacrifice faithfulness and loyalty for a better bottom line financial result. We also will lie and deceive, even defraud family and the faith to better our status or position. Integrity and credibility are no longer even esteemed let alone tolerated. But guess which nation created this diabolic situation - THE GOOD OL’ USA.

That is why it is such a litigious society. Law and justice have been perverted to the benefit of the rich and famous. Criminals and sportsmen are relegated a place reserved only for champions and extraordinary achievers in the past. Also with this mentality has come the twisted warped thinking that getting to the top is not good enough - we must aspire to reach over the top so the end justifies the means. In other words, what ever it takes in order to get there, dishonesty, fraud, drugs, murder, doping, bribery, torture and what ever else fits the occasion. It has always intrigued me as to how fickle Americans are in their naivety. For example I have traveled there many times and we would play the American version of trivial pursuit night after night while up in the snow covered winter in the states of New England and Massachusetts and as a foreign family playing their own American history version of the game we could beat them hands down time after time simply because they were never taught history or education from a world perspective only from a national US perspective. They are so patriotic they will not accept any other point of view and certainly are not open to another historical or cultural perspective period!

Tragically, because what is proposed from the top works its way to the bottom. The leaders of America are so corrupt, they and their law makers as well as our own politicians now, think nothing of acting as talking heads with no intention of living by the precepts they demand of others. Take the situation last week here is Australia, in early December where a top judge and chief police officer have just been charged with charges relating to pedophilia and sexual exploitation of children. The judges and lawyers are mostly in the pockets of others, minders and handlers seeking there own glorification. The world is full today of marionettes and devoid of courageous self sacrificing heroes. What a joke that we esteem people like O J Simpson, adulterer Gregg Norman, debaucherous folk like Shane Warne and temper tantrum John McEnroe and such like them, whose only claim to fame is their display of human character deficiency. We esteem folk like Bill Clinton who is considered one of the most popular presidents in US politics but who was nothing but a philanderer and who swore under oath he was telling the truth while actually blatantly lying to the Supreme Court of America. America and the west now, which followed the USA’s example, is seen to be corrupt as a people and rotten to the core. That is why I believe God has decreed enough, it is time to balance the books in the once great nation of the USA and us included we will not escape.

I am ashamed to be a part of Christianity in the west, internationally we are seen as being bigoted and selfish, disrespectful and proud, even arrogant, but worse we are considered untrustworthy and deceitful and not willing to give but only willing to take and defile. I am constantly reminded by other religions and leaders that it is the western so called Christian nations that have hijacked the media for explicit sexual entertainment and pornographic filth. It is America ‘a Christian nation’ that has demanded the absolute best of everything while the rest of the world to them does not even feature. Deplorably, it is true as many documentaries can be viewed that disclose most Americans can not even point out the very basest of placement relating to the continents and geography of ethnic peoples on earth, much less are they able to explain the very simplest of cultural difference between people groups.

America, and now we who follow, have been the people who demand written contracts and no longer word of mouth (any guess as to why, could it be a trust issue emphatically, YES) It is we Christian nations who demanded interest from our banking deposits. We were the ones who produced the original blue movies, we who introduced secularism and evolution. We who demanded human rights at the expense of truth, we were the ones who introduced population control, eugenics, and euthanasia and modern pharmaceutical drug dependence. We also were the ones who demanded educating the masses in knowledge but rejected the sanctum of morality, marriage and purity.

The west decriminalized homosexuality largely, and introduced peer pressure along with the stupidity of cultish image characterization. The west, particularly the US created promotional advertising using slick oil salesmen to convince people to buy what was not only not needed but was dishonestly presented. Not to mention the falsity of Hollywood, the popularization of explicit sexuality and the foolishness of reality TV where people are demeaned and denigrated to shameful proportions and dignity is ridiculed but advertising and bank balances grossly increase. The glamorization of crime and fictional fantasy is largely our creation, what a heritage we have left our children. We have promoted the dollars so far above integrity we now will pay its astronomical consequential price.

How sad that no one will acknowledge it but we created this fallacy of cult following so that a run for the highest office in a nation is now dependant upon the candidates photogenic ability and his skill in persuasion to sell himself. The absolute craziness in Western politics that now demands a man must have at least a multiple of millions and I think Obama’s ran into several hundred million dollars. What a reproach. No honest God fearing man of integrity could or would ever stand a chance. For one thing if he is a true man of character his conscience would not let him.

Talking of reproach did you notice at several recent World Trade Organisation meetings the third world developing countries were unable to break the deadlock and get agreement to allow them to sell their products into America as America and the E.U. considered it would be disadvantageous to their prolific trade controls which favour their economies. So the World Trade Organisation disbanded its meetings without an agreement sanctioning them to trade internationally. Even in this crisis which is upon us in order for many third world countries to get help from the world bank they have had to agree to destroy crops and harvest that compete with farmers in the west, criminal, do you think God condones that, absolutely not. No wonder the day of accounting has come and with a vengeance.

Part 2 next month……

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