Cronyism and Politics

Cronyism and Politics

Cronyism and Politics

It is not long before the very mouths of those who promise the
world to their followers actually turn on them and as the Bible
states REND THEM or tear them to pieces, by betraying the publics
trust in them. The foolish followers do not seem to question nor
challenge their decisions, as they seem blinded by the shining
charisma of the new public messiah, but all you need to do is
watch for a short period of time and these political animals
whose belly is themselves and whose greed is directed at more of
the same and for personal benefit. I am talking here and
referring to the new President elect of the USA - Barrack

It never ceases to amaze me just how naïve and ignorant
the public perception is when it is leveled at politicians. All
people have to do is look at the appointments of the new
president elect to see what his policy will be and that it will
totally negate the very platform of promises that he ran his
whole campaign upon. "Namely Change". Change alone is
not enough, but people just cry for something different not
asking or suggesting what that change should be. Change in itself
is simply a destabilizing factor and a catch cry that, on its
own, can resolve nothing and Obama’s policy in his run for
office has defined nothing from what I can see and I have
followed his statements closely. The foolish public bay for blood
when their personal purse is touched and so they look for someone
who will lead their discontent crying for the removal of the old
guard, not that he (Bush) was any example of truth and goodness.
I kept searching for an idea concerning what his political
position and this promised change might bring but with very
little success.

As mentioned above change for changes sake is just a
destabiliser and undermines a society. For example, if I was the
owner of a business and you were my employee and I continually
came to you remarking that everything is going to change. Every
time I came near you if I made the comment that the business
model is going to change, that our clientele is going to change,
that our output has to change that our geographic position and
system had to change; it would not be long before you would start
to worry as to the future usefulness of your expertise to the
company and whether you were going to be replaced or not. You
would be totally destabilized by my continual suggestion of
change and you subsequently, would want to know what this change
might be and certainly you would ultimately be asking me to
define your personal position in this change. Weirdly though no
one seems to want to know or does not seek to clarify what the
change spoken of actually is.

So like all the other untrustworthy political talking heads,
if we want to know the truth we have to find an alternative way
to discover the intended method and results of the change. The
process of global governance is very exclusive and thus kept very
secret. Certainly it is planned and implemented behind closed
doors. But there are ways that one can discern the ultimate
changes and one method of doing so is to look at who the
designated change planners actually are. The first was very
obvious, his name is Zeignew Brzezinski, he was ex president
Jimmy Carters puppet controller, one of the most ardent and
forceful advocates for a new world order. If you doubt that just
do a google search and you will find many books that have been
written by him personally and every one of them is spelling out
the virtues of Global government and the folly of not moving fast
enough to implement them. He is a major policy former and leader
in the Council On Foreign Relations, his radical ideas are
reinforced and backed by the Rockefeller family foundation and
the Rothschild’s. He handpicked Jimmy Carter and Obama to
run for president and then backed them with crooked bank money
via the German Jewish money manipulators who own the United
States of America.

I personally wondered many times if any one would ask the
question as to why he would have these men as his handlers and
backers if he was going to introduce any significant change but
no one did and all the media world wide did not even seem to
care. As normal the slippery rubber Christian society and its
leaders bent this way and that to accommodate the change just
like they did when Bush declared he was a Christian leader and
needed their support to which they blindly followed and
responded. This election was no different. They all called Obama
the new messiah including the Christians, and they rallied behind
him without question. It did not seem to matter that he is a
traitor to Christianity with his way out beliefs’ or that
he is a political novice, or that he is the most liberal
politician in congress or that he is a total endorser of full
term abortion on demand as well as a total supporter of
homosexual relationships. Not to mention the fact that he is a
supporter of dividing Israel and a fan of Islam and not a natural
born American and also that he is a communist sympathizer and a
radical of radicals who openly supported the rebel communist
murderer Odinga who in turn authorized the killing of many
Christians in the recent Kenyan elections etc etc.

I am at the place where I no longer have any confidence in the
world Christian leaders to do the biblically right thing, they
are carried away with every diverse wind of doctrine and thus
principle no longer concerns them. It is noteworthy that a one
hundred year old prophecy was issued about a son of a certain
small tribe in Kenya to which Obama belongs, one who would rise
to rule over the major power nation in the west who was the
controller of commerce and wealth through out the world. This
prophecy which has come to light states that this son, a Kenyan,
would be the leader of that nation when it came to its final

I can only say that nothing surprises me any more and the more
I travel the more disturbed I become at the naivety and stupidity
of the so called Christian community. They are not only blind and
deaf but are dumb. They are as the Bible says, dumb dogs with no

Obama is no saviour, certainly no messiah, he will sell the US
out and as it kicks its final death throws he will sign its final
certificate of burial. If only civilized folk would ask the
questions, but no one does and take it from me if you do, you get
thrown to the wolves, not just by the radicals but more so by the
Christian society with this weak and lame excuse for
justification that we should not judge but obey our governments
and its officials. What insipid rot, the bible tells us to judge
all things and to hold fast only to those things which are good
and wholesome. We must not condone sin or unrighteousness. There
are others that are major players in the governing process of
selection that should cause absolute and great alarm particularly
Hillary Clinton, touted to be a witch and lesbian. Also the
choice of gates in Obama’s administration, they are all the
old guard there will be no change just more of the same. Look at
all the names of Obama’s roundup and you see quickly there
is a continuation of policy and agenda that is heading directly
and quickly to a climax of world government and neither you nor I
can now stop it.

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