The Religious Agenda of The Council On Foreign Relations and The Illuminati

The Religious Agenda of The Council On Foreign Relations and The Illuminati

The Religious Agenda of The Council On Foreign Relations and The Illuminati

Much has been said about
this sinister organisation and especially of late in regard to
Rick Warren and his neo political P.E.A.C.E. initiative
incorporating the so called evangelical conservative church of
the USA for the establishing of universal kingdom, now theology.
Warrens agenda in association with this antichrist body seeks,
among other things, the diabolic plan of a universal religion
along with a one world church. So I would like to put the record
straight as to why the C.F.R. is considered to be the machine of
satanic inspiration. It is because one of its major purposes is
to unite mankind under a global flag and one world government
which in turn will cause all, both rich and poor old and young
slave and free, to bow down and worship the image of the beast,
(the totalitarian world government that is forming before our
very eyes).

Their greatest obstacle to bringing this about is the
fundamentalist religions of the world who find it impossible to
accept any other doctrinal position than that which they have
been taught to believe is the truth - the radical Muslims, the
fundamentalist Christians, the ultra orthodox Jews etc.etc. So
you say, then it could never come to pass! Oh yes it can and it
will, for you see the only group of people amongst these groups
that are bound to absolute scrupulous honesty are born again
Christians. They are covenant bound to tell the absolute truth
and never deceive, all the other groups will say what is
necessary, to gain the position of power from which they then
will implement their concept of absolute rule of law which they
would say is truth. So it’s the same old story, there are
only two paths, a narrow one and a broad one. The narrow one
demands allegiance to truth and transparency at all times, the
broad one doesn’t, so the old saying which accompanies this
broad path philosophy, states the end justifies the means.
Whereas honesty and transparency demands that the method by which
you attain a thing must comply with the integrity of the goal you
arrive at. Nothing else is acceptable to God.

So a genuine Christian cannot have a hidden secret or ungodly
agenda, whereas other religions can and do. Islam allows it for
the purpose of world conversion to Islam, Talmudist Rabbis allow
it for the same reason, so that they can gain the upper hand and
from that vantage point implement their hidden undisclosed goals.
Read the Babylonian Talmud and you will see it justifies all
these secret methods as does the Koran, and others. So you
quickly realize that you can never really negotiate with these
groups who will resort to what ever action necessary to achieve
their hidden objective. Read the Talmudic oath of the Kol Nidre
and you will see what I mean.

Take for example Rick Warren and his co-horts. They distort
the truth to their own ends by using constant reference in their
documents and dialogue to modern translations of the scripture,
that have very little to do with Biblical truth. Warren and many
others and pretty much all Warren disciples use the Message Bible
which was put together by a man called Eugene Petersen. This
bible, like most of the modern translations, is a contemporary
interpretation of what they considered a modern Messiah would
say. But when you compare the actual historical words to its
contemporary counterpart that Petersen and others have chosen, it
does not always convey the true meaning let alone anything close
to it.

Sadly, one of the major reasons that the Word of God has come
to be spoken with so many different ideas and confusion,
sometimes even contradictory interpretations, is because there
are two separate groups of manuscripts which have been chosen
from which all translations of the modern Bible have been taken.
Firstly there is the group of manuscripts which most
conservatives will call unreliable and corrupted and most
liberals will ardently and defensively quote from, and they are
the manuscripts known as the Vaticanus B (Vatican) hence catholic
scrolls. It does not take a rocket scientist to recognize that
only a few decades ago the Vatican, for the first time in
history, allowed its adherents and people to have a translation
which is different from its official recorded acceptable Bible.
As such those who have any knowledge and understanding at all
will know that the Catholic church teaches many fallacious
doctrines which have no basis of truth in them what so ever, when
you compare them to the true Bible. How did this happen and how
was it endorsed by so many of its followers? By using a different
set of scriptures and manuscripts from which they translated
their heretical teachings - that’s how. By using their own
Vaticanus records and documents which do not include many of the
truths or verses along with the specific teachings that the
Textus Receptus (received Text) translations include.

Just to name a few let me give some examples

  1. The heretical teaching that the Popes word is as God and as
    such infallible
  2. The Teaching that Mary was sinless and was in fact the mother
    of God
  3. That the bread and wine of the Eucharist is actually the
    blood and flesh of Jesus Christ
  4. The doctrine of purgatory which is a place beyond death from
    which men can be saved by paying a fee
  5. That we need a priest to absolve and obliterate our sins from
    Gods records as in the confessional
  6. That men when becoming priests should abstain from
  7. That we are to worship the deceased by praying to them or
    through them.
  8. Child Baptism by sprinkling

There are numerous others, but these are blatant deceptions
enough to prove my point. Jesus said if you know the word which
is truth, you shall be free but without the true word you will
never be free. So one of the greatest ploys of Satan is to get us
looking at all the books in the world but keep us from the one
true book that can save us. It is the only book which is the
Gospel of Truth which in turn is the power of God which can
convict us and save us from our sins. The Bible.

People who are not lovers of truth will settle for any
manuscript or book which is open to human or intellectual
interpretation and say that is acceptable, but a lover of God
will not and cannot accept anything less than the exact truth.
There is massive debate as to why we should use the old King
James Bible or why we should use a modern translation. They do
not understand that the modern translations are all taken from
Vaticanus scrolls or writings, which excluded many of the
doctrines of God Himself or distort them.

Further, let me explain one more thing and it is this. No one,
especially mercenaries, who want to make money from the scripture
translation they originate, can do so by using the received text,
as it is public domain made so by King James who authorized it to
be read by all and sundry where ever and when ever possible. So
you can not make money by using its text. Therefore if you want
to make a buck from the scriptures and put your own version out
there, with your own personal slant on it you have to use the
Vaticanus scripts or texts.

So what do we end up with? A whole conglomeration of distorted
humanistic books called ‘bibles’, many of which are
an insult to God and His truth.. But all the lazy mercenary and
ignorant church goers who do not want to be disciples, nor hear
the truth and live by it, would rather have a poor watered down
version of it, just so as they can appease their conscience and
at least tell God they were good living folk who never did any
harm to any one, they just wanted to get on with life and be
blessed by truths principles. Truth hurts they say, well search
your own heart and you tell me if it does, then if so, change
your ways as your conscience is being pricked.