The Grand Vision Communitarian

The Grand Vision Communitarian

The Grand Vision Communitarian

Community! Community!
Community! You are either with us or you
are against us. This is the consensus, the expectation, and the
rule of community law. Community is the Grand Vision; the
employer, the grantor, the regional council and their land use
policies, their community and religious leaders, and jailers. The
Vision is masterminded opinion superimposed upon you, and your
compliancy to them is their Grand Vision come to economic
fruition. The Vision is unadulterated force dolled up in
metaphysical coolness, newness, greenness, greater goods, and
group hypnosis. It is rule-bound, soul capturing, and makes rich
men of followers and outcasts of doubters. And its sacrificial
lamb is the independence of the United States of America. Its
sacrificial lamb is freedom.

The Grand Vision is a social experiment created and funded by
the world’s whitest elite men. Its goal is global economic
domination though its roots, history, and pathology are far
darker than even global control of all Earth’s wealth
– both realized and potential wealth. It was born inside a
lie called dialectical reasoning – the very bastardization
of logic and thinking. It is human manipulation at its historical
pinnacle. What you know is wrong. What you see, hear, think, and
feel is wrong. Replace everything you know with its opposite, and
you are a dialectical and Grand Vision thinker. Hence, the world
now implodes with the new government and global leaders and
institutions waiting – readied, prepared, and
technologically able to take all human control –

And so, it all falls apart – every continent, every
city, every market, every household – even the weather -
chaos is awarded to the world so that the new order can take hold
with Grand Visions of "their" grandeur, which is the
new world religion of their design. All hail their new world
order, their land, their seas, and their global ownership of
everything. Sadly, they say there are too many of the human
rabble – the human insects that pollute and destroy with
their homesteads, herds, and children; their cars, cultures, and
beliefs. Therefore, the Grand Vision speaks - collection of
rabble DNA, their land and animals, their values, and their
beliefs. Re-educate them for purposes useful to the Vision or
eliminate their chances for survival. Sterilize them to reduce
their numbers, and reduce generational numbers with high-tech
plagues and other air-borne and sub-dermal creations. Pit child
against parent, neighbor against neighbor, worker against worker,
student against student, and give them high-tech devices whereby
deputizing the angry masses with weapons of revenge

And the seminars and workshops and conferences train the Grand
Vision workforce – the new community and business leaders
to be uncompromising masters of the human resource Vision.
"Accountability" being the keyword, we the people are
now accountable for Grand Vision service and compliancy –
to the letter of the new laws of their globe – new laws
that include no ownership of land, no ownership of guns, and for
future references – no ownership of automobiles. Such
things are only for Grand Vision leaders, family, and their
"partners." You shall be green. They shall be anything
they want to be – and with armed guards securing their good

You shall volunteer your time and talents to ensure that all
community work is done, and that wages are given only to Grand
Vision community leaders. You may be fed and watered. You may be
housed in live-work units owned by Grand Vision housing agencies
or you may live in serf quarters or serf communes on Grand Vision
land – but guaranteed – you will be poor for wages
are not in your futures. Fewer and fewer wages shall be paid. You
will volunteer for your livings. You WILL be civil in society and
WILL provide free labor. You WILL be a happy and compliant slave.
Your hunger and poverty ensures your servitude in your
dialectically collapsing world that is policed by homeland

Sound all too science-fictiony? Actually it is science and
philosophical non-fiction or, in other words, it is
ignorance-based reality with a capital R. The ignorant continue
the bad economy or partisan politics rant. They continue the
terrorist or oil rant, but the best laid plans will, in fact, win
the day – and today, the best laid plans continue to be the
dialectical lies of the last 150 years.

I guess all one can really say is – congratulations to
all you elite white men. You had a long, patient, and masterful
plan. We are seemingly as stupid as you believed. We seemingly
choose your totalitarianism, your all-encompassing economic
controls, your corporate wars, and your eugenic selections of
choice. Your chaos certainly rules all days, and we are most
certainly your Communitarian servants serving your greater
financial good. Well played…albeit insidious. Hegel would
be proud.

© 2009 Nancy Levant - All Rights Reserve - Nancy Levant is a renowned writer for Constitutional
governance and American culture. She is the author of The
Cultural Devastation of American Women: The Strange and
Frightening Decline of the American Female
her dreadful timing). She is an opponent of deceptive governance
and politicians, global governance by deception, political
feminism, the public school system, political economics based
upon manufactured wars and their corporate benefactors, and the
Federal Reserve System.