What Happened to Biblical Discernment?

What Happened to Biblical Discernment?

What Happened to Biblical Discernment?

I ask the question above, in all sincerity as I am personally
astounded and also alarmed at the incredible naivety and
foolishness of the so called Christian right or otherwise known
as the conservative movement around the globe. I find it
obnoxious and offensive, to the point of anger that the Churches
leaders all around the world, certainly now in all the so called
civilized Christian nations and mega churches, have adopted this
system of power politics and business commercial hierarchy, which
has nothing to do with Christianity at all. All it does is grant
abusive control and power to the ego of undesirable people who
are nothing but marred flesh like the rest of us, and who can not
be trusted with the power we are decreed, certainly to those of
us who do not possess a biblical knowledge and the conscience of
a godly heritage and morality to guide us. How can one make right
decisions without knowing right ethics and truth?

I listened to the news on Christmas Eve, 2008 and heard the
incredibly arrogant statement of the recent attorney General of
Australia, Phillip Ruddock who refused to admit any wrong doing
or personal responsibility for the fiasco relating to the
internment, accusations and removal of passport and citizenship
from the Muslim Doctor Mohamed Haneef. Who does Ruddock think he
is, and what right does he have to mess up the life of an
innocent family? Ruddock and his cronies have totally destroyed
this families credibility and future and at the very least
deserve an apology. You will see below it does not matter who is
in power, all parties are ducking for cover on issues like this,
as the now present government Federal Attorney-General Robert
McClelland is also concerning the Haneef affair. The apology does
not necessarily have to be given for initiating an interrogation
relating to the terrorist affair, but certainly for the injustice
and dictatorial fascist handling of the case that the then Howard
government not only endorsed but actually created. The simplest
and humblest approach is for these megalomaniacs to stand up and
take the punishment they dish out to the rest of us and just say
an honest and simple sorry.

It is a sad day that we have arrived at, that no one will
admit any guilt because of later recriminations. No wonder Howard
was tossed out of leadership and politics and most of his Aryan
crew with him. I voted for Howard, the Liberals and Nationals,
but found them toward the end of their hold on power to be
nothing short of conceited and deceitfully proud power mongers,
who were so full of themselves they presupposed they were beyond
the people and above the law.

Its like the argument for or against the Aborigines’
here in Australia over the stolen generation, the hatred and
division that that has created is a disgrace, but will any one
take responsibility for it…NO…! John Howard sure
wouldn’t, as well as many so called Pentecostal and
religious leaders, but what does the scripture say regarding
matters like these. In Psalms 15 verse 4 It rehearses, blessed is
the man that swears even to his own hurt, in other words, It
endorses the man who is big enough to not only step in and stop
the carnage, but even if necessary take the brunt of
responsibility to end an argument and then bring reconciliation,
even when he knows it was not his fault. THAT IS GODS WAY OF
DEALING WITH DIVISION. That is the way of the cross, to lay down
our lives for one another and if necessary, take the blame BUT
anyone, any more, no one is worth it, is the way our modern
society operates. No wonder we are about to implode. I also heard
on that same news broadcast that now only one in fourteen
children in Great Britain have any knowledge at all as to who
Christ is and what Christianity and Christmas is about so they
have begun advertising the Christmas message and its relationship
to church life with Rowan Atkinson as a spokesman because it is a
good story. With a contemporary gospel with a good story like
that who could resist. What a joke, what have we become any
wonder we are seen as a comedy act by the world.

Take this historic quote and see if you can put the modern
church in focus,

Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil
obedience. Our problem is that numbers of people all over the
world have obeyed the dictates of the leaders of their government
and have gone to war, and millions have been killed because of
this obedience. . . Our problem is that people are obedient all
over the world in the face of poverty and starvation and
stupidity, and war, and cruelty. Our problem is that people are
obedient while the jails are full of petty thieves, and all the
while the grand thieves are running and robbing the country.
That's our problem. - Howard Zinn

The above stories just go to prove the point that, wrong
decisions "cause", or create consequences, and
consequences can create crisis, and here we are facing one now, a
crisis in morality truth and justice, all because of a rash hasty
piece of legislation rushed through parliament without debate. A
piece of regrettable legislation flawed from the start based on a
reaction and motivated by fear. It is now law because of an ill
considered consequence with absolutely no consideration of the
average citizens of this nation or their God given grant and
rights. Who do these political tyrants think they are. I am not
pro Muslim concerning what they believe, but I am pro justice and
I have said all along that the draconian legislation introduced
under John Howards government had nothing to do with national
security or public safety. Its only purpose was to follow the
Bush’s warped totalitarian view of elitist control. The
Legal view of the retired judicial head of the enquiry has
vindicated and concluded that same viewpoint, recommending
immediate changes back to where we as a nation were before Howard
and Roger Rabbit, I mean Ruddock, changed it.

"Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human
freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of
slaves." William Pitt. P M of England, in a speech to House
of Commons, 18/11/1783.

I met John Howard personally toward the end of his tenancy in
government house and felt him to be as the pundits said no longer
HONEST JOHN, BUT DISHONEST JOHN! He was a good man, a humble man
at the beginning of his leadership but like them all, they are
controlled by a secret cabal behind the scenes and the present
government is no exception. I was in New Zealand in a group of
church leaders who considered themselves conservatives, and the
moment I began to mention the deceit, when asked about the
Australian political arena, I was lambasted and many walked out
rather than hear the truth. I take to task many here in
Australia, who have the opinion that the destruction of Australia
is now irreversible because of the labour or Rudd government
being elected to power and because of the lack of Christians who
voted for a Liberal Governments return.

I do not agree with that position at all, I do believe that a
Labour government will hasten the slide to a civil anarchy and
moral declension, I do believe that Christians, like the
unbeliever, are now so indoctrinated with a selfish give me
mentality that they will vote for only what and who will reward
them most financially. But also, I do believe Labour is no
different than would be a Liberal elected government and I also
believe that all politicians are just puppets of hidden global
controllers having a sinister World Order agenda. Having said all
that now let me tell you what part I do not believe and that is,
that an unsaved man whether moral or immoral will take our
country in any different direction than what is determined from
higher up. Also I do not believe that any significant change
would have been instigated had a liberal government been imposed.
You will learn that from the US example Obama’s campaign
was run on a slogan of change . But there will be no change as
the leaders are still all the same. Same heart, same mind, same
goals, same policy and same demonic mindset.

"The essence of Government is power; and power, lodged as
it must be in human hands, will ever be liable to abuse."
James Madison, Speech in the Virginia State Convention of

The furor over homosexuality and gay rights has become an
issue that many Christian leaders here in Australia have taken up
to justify their "told you so" attitude of electing a
Rudd government. But what I find incredulous is that directly
after the Liberal loss in 2008 Brendon Nelson and particularly
the newly elected Liberal leader Malcolm Turnbull, both ascribed
to the view that homosexuality is an area that needs to be
brought into the 21st century and liberalized along with their
rights. Both of them made comment and I heard them personally,
that they felt it was a negative influence on the election and a
major reason as to why they lost. As such the legal and out dated
moral and religious issues must be revisited and sanctioned by a
more tolerant society regarding homosexuality, they both
believed. But no one acknowledges that, or even questioned what
the actual truth was in retrospect. We just blindly follow and
accept what we are told.

I also do not believe a country gets any other government that
that which God imposes. The book of Daniel tells us, that it is
God who sets up the boundaries of the nations, and the respective
boarders, and the boundaries between land and sea. Daniel further
states, it is also God who places the kings and leaders of the
individual countries on their various thrones around the nations
and that God, is the one who RULES IN THE AFFAIRS OF MEN.

What I do not believe is that God has lost control of the
earth or that God has turned a blind eye, or that God is
particularly perturbed at what has happened. I am convinced as
Isaiah 26 tells us "when Gods judgments are in the earth
………..Then the people learn
righteousness……… But when favour is shown to
any nation the people forsake God and turn away from him.
Therefore I do not believe God is casting us off, but on the
contrary, is in the process of correcting us and bringing us to
our knees again, in order to bring us back to Himself. As to
whether that will happen or not depends on us, will we bow the
knee or not, and I am afraid the scripture predicts that in spite
of all Gods attempts to redeem man, most will rather cry for the
rocks and mountains to fall on them than repent and turn to

What a dilemma we now find ourselves in, and it is foolishness
alone that suggests it is because of some political party or its
liberal leader. Abraham Lincoln once declared, "as goes the
church so goes the nation" and we as a Christian church are
directly accountable for the circumstances we find ourselves now
trapped within.

I believe that God overlooks our selfish petitions and looks
at the whole, the big picture, and as scripture states, causes
the rain to fall on the just and the unjust bringing good out of
all that the devil and man attempt for evil. I do believe that we
as a so called intellectual society have so puffed ourselves up
with self esteem and pride, that we have reached a point where
there is no turning back and that we are beyond the place where
we will ever be able to turn this earthly rebellion around again.
If that be so then we are in for a rough ride and our final days
upon this earth are determined to become very turbulent ones.
Biblical prophecy, even directly from the mouth of Jesus makes it
abundantly clear there will be very shallow if any faith left
upon earth when he returns, He left that assessment with us when
He questioned "Nevertheless when I come shall I find faith
upon earth?"

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