The Dilution of Christian Doctrine

The Dilution of Christian Doctrine

The Dilution of Christian Doctrine

"Get with the
program" we hear over and over again. "You are just
or maybe it is said something like this
"that sort of preaching just does not grow
churches, it is no longer acceptable today."
SO, MAN OR GOD? If it’s man, tell him to take a hike, if
it’s God, you had better listen up. I am staggered at just
how much this world and its diabolic thinking has permeated the
church of Jesus Christ, or should I change its name to the church
of society because personally I don’t think it resembles
the Church of Jesus Christ as portrayed in the Bible one little

"It’s okay to drink and be idle" we
are now told. Isn’t it strange that our forefathers were so
wrong and that their society was so much in disarray compared to
our civilized one we experience today? Who believes this
nonsense? We are also encouraged to sleep around now and try the
water before you jump in, or test the merchandise before
committing yourself to it. Outrageous! Who are they kidding? They
will surely give account to God for this and so will you, if you
let it go without protest or challenge, for it is our duty to be
the conscience of the nation.

"Vote for Obama" they all cried,
"we need change" said the fickle rubber
Christians, as they bent this way and that to every whim of
doctrine in order to accommodate which ever policy they felt best
suited their greed and lust. No matter that he was known as the
least conservative and most liberal politician in the US senate
and congress. His policies endorsed full term abortion which
kills a child as it is being born by making sure the body
protrudes from the womb feet first and then injecting its spinal
chord at the back of the neck before the head is exposed. Humane
they say? Barbaric murder is more like it but who cares, we in
the west have our own lives to live and we can’t be
distracted by inconveniences like pregnancy or morality.

So abortion and euthanasia is now okay also. Don’t we
realize the world is getting over crowded and we need to be
selective as to who lives who survives and who doesn’t? We
have to be allowed to make the choices that will keep society in
balance, so allow us to play God, even if we can’t arise to
be Him. Didn’t Satan say the same thing somewhere?

Adultery is also okay now too they tell us, don’t worry
about coveting your neighbours wife or husband, as the truth is
we were just meant to be together all along, we made the wrong
choice at the beginning and now we are just rectifying it. Well
this hell hole called earth is destined for a day of judgement
which by all accounts is going to be some pay day as there are
going to be very few who will emerge unscathed from this trial by

Homosexuality is now recognized as not a sin or evil thing any
more, it is just a matter of choice or preference and in some
cases an inbuilt urge given us by some god at our birth they
proclaim. What rot - it is a perversion, and very shortly it will
be a crime for which I will be imprisoned for declaring this.
What happened to the faith of our fathers that once would have
brought people and communities into the streets to protest, but
now only the dissenters and detractors are seen and then seen as
rebels to a well heeled society. How sick, the church is so
anaemic and diseased it needs to be put down and the true saints
cut loose from its dead corpse. My argument is not to endorse the
other liberals who see the church as a prehistoric relic of the
past, as I believe there will be a true church, (as the Book of
Ephesians predicts, one without spot or wrinkle or any blemish at
all), but it will be a revolutionary church which will not be
harnessed nor controlled by any liberal modernistic thinker, nor
by any dead archaic philosophic talking head, and certainly not
motivated by any notion of compromising tolerance. Christ’s
church will be a militant body of believers who hold His truth as
their dearest gift and possession and who are not afraid to die
for it if need be.

Uncouthness and course language seem to be the coolest thing
that pastors and youth can express today, it’s getting with
the crowd, it’s the warped emerging church mentality. If
you want to reach the sinner become one like them, so if you want
to be able to reach paedophiles mix around with them. Who can be
so stupid and insane in their reasoning, but I guess that is what
being depraved is all about. So now I understand the depraved
individual drags the righteous down to hell with him. Pretty bad
though when it is so called believers and pastors that are
responsible for doing it. Should I ask Paul Cain, or perhaps Ted
Haggard, maybe Roberts Liardon, or many of the other so called
charismatic leaders who have single handedly dragged the name of
Christ and His church in to the mud.

What about greed and lust for power? All those things are
justified now as being blessed and having the anointing to become
a born leader, as though God needs our twisted corrupt know how
and deceptive pride. Respect for elders and seniors is also a
thing of the past that went out with the ark , no one believes
those old outdated ideas anymore, come on they plead be
realistic! So our churches are full of arrogant prideful image
conscious, young men and woman whose whole mind is consumed with
themselves and who have no concern for people, only for what the
people can provide to benefit them.

Lying and deceiving the congregation in order to gain either
money or popularity as in the Hill Song saga with the so called
cancer sufferer who extorted money from the people and no one
ever questioned. How did it happen? As I said before, we no
longer use the scripture as our handbook on character or the road
map for life so what else can we expect. Lie to the people by way
of prophetic promises and then ask the people to pay for the
privilege of getting the prophesy, or tell the people they will
get a hundred percent return, and then extort the down payment
from them by way of convincing them to plant a seed of faith. On
and on it goes and we wonder why the church is a laughing stock
and why it is considered a parasite on humanity. Do you know that
in a recent Readers Digest survey, Brian Tamaki who is pastor of
the largest church in New Zealand was listed as the most
untrustworthy person named amongst some seventy five other
publicly known people.

What about modesty and trust worthiness in all our dealings,
isn’t it revealing that a generation ago business could be
conducted on a handshake and contracts were not needed. Yet here
we are a generation later with all our enlightenment and
intellect and now we have to have lawyers and specialists check
and scrutinize everything we do, so that no one puts it over us
as no one can trust any one anymore. Could it be that we have
discarded the ethics of our parents and their parents, for the
sake of covetousness and with it God? Have we silenced the
conscience of society by discarding the wisdom of the seniors of
it? Have we sacrificed ourselves and our future for the sake of a
measly unprincipled buck? I think so.

Dress to attract, dress to kill, spend up like there is no
tomorrow, and the stupidity of our Christian leaders have not
only endorsed but encouraged it. Well all our chickens are coming
home to roost now and we will pay a dear price for it all I
suspect. Drive the best car, look like a professional, we have to
give the impression we have something to offer that is better
than what they already have - so be a hypocrite just act the part
if you can’t grasp it legally or otherwise. Live beyond
your means, borrow up large, God understands its all for the
cause, that’s what they said and we fools believed them,
well at least some did. Those who knew their Bibles didn’t
listen to them. They were saved the embarrassment because they
listed and heeded the Word of God. It does not seem to register
that any one who comes to Christ or His church by these
humanistic means is not converted, but that as only The Spirit of
God can draw them and in turn convert and convert them. All it
is, is entertainment.

So now what about you, what will you do now, will you change
your ways and stop this foolishness of listening to the warped
teachings of delusional preachers and live from the Word? If you
do not change now you will go down with them, as there will be no
second chance from here on in, I believe. Isaiah 52 tells us
about this day, "Come out from among them and be separate
you who carry the vessels of the Lord", before it is to

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