The Victims Of Feminist Horror Speak

The Victims Of Feminist Horror Speak

The Victims Of Feminist Horror Speak

(Please bear in mind that I am writing the thoughts below
under intense sniper fire. always sends your
Intrepid Correspondent wherever there is danger. As you will see,
I did not lose my nerve. I did not cravenly run for cover, head

These pieces about feminism have elicited a bevy of response
from women it has damaged and inflamed, authenticating my
contention that feminism is far and away the worst of the crimes
the conspiracy for world government has inflicted on our people.
These are ‘cris de coeur’ from women around the
world. Here as promised are some of those comments, including the
experience of women who now understand how they have been
tricked. For perspective, I have also included messages to me
from a ‘womanoid’ and a male victim of the


Forgive me if you are so busy but this article hit HOME. I am
55 years old. Anyway, women's lib surfaced greatly while I
was in my early twenties. Working for 1.60 an hour was the
motivation for me to seek a "man's" job. I did
succeed. I became the first woman dockrigger in the US, perhaps
but not confirmed. I became very strong not being one to shirk
holding up my end of the log and I could pick up my own weight
and throw it over my head literally. I NEVER got to be as strong
as the weakest man on the crew. I am childless, have no man, know
the difference and live daily with profound regret for ever
having been indoctrinated into believing the lies of

When a liberated woman got into our shipyard, she would
immediately refuse almost every job detail she was assigned. I
watched it happen repeatedly as they haughtily quoted the weight
limit they were required to lift did not exceed 60 (?) pounds.
Nothing much weighed less than 100 pounds and so they were
useless. They were laid off the same day before getting any legal
grounds to discriminate against the company for alleged
discrimination. My life could have been so much more rewarding
than it is. I became a drunk on the railroad tracks for a period
of several years in my forties. Go women's lib! Straight to
hell that is.

I was not political, I was a duped individual though. So glad
to be a part of the change for the next generations as it is all
I have to prove for my efforts. It is a lot but it doesn't
make my life any better at HOME, an RV. Now, I am a very active
conservative and a proud member of the Constitution Party
promoting our founder's documents so filled with Divine
Wisdom. I cannot go back obviously, but I can help by my efforts
which I've written to you about in the past. You may
remember. Thank you a zillion times for being who you are and for
doing what you do. I am an enthusiastic reader of your columns
and promise to not send emails out to the point of driving you

I'm old enough to have participated in the women's
movement in the 70's. I'm here to tell you we've been
had. How? As a woman, I am devalued. "Just a
housewife," raising a teenage daughter. She is exposed to
pornography on mainstream television; it appears young women have
adopted male values regarding sexuality and superficiality.

The media image of the "liberated woman" doesn't
apply to women who work at toll booths, wait on tables, perform
tedious clerical jobs. These women don't feel liberated.
Alimony doesn't exist any more, child support is virtually
non-existent (she could have chosen to get an abortion, after
all). Men walk away from women, and society is silent.

You are right in everything you wrote. Women have been robbed
of their rightful special place of fulfillment by a bunch of
craven man haters .It has placed them in a false sense of
entitlement over men, almost superior. It has failed! Equal sex,
equal demands, etc. They are confused, and empty but always
trying to attract men. Men are wary of them. How can you respect
a woman who has had dozens of sex partners? Courtship is the
thing of the past. It’s all so sad.

My dad came back from WWII terrified that the Communists would
"keep their promises to get the children within 20
yrs." Perhaps their plan was to do it by destroying the
American family and by seducing the American woman/mother within
20 yrs., thus the results we have seen that you outline?

My mother fell victim to such a scheme, embittered by the
poverty she grew up in the Great Depression on a share-cropping
farm, rebelling and vowing to be a career woman with equal
rights! Her sins were visited upon me and my children. Our family
was broken apart, and I am a wounded mother recovering from a
long tragic spiritual battle, by the grace of God, as I stand on
Psalm 91. I think a lot of women are now feeling betrayed! We are
seeing our kids’ education going downhill and are trapped
because it takes both incomes to survive! God help our children.
We are in for times that none of us (except for those that went
through the great depression) have ever experienced. I pray for
our children! God help them!

You have nailed it. The women's lib movement has destroyed
our homes and our children's futures. Now we are trapped. We
cannot afford to stay home now. Our kids are growing up without
the essential survival skills - everyday things like the rules of
the road, how to balance a check book, how to cook and many more.
It is truly frightening! They are not prepared to take care of
themselves because both parents are working! Even animals are
able to teach their offspring the basics of survival, yet we are
not allowed this? Our kids are being turned into idiots.

The elites have made it impossible for us as parents to
educate our kids. The Nanny State is taking over! It seems they
are using George Orwell’s book as a guide! School is
nothing more than indoctrination into the one world order!
Feminism is a monstrous horror that has victimized all of us. But
they also show that many of the primary victims, the women, are
waking up to the fact that feminism is a tool of conquest
employed by the conspiracy for world government. Its purpose is
to divide and weaken us by driving the women crazy, emasculating
the men and destroying the family.

The tragedy is that some of the victims will never recover,
probably like the womanoid quoted above. Such pathetic victims
are "collateral damage" kicked to the curb in the
battle for America. The similarity to the fall of Rome is so
striking it has become a cliché.

© 2008 - Alan Stang - All Rights Reserved

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