New World Calendar coming Year 2012

New World Calendar coming Year 2012

New World Calendar coming Year 2010

Isaiah 24:1-5

Behold the lord makes the earth waste
He makes it empty
He turns it upside down and scatters abroad the inhabitants
And as it shall be as with the people so with the priest
As with the servant so with the master
As with the maid so with the mistress
As with the buyer so with the seller
As with the lender so with the borrower
As with the Taker of usury so with the giver of usury to
The land shall be utterly be emptied and utterly spoiled for
the Lord has spoke his word
The earth mourns and fades away
The world languishes and fades away
And the haughty people of the earth do languish
Your earth also is defiled unto the inhabitants thereof
Because they have transgressed the laws, changed the
Broken the everlasting covenant

Cecil B De Mill, the man behind the initial production of the
first film edition of the movie, The Ten Commandments, once made
a statement and this is what he said:

"Do not be deceived into thinking that you break the
commandments and the covenants and the laws of God. They are
immutable, you don’t break them", he said "you
only break yourself against them and ultimately mankind will
suffer the consequences of every one he breaks".

The laws of God cannot be moved. You don’t change them
and you don’t alter them. Nothing you can ever do will make
any impact on them. They are immutable, they will stand forever.
If you go up against them, all you will do is destroy yourself
and ultimately pay the price for it. The Bible makes it very
clear that we are in a time where the consequences of all of mans
actions upon the earth are about to come home to roost like many
pigeons returning home from wherever.

In the same chapter in Isaiah, verse 20 says:

"The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunken man
shall fall from her axis and shall rise no more".

The church of Jesus Christ has no idea of what is going on.
The scientific world at this moment of time is standing on their
heads because of where we are at. You may not be aware of it, but
one of the things that the scientists have discovered, (and the
BBC recently did a seven part documentary on the earth’s
whole shift) is that the magnetic fields around the earth have
depleted 70% in the last 50 years. The magnetic fields around the
earth is what holds the earth in its’ spin and on
its’ axis.

Again, the scripture from Isaiah 24:20… "The
earth shall reel to and fro like a drunken man, shall fall from
her axis and shall rise no more".

The scientists and geologists are telling us that it happened
at the time of the dinosaurs and that it has happened several
times in the history and creation of earth.

Before I go on, let me make one point clear. I do not believe
in the seven day literal creation. I have explained to some
through the years as to why, and I have not found a scientist yet
that can answer my questions and justify to me the statements
that he states and uses to support and justify a seven day
creation. I can go into the Hebrew, the Greek, the Vulgate
translation and the Latin and I can show to you that the
scriptures do not justify that point of view at all. But like so
many scientists, the Creation scientists in particular, put out a
theory and then base it on what they know, then they go back and
search the scriptures to justify it. Don’t do that with me.
If you use the basis of the Word and come to me and show me a
projection about what you believe on the basis of the Word, and
when I see it in the Word, and it is confirmed all through the
Word then I will believe. The science will then validate it or
invalidate it, but it makes no difference because you cannot
change the facts of the Word of God. I have not found a scientist
yet that can answer my questions to refute what I am saying. The
sun, the moon and the stars that were put in the heavens to
regulate and govern our 24 hour solar day did not come into
existence and was not created until the fourth day of creation.
So my question is, what and how long were those days before the
fourth day of creation?

If you read the scriptures and understand it in the Greek, the
Hebrew, in the Torah and in the Latin, and understand the
Vulgate, you will understand that the words that are used there
are totally different words in each sequence of Genesis 1 and
Genesis 2 and Exodus 20:11. The words state in Exodus 20:11, when
Moses begins to talk about the creation of the earth, he uses a
totally different word. And he says in 6 days God created the
earth. And here is just one scripture for those that would
challenge me…

Genesis 1:28 "And God blessed them and said unto
them, be fruitful and multiply and replenish the

Have a look and see what the word means. To plenish means to
plan and to put into being; to replenish means
to do it over again. Enough said on that subject.

In the light of where we stand right now, I do not believe
that the Earth is in the sphere of billions and billions and
billions of years old, but I do believe that they were longer in
that season prior to the time that sin came in. If you begin to
follow that sequence through, it would mean that Adam would have
had to sin on the very first day that he was created. The
scripture makes it clear that God walked and talked with Adam in
the garden each day. So there was more than one day that he lived
in perfection. I don’t want to get into an argument on
science, but again say I have not found anybody that can answer
my questions successfully. I want answers and I have devoted my
entire life to studying the Word of God.

Australia has a particular part to play in the events of 2012.
In Perth, Western Australia, there is a government instituted
project that has built an observatory, in the desert, called the
Learmount Observatory. It is specifically created to watch and
monitor all the planets and asteroids that are on a collision
course with the earth. It’s funded by the Australian
Government, it has UN officials and scientists there, and the
interesting part about it is that it was initiated under what is
called Project Wormwood. That is the official title. The name
Wormwood is significant as we read further on.

The New World Calendar was tabled in Davos City in 1999 by
Maurice Strong, who at that time was second in charge in the
United Nations. As a result, a new calendar was designed on the
circuit of the moon, not the sun. It is actually, based on the
cycles of the feminine, because it has to do with the period of a
woman in relation to her fertility and it is based on the moon
cycles and there are 13 months in the calendar. So it is based on
the Mayan calendar and came out of South America. It is due to be
implemented on the 1st January 2013. 13 months of 28 days.
It began in the cycle of the year 2004 and its building up and
then on the 1st January 2013, you have a new calendar.

The Bible says in Daniel 7:25

"He (the antichrist) shall speak (say, decree or
issue great words blasphemous words against the most high, divine
one) to wear out (to beat down, to abuse through intimidation, to
browbeat, harangue and harass) the saints (the sanctified ones of
the most High God). He will think (intend or plan) to change
(alter or repeal) times (seasons and festivals – having to
do with the Hebrew feasts – he is going to change them). He
will seek to change the laws (edicts or decrees) of God and they
will be given (delivered or yielded) into his hand (into his
control or power) and he will be able to do it".

Why do you think God is going to allow it to happen? It is to
bring the church to its knees. Remember the title and the name
given to it - It is called the time of Jacob’s trouble
(Gods people’s trouble). The Bible in the New Testament
says that God peradventure scarcely allows the righteous in, how
will the sinner ever be included, for judgment will begin at the
house of God first. This nonsense that suggests that we are going
to be able to just go through all of this and be whisked out at
the end and get into the presence of God and live happily ever
after is ridiculous. Think again.

Maurice Strong, is an occultist and new ager, and is near the
top of the UN. He also chairs the body that is called "The
International Institute of Sustainable Development". Most of
you will have heard me speak about Agenda 21. You can read about
it on the American website called "a project for a new 21st
American century." What is the plan of the International
Institute of Sustainable Development? To eliminate 6 billion
people off the face of the earth. Read it for yourself. They are
criminals. They don’t care about humanity; they only care
about the elite. That is all they are interested in.

Interestingly enough, there is a scripture in Revelation
saying that when He shall appear in the heavens they shall flee
to the caves into the rocks and into the mountains. The
earthquake that is coming is going to cause the rocks and the
mountains to entomb them and they will be destroyed. (Revelation
6 after the opening of the sixth seal). I had not thought
anything in particular about this scripture until discovering
that the US Government (this is just the US, there are others)
has built 1,500 underground cities for the elite. These elite
know what they are doing, they know what is going on and
consequently they have been working for 50 years now to build
these underground cities. They can house millions of people but
you and I won’t be in them. If you understand eugenics,
(and you can see that in Agenda 21) you will see how they will
eradicate the blind and injured to create a society of perfect
people. That is what Hitler was trying to do. Nazism never died,
it is still carrying on, the evil that it is.

Strong is responsible for implementing the new world calendar
at the end of 2012. With Prince Charles, he directs a group
governing sustainable development, which is population control.
He is the Director of the World Bank, Secretary-General of the UN
Committee of Environment and Development. This is best known as
the Earth Summit, which is in Agenda 21, and gives the New World
Order legislation and the military plans to enslave all mankind.
If you haven’t read it, I encourage and challenge you to
read it. If you want to know what is going on you need to read

Strong, along with Mikail Gorbachev wrote the Earth Charter.
He is the one who established the whole of the world forums that
is, economic forums. These forums are secret meetings and always
held in Switzerland. They are guarded and protected and nobody
can get in there that is nobody. People like Bill Gates and all
those, because they have got money, are the ones that are
invited. As a result, they implemented, in 1999, at the World
Forum in Darvos City what is known as the Earth Charter and you
can easily get a copy of this document off the internet. It
describes the New World Order, the New World Government.

On the 23rd March 2002, they met again in Monterey in Mexico
and the document that was taken, of which the plan of the new
world calendar was part, was tabled by Gorbachev and Strong. All
the heads of government, Bush, the whole lot of them were there,
agreed to it in principal and modified it to suit each country
and took into consideration the culture of each nation. They met
again in 2005 and every country had signed agreement to it. You
don’t have to wait for the New World Order as it is already
here and has been signed off on.

The name of the man who designed the calendar is Jose
Arguelles. He changed his name when he was in a mystical trance
in the pyramids in Maya, Venezuela. While he was there he had a
trance and visitation by the Mayan god of time and war, Pacal

When Pacal Votan visited Jose, Pacal gave him the new name of
"Valum Votan" literally meaning the son of Pacal Votan
(a demigod). All the information and subject matter for the 28
day cycle and lunar calendar was given to him. He was then
approached and as a result, he and Maurice Strong set about to
implement this new calendar which begins in 2013. Currently Jose
serves as the President of the Foundation for the Law of Time,
the organization that promotes his cause. In March 2002, Jose was
honoured and named "Valum Votan, closer of the Cycle’
by nine indigenous elders atop the Pyramid of the Sun at
Teotihuacan, who awarded him a ceremonial staff for his efforts
in helping to wake humanity up to the meaning of 2012. You can
see all his information for yourself at

On the 23rd December 2012 there is a planetary alignment that
occurs every 26,000 years and it brings into alignment many of
the major planets in our solar system that has an enormous effect
on our earths crust. Many astronomers and scientists believe that
the effect in itself could pull the earth off its axis or create
a pole shift, causing the earths crust to hydraulic over its
solid core, allowing in turn the whole surface of earth to
distort and create a new north and south pole where the equators
once were. They state it is not the first time in earths history
this has taken place. This alignment involves the transit of
Venus and will totally disrupt our earths’ magnetic field
and drastically change the weather.

Now one of the interesting things about this is, if you
understand the make up of our earth, it has a solid core. Around
that core and thousands of miles thick is molten magma which
allows the crust to gyroscope over the surface of the solid core.
It is totally fluid, and the earths crust can swing over. This is
not new; they have known this for years. They have found hairy
mammoths with fresh grass still in its mouth, and frozen
tundra’s, (when they used to roam the earth), now kept in
refrigerated encasements. When the earth swung on its axis
previously, the polar shift literally caused the equator to
become the poles, and, as a result, the equatorial regions became
the poles and everything was frozen instantly. Now it happens
every 26,000 years and it is going to happen again.

There is something else that entwines with this. There is a
Sumerian tablet they found in the Mesopotamian Desert. On the
tablet, the Sumerians, the earliest known inhabitants of the
Middle East, jotted down something that looked like a solar
system. Earth was there, and Saturn, and Jupiter -- as well as
all other planets in order and size as we know them today. But
there are supposed to be nine planets? The clay tablet clearly
displays eleven. The tenth one could be the moon, or the newly
discovered mini-planet Sedna. But that still leaves you with one
planet too many. It had a picture of the earth and our solar
system with the sun and there are all these planets around it and
each one of them is representative of their size as it swings,
revolves and orbits around the sun. Every one of them is exactly
right in calculation and size, but scientists were confused as
there was still an extra planet.

Alexander Sitchem, some years ago, along with others, put out
a prediction that another planet in our solar system exists. This
planet has a wide orbit crossing right across the circle of our
normal orbit, and it is massive. It is known as Planet X, or
Niribu. There has been an incredible amount of speculation
concerning it, but it is so big that when it comes, the power of
its gravitational pull is such that it will distort the earths
crust and pull the earth off its axis. And this time, with their
calculations, it is coming a lot closer.

The tenth planet in our solar system that orbits in the
opposite direction, Niribu, starts its trajectory and ends on the
21st December 2012. It will change the whole measurement of cycle
of time. The pull gravitationally is far greater than any other
time in recorded or acknowledged history. It is traveling very
fast and has a huge orbit which is so large that it could do
inconceivable damage to earth and its orbit. It is observable
from earth and if you were to take a photograph of the sun,
Niribu will be seen near it. Not only recorded in the Sumerian
tablet, Planet X is also found on the famous Berlin seal,
displaying one too many planets in ancient archeological stone

From the 1840’s until deep into the 1980s, astronomy was
haunted by a strange mystery. Something was not right with the
orbits of the outer planets. Something really heavy seemed to be
tugging at the outer planets, Uranus and Neptune. Certain
asteroids felt the mysterious pull too. Many astronomers presumed
it would have had to be a massive planet out there, or several
planets, even.

Now some of this is speculation, and I have heard all that
before. I am just making you aware of all the things that are
converging in the year 2012. Remember Isaiah 24 above tells you
that that is what is going to happen. Whether it is then or
whether it is later or whether it is before I don’t know. I
do know however that we are living in a very, very difficult and
a very urgent time and we need to pay attention to what God is
trying to say.

The Bible predicts, in the bible code, the return of planet X
and a major catastrophic event happening to earth in the year
2012. It has been acknowledged by scientists and others around
some five or six years ago. With the close passing of another
planet, the official government name for this project is called
Project Wormwood. I stated at the beginning that the name
Wormwood was significant. Look at the following scripture:
"The third angel sounded his trumpet, and a great star,
blazing like a torch, fell from the sky on a third of the rivers
and on the springs of water - the name of the star is
Revelation 8:10-11

There was an engineer by the name of David Davidson. David
Davidson during his time was one of the worlds leading
mathematicians and engineers. Back in the 20’s he was an
atheist and he heard that the pyramid in Giza was a monument in
stone portraying the authenticity of God. Where does that come
from? In the book of Isaiah the Lord says that he shall set up an
ensign in the midst of the land within the borders of Egypt and
that it shall be a pillar, a tower of testimony unto the ends of
the Earth.

This pyramid is perfectly in the centre of the border, the
only place that the huge pyramid could sit without it sinking
into the desert. Underneath there is a big granite surplus of
rock. The measurements are so accurate that if you take a compass
and scribed it around using the cap and stone of the pyramid
(which was never put on by the way) and you scribe that in an arc
around it, it would touch every one of the nine delta points of
the Nile Delta. That’s how accurate it is. It is the only
place in Egypt where it could have been built. If you were take
the stones of that major pyramid and stretch them end on end it
would go around the equator one and half times. Just one of those
stones they have been able to measure is 800 tonne. How did they
get it there? They don’t know.

Let me tell you something most people don’t know about.
My wife and I have had a couple of meals with a man who was the
curator of the Smithsonian Institute. He became a very close
friend and gave me some books that he wrote. I was told of a
hidden part of the Smithsonian Institute that has giants in it of
12 and 15 foot tall. This area is not open to the public. These
are things that the average person doesn’t know. God has
for some reason given us good standing and blessing with regards
to the access of this material and information.

This pyramid was never constructed with the intention of
housing a mummy. The amazing part about this pyramid are the
inscriptions telling the exact measurements between the earth and
the moon, the moon and the sun, the earth and the sun and all the
various planets in our solar system – the exact
measurements. It is set so accurately on the latitude and the
longitude and the lines of the earth. There is no modern
instrumentation that mankind has today that can replicate that.
The actual mortar that was used to put the stones together was so
fine that it was like liquid paint. None of the gaps are more
than a 16th of an inch between the stones. They were moved and
placed together so that when the mortar was put on it, was
painted on, and under a tense or stress when they tried to pull
the granite rock apart, it broke the rock and not the mortar.
They don’t know what or who did it or how it was created,
they have no idea.

Suffice to say another interesting thing about this is the
passages down into the pyramid. As I said, they were never made
to house a mummy. It was designed to hold and take all the
measurements of all the important things of creation and earth.
If you walk down those tunnels you will find it has a constant of
the mean temperature of the earth inside it, because of the way
that the holes and air ducts were designed. It is amazing.
Interestingly, the capping stone was never put on and it was
found lying on the ground.

If you know the word ‘kios’ in Arabic. It means
divine light or divine illumination. The Egyptian book of the
Dead and the Talmud state that it was built by Enoch with
technology we didn’t have today. It is known as the Pillar
of Enoch. That is its official title. If you laid that triangle
down and projected a line out over to Egypt, it is the exact
passage that the children of Israel took out of Egypt. It crosses
the red sea at that very point.

If you understand the book of Peter, the stone which the
builders rejected and we call it the foundation stone, actually
means the finishing stone or the completing stone. It was
rejected. And the word in Peter means the capping stone, the
finishing stone, not the chief cornerstone. It is the capping
stone that holds all the others together.

From one of David Davidson’s books, they began to
realize that one inch based upon the Hebrew cubit, on which it
was measured and designed and built, one inch of distance equals
one year. Down the descending passage measured down to 2000AD,
from the beginning and then suddenly there is an upward shaft in
2000. And it goes up 2000 inches and then in 2012 you come to the
very end. And then there is this huge tunnel, the abyss they call
it, a bottomless pit, because no one has ever measured it; it
just drops into the bowels of the earth. I don’t know how
it was done but this passage joins the two, the downward shaft
and the upward shaft at the end 2012.

There are multitudes of other facts out there; nevertheless,
we are living on borrowed time. The astrophysicists tell us that
the earth is on collision course and we need to do something
about it. There are 27 individual statements from independent
sources that state what is going to happen in 2012. It would seem
that all these different sources are now coming and aligning
together. The American Indians, the Aztecs, the Inkas, the North
American Eskimos, and the list goes on, and they all have this
calendar that ends in 2012 with a major catastrophe. All the
astrologers are saying the same thing. But remember this, all
truth and knowledge never initiates from the occult or the
demonic, they only seek out what they get from other places and
distort the revelation from God. Satan never created anything, he
takes what is already created and distorts it and feeds it back
to us as his own.

I have shared time and time again, article, after article,
after article, from the New York Times, Washington Times, The
Boston Globe, the BBC and many other sources. These articles are
constantly telling us and warning us that there is a major crisis
coming. Right now you and I are being warned from every source
across the face of the earth. Now these are secular organizations
telling us to do something about it and start preparing, and you
have to take time to get some food and store up some provisions.
They have been saying this for years.

How many people have read David Wilkerson’s book back in
the early 80’s called "The Vision"? He prophesied
all of this back then, when God took him and gave him a vision of
all of the unfolding. He prophesied the Berlin Wall falling down
and how the nations of eastern Europe would open up and how the
gospel would be taken into China with a degree of leniency but
then ultimately further down the track around the year 2000 the
doors would close again in China and the doors would begin to
gradually close around all the nations of the earth. The ability
of mankind to travel would cease, the ability for mankind to
sustain itself with food would be interrupted by unparallel
famine and need across the face of the earth. He went on about
the how the churches would begin to disintegrate, that people
would walk out of the church literally by the hundreds of
thousands all across the world, they would abandon ship and think
that they can carry on on their own, thinking that they would be
able to support themselves, that giving in the church would fall
apart so there would be nothing left. Churches all over the face
of the earth would close down because no one would support them.
And he went on and on. If you want to understand about false
preachers, he told about that too. He said the churches would
become entertainment centres. They would be become places where
it was all about the music and God stood outside the door too,
listening to the music like anybody else, seeking entertainment.
He went on and said the whole thing would be geared to the
superstars because it is the only way that they would be able to
survive and it is the only way that they would be able to get any
money to be able to sustain themselves and carry on. Everything
he said has come to pass. He said the standard of the church,
back then, would so rapidly diminish, that there would be very
little difference between the church and the world at all, and it
would be hard to tell the difference.

We are watching this whole thing begin to take place before
our very eyes and as a result, what do we do? Do we stand and
look on? What we need to be doing is digging in and giving
everything that we have got. I am not talking about seed
mentality here. I would say that what I have learnt over the
years is that the greatest way to deal with this is not hide, not
to draw back, but the best thing you can do in a situation like
this, when you are in need, the best thing you can do is give. He
that gives to the poor lends unto the Lord and when you are in
financial difficulty, this principle stands, with all of us, not
just you but with me also. I have had to learn it through the
years, you give, you give, you give and you keep giving. The
bible makes is clear when it talks in Malachi, you give to the
storehouse. When you give to the storehouse then you have the
ability to give corporately and it is far greater than giving
individually. You think of this. Churches close down, what is our
ability going to be to be able to be a witness to our town? If
you are the only one preaching the gospel, how will you touch the

I will end with the sobering verse:

The church and the world walked far apart in the changing
shores of time
The world was singing a giddy song and the church a hymn
‘Come give me your hand’ cried the merry world
‘and walk with me this way’
But the good church hid her snowy hand and solemnly answered

‘Then walk with me but a little space’ said the
world with a kindly ear
‘The rode I walk is a pleasant road and the sun shines
always there
My path you see is a broad fair path and my gayety is high and
There is room enough for you and for me to travel side by

So shyly the church approached the world and gave him a hand
of snow
The old world grasped it and walked along saying in an accent
‘Your dress is too simple to suit my taste; I’ll
give you pearls to wear
Rich velvet and silk for your graceful form and diamonds to
deck your hair’

The church looked down on her plain white robes and then at
the dazzling world
She blushed as she saw his handsome lip with a smile
contemptuously curled
‘I’ll change my dress for a costlier one’
said the church with a smile of grace
Her pure white garments drifted away and the world gave in her

Pure satins and shiny silks and roses and gems and pearls
And over her forehead her bright hair fell crisp in a thousand
‘Your house is too plain’ said the proud old
world, ‘I’ll buy you one like mine
Carpets from Brussels, and curtains and lace and furniture
ever so fine’

So he bought her a costly and beautiful home so splendid it
was to behold
Her sons and her beautiful daughters dwelt there, gleaming in
purple and gold
And theatres and shows in the halls were held and the world
and his children were there
And laughter and music and feasting was heard in the place
that was meant for prayer

The angel of mercy flew over the church and whispered ‘I
know your sin’
The church looked back with a sigh and long be gather her
children in
‘Your preachers are old, all too old and plain’
said the sly old world with a snare
‘They frighten my children with dreadful tales which
I’d rather they did not have to hear’

‘They talk of fire and brimstone and pain and the
horrors of endless night
They talk of a place that should never at all, never be
mentioned if the earth is polite’
I succeed you son of the brightest stand brilliant and rich
and past
Who will tell them that the people may live as they choose and
go to heaven at last

Now the sons of the world and the sons of church walked
closely hand in heart
And then only the master of them all can tell the two
Then the church sat down with ease and said ‘I am rich
and my goods increased
I am in need of nothing, I have naught to do but the laugh and
dance and feast’

The sly old world heard her and laughed up his sleeve and
mockingly said aside
‘The church is fallen, the beautiful church and now
it’s become her boast and her pride’.

The world entices, the world leads and we follow. We get lead
down this road and we just do what we think we should do. Liberty
is not the right to please yourself, it is not the right to do as
you want, it is the right to do as you ought. You only break
yourself against the law and there is a consequence. One day you
will stand before an Almighty God and give an account for all
that you have done. All of us will have to do this. All of our
deeds, good and evil, for all that we have done will have to be
accounted for.

Time is short, make it count.

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